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June 2024 Fat Stacks Review: Does The Niche Site Profits Bundle Work?

What is Fat Stacks?

Originally founded back in late 2014 the Fat Stacks Blog is one of the longest-running resources for independent niche site builders looking to build a full-time income online.

If you want to take a quick trip down memory lane and see how his site began, click here to view it in the archive as it sat in 2014

The first thing you'll notice is the consistency...

And this always impresses me when I can find a creator who has stayed relentlessly focused on one very unique plan (and yes his plan is 100% unique compared to everything else on the market) for nearly a decade!

you never want to follow someone who's jumping from "method" to "method" which is all too common in this space.

You see...

Most greedy gurus who are just trying to sell you some 'make money online' scheme follow a similar playbook...

Create a course that reveals a 'method' they've already squeezed all the juice out of.

They sell as much of it as they can, thus burning out the method so it no longer works.

Then they invent new 'method' to sell to their customers since what the guru just sold them before no longer works.


That approach to Internet marketing repulses me...

This is why I like Jon...

He's cut from a different cloth.

Who is Behind Fat Stacks?

Picture of Jon Dykstra owner of Fat Stacks Blog and creator of the Niche Site Profits courseJon Dykstra is the man behind the blog that generated a whopping $93,6376 in monthly income for April 2024 alone.

You can read through his full income report from April here.

Unlike most of the morally bankrupt make money online Internet marketers John is one of the good guys who has a unique methodology that most people overlook.

Most importantly his strategies have proven themselves through the test of time.

John has also shown his true colors that he is honest, ethical and he is playing the long game with the main focus being on helping his students succeed.

How do I know?

He constantly updates his course as things continue to change in our crazy industry of making money online with these fun niche sites.

In fact, in his flagship course, The Fat Stacks Bundle : Niche Site Profits he has a brand new update including new ways to find profitable niches...

Plus he's sharing all his AI content creation secrets, too!

Jon Dykstra originally got his start online by creating a local blog back in 2008 while he was still practicing law as a lawyer.

his original blog was designed to drive attention and leads to his legal practice to help them get new clients...

Turns out he loved blogging so much he started another and then another.

Eventually, he was able to leave his full-time gig as a lawyer to go full-time online with his niche sites.

Today, you're getting to learn all of Jon's moneymaking secrets right here in this one post.

Overview of Fat Stacks Bundle

What is Jon's method for building profitable niche sites online with the "Fat Stacks" method?

It's simple and it's quite brilliant.

First, his main monetization method is using display ads.

In my professional opinion, he's the best in the game when it comes to monetizing successful niche sites through display ads.

This focus on ad revenue for monetization allows him to target keyword phrases and entire niches that affiliate marketers ignore.

He doesn't need to try and compete with the 1,000,001 affiliates all targeting phrases like "the best chefs knife for left-handed cook" since he's not reliant on affiliate income.

The phrases he targets have lower competition and they are easier to rank for…

Plus, they often have massive amounts of untapped traffic.

This is why his model works so well.

Now, he definitely earns income as an affiliate marketer, too.

It's one of the multiple streams of income you will learn how to build through the bundle.

And a quick word about the name of his flagship course.

It used to be called "The Fat Stacks Bundle" but he's now changed the name to "Niche Site Profits"

I will use those terms interchangeably because they are the same thing, today.

What Does the Bundle Include?

The core of the Niche Site Profits course is focused on five main modules that are designed to take a total beginner who has never built a niche website before...

Part 1 is the introduction to help you understand the proven plan that you're following to build your own successful niche site...

Module 2 will help you choose a profitable niche... (this has been updated for the June 2024 launch, by the way)

Module 3 is all about helping you find those easy-win keywords...

And Module 4 gets you to start making money with display ads on your content, fast.

In module 5, he reveals several clever methods like the "Passive Income With B2B Blogs" strategy and the "Hybrid B2B & B2C Method" designed to help you see the potential in often overlooked blue collar niches.

There are nearly 100 lessons mostly text and video that show you every step of the process so you will never feel lost or confused about what you need to be doing next.

It's also worth noting that you'll love Jon's teaching style.

He is brief and to the point.

Most teachers waste a ton of time talking around in circles and going off on tangents.

Not Jon.

In a word, his style is succinct.

This will help you get going faster so you can actually start to see the results...

Instead of weighing you down with countless hours of content to sift through.

Let's look at the bonuses he is including, too.

Niche Site Profits Bonuses & Mastermind Forum

In addition to the core modules in the Niche Site Profits course you also get access to his mastermind forum where you can get your personal questions answered and learn from other successful students.

And there are some big players in this group!

One student has surpassed the $500,000 per MONTH in ad revenue mark and they are actively sharing everything they did to build that massive business right in the Fat Stacks Forum that's only available to customers of the niche site profits course.


The mastermind forum is worth the price of admissions in and of itself.

Have you ever heard the saying "you become like the 5 people you surround yourself with"?

Well, here's the problem.

Most new internet marketers trying to build a real business online that can generate enough cashflow to fire their boss, pay off debt, buy a 2nd home, etc.

Most of these folks are surrounded by normies in the matrix.

You need to find ways to spend time surrounded by other successful marketers and internet entrepreneurs.

The Fat Stacks Mastermind forum & community is how you instantly plug into a network of successful builders.

And that will help you become more successful, faster.

But you get more.

You also get access to the "60-Minute Niche Sites" module where you're walked through the process of setting up a new niche blog the right way from scratch.

Plus the all-new AI Publishing blueprint to learn his 'layering technique' to creating high-quality SEO optimized content with AI, fast.

The 30-minute video lesson in this module (one of 8 lessons in this module) where he shows you step-by-step how he creates content with AI is priceless.

There's more included, too...

Read the full description of all that's included here.

How Much Does the Bundle Cost?

You can get instant access to the full Fat Stacks Bundle and Niche Site Profits training...

Plus 1 year of updates and mastermind forum access...

For just $497 if you click here.

If you want to keep access to the course content and the mastermind after year 1 there is a $47 per year charge.


I appreciate that Jon has included this ongoing payment for continued access because you deserve to have constant updates.

Not to mention...

It takes a lot of time and energy to run a mastermind forum and if Dykstra wasn't generating long-term cashflow from it, the odds are he'd burn out and close it down.

But, this tiny fee for year 2 and beyond keep skin in the game for you and it compensates Jon for his time to continue to improve and update the course.

What Other Benefits Are There to the Bundle?

Having a clear plan to follow that has been proven with over a decade of success...

And knowing that some of his students have literally made millions with the bundle...

Helps you to build the confidence and motivation you need to actually switch on and hustle to build your dream business.

The cashflow you can receive from this model is some of the best passive income around.

But it only works if you do...

Which is why access to his private mastermind forums is key to your long term success.

For example.

What if you get an offer on your website from someone wanting to buy it from you... How will you know if it's a good deal or not?

Ask the forums!

Or, what if you are thinking about starting a second site... Is it the right time?  Should you stay focused on 1? How do you know when it's time to fire your boss?


Being able to ask your personal questions in the mastermind forums is possibly the biggest benefit for you in this entire course.

Which is why I recommend you click here and get started now before he closes the doors to new students soon.

Jon Dykstra's Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The Niche Site Profits strategy is all about driving long-term traffic from organic content marketing.

Everything Jon teaches is focused on the long-term.

Which is how I like building my online businesses, too.

It's a lot of work to build a real business online, so build one that can drive traffic and revenue for YEARS after you publish.

How Does He Make Money?

The main source of income that you'll learn how to implement from the Niche Site Profits bundle is from running paid ads on your content.

Most affiliate marketing courses put less time and energy into paid ads like Jon, but his approach is brilliant because there's less competition and more keywords for ad-sponsored posts.

That said, he also teaches you how to create multiple streams of income, too.

Affiliate marketing is the second main monetization strategy you'll learn...

But Jon is also brilliant when it comes to growing your email list and monetizing your audience via email, too.

And he obviously sells courses, too.

Through his trainings and the mastermind forums, you can pick his brain (and the brains of his students) on all of these topics an dmore.

What Kinds of Promotion Tactics Does He Teach Inside Niche Website Profits?

The main strategy is using SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content to drive organic traffic from Google.

With a strong focus on finding the right kinds of keywords, Jon shows you how to fast -track your website's success to tap into the easy-to-rank keywords.

You'll learn everything you need to know about SEO with detailed tutorials that will turn you into a traffic monster.

He also uses Pinterest and Facebook to drive traffic as well.

But the real power may reside in his workflows for hiring writers, editors, experts to scale the content.

Link Building and Content Production for Maximum Results?

If there's a 'shortcut' to building a massive online business that generates passive income, it's all about hiring a great team.

Because, the truth is...

Someone's gotta create, publish, promote, update and optimize the content if you're ever going to drive traffic and start generating revenue.

But it doesn't have to be you.

And Jon shows you how to grow a team and outsource your content production like a pro, even if you're a total beginner.


If you're starting out, I think the smartest thing you can do is go all in on publishing and building everything out yourself.

You need to have the basic skills of WordPress, keyword research, outlining, writing, SEO optimizing, etc.

If you don't have any skills in those areas, how will you know if your team of outsourcers are doing a good job or if they're hurting your site's rankings because they're cutting corners.

It's simple.

You won't.

And this means, if you jump into outsourcing too early you could waste a bunch of money going in the wrong direction.

With that said...

You don't have to hustle & grind for years before outsourcing, either.

If you go all in on your site based on Dykstra's trainings here, you should have a great site up and running with new content being published multiple times per week within a week or two.

Then, keep on the throttle for 1 to 3 months.

Maybe do a 90 day challenge on your own to really build those base internet marketing skills in the next few months.

That's all the experience you need to start adding on teammates to help you with the parts in the process that you're weakest at, yourself.

Then, as you figure out the parts you enjoy...

The parts you're good at...

Then you can find outsourcers and content providers to handle the rest.

And the Fat Stacks Bundle has some of the best training, templates and tutorials on growing your team of writers and site managers that I've seen.

To this day, my wife and I still write for our own blogs.

I do have a copy editor who I leverage sometimes to help me take my 'rough' ideas and make them into polished posts.

But other times...

Like with this post here, I sat down and wrote every word.

No AI.

No Outsourcers.


Because it's vitally important for me to show up here and share my actual thoughts about this opportunity you have to study under Jon and to join the Fat Stacks Mastermind.

This isn't something an outsourced teammate 'knows' like I do.

There's no way AI can have these kinds of insights about Jon, the Niche Site Profits course, etc.


Even with 20 years of experience and an online business that earns me over a million dollars per year, I still show up to do the work when there's important work to be done!

Yes, there are some passive aspects to our business.

Yes I earn a rediculous amount of money thanks to my blogs, my SEO, the traffic I drive and all the things Jon teaches.


I mention this because I want you to have the right expectations.

You'll need to do the work too, if you want to succeed.

But you can build a team around you so you can lean on your strengths and get more done in less time, too.

Is The Fat Stacks Bundle & Niche Site Profits Training For You?

Here's the easiest way for you to know if this course is right for you or not.

Answer this question:

Do you currently have a crystal-clear plan of action that you're following?


Are you still wasting time reading blog posts, watching youtube videos and reading emails trying to 'piece together' all the how-to information from conflicting sources?


Do you have a supportive community of successful builders who will help you stay accountable, motivated and answer any questions you have as they pop up along the path?

If not...

There's immense value in committing to a proven plan and sticking with it.


If your plan doesn't have a community component, the odds of you staying motivated and sticking with it long enough are slim.

So, if you don't have a proven plan and a community to support you, yes, the Fat Stacks Bundle is for you.

Click here and get started with the Niche Site Profits training, today.