The Remix Solution - There Are No New Ideas & You Still Must Create!
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The Remix Solution

On the path of helping your audience get un-confused and achieving their goals…

You gotta create content.

That's well known at this point… But, hasn't everything already been done before?

Every niche online has been covered by thousands if not millions of people…

How can there be room for you?

Well… The truth is that there are no new ideas...

Everything is a remix!

You can look at my channel and content… Every I teach is being taught somewhere, by someone else…

I haven't brought any "new ideas" to the marketplace.

But have synthesized my ideas and blended them with my story in a unique way.

HOW I've been delivering the content is different than most people…

The STORIES I share are new and unique because they come from my personal experiences.

My DELIVERY of publishing content out for free, not pitching at the end of the emails, focusing my energy on being as efficient as possible…

Think about the greatest copywriters in the world… And their teachers…

For decades the "training" to become a great copywriter is to hand write out the sales letters of the greats who came before.

Standing on the shoulders of GIANTS!

As humans we need to begin by copying before ever transforming ideas into something new…

That's how we learn at school... As toddlers... That IS the process at a deeply core human level.

So, is anything ever actually new?

It may seem like I'm playing with semantics here, but this is ultimately an important lesson.

Because if you're subconscious mind is not doing the work because "it's already been done before"

You need to create a new way of looking at the problem that empowers you to do the work!

This is why it is important for you to realize that everything in our world is a remix…

And to help this really make perfect sense, watch this mini-documentary called "Everything's A Remix" today:

This is a great documentary. It is short and extremely well produced…

And it has great music & movie references... So it's totally FUN to watch!

Miles "Re-Mix" Beckler

P.S. The number one thing you add to your audience is actually the power of story.

This is where the remixing ideas and adding on your story transforms an "old idea" into something new and exciting.

Same basic ideas, wrapped in a new story can go a very long way!

If you want help crafting better stories that move people to trust you and take action, I highly recommend the story powered marketing course:

No doubt this is the most influential "How to craft great stories" training for marketers that I've ever been through... And it has been one of my Recommended Marketing Courses for years, now.


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