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Outrank the Competition in 3-Steps with DIY Content Marketing

Want to know a simple content marketing strategy that actually works?

Well, roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it!

You see, to create a successful lifestyle business...

To create tens-of-thousands of $$$ flowing into your accounts each month…

To fully support your needs and wants the way you want them to be supported, you need to work smart AND hard!

That’s the mentality that permeates in my million dollar business that literally started from nothing.

No investment beyond a hosting package and domain name…

Just pure hustle mixed with working smarter AND harder every single day for years.

And the results of this content marketing strategy and all the hard work is still paying DIVIDENDS, nine years later.

So, if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work your ass off, this strategy will bring you results.

And, if you are ready to do whatever it takes… Then you’re ready to learn this life-changing content marketing plan!


Let’s dive right in and not waste a single moment to rock this strategy out sooner than later!

Want to listen instead of reading my content marketing strategy? Here’s a podcast episode diving in deep into this topic:

It All Begins With My Three-Pillar Content Marketing Strategy

Three pillar content marketing strategy
When you build a house, it needs a strong foundation.

You’ve got a stable base and solid pillars to make sure your house doesn’t get blown away with the first major wind gust.

The same thing applies when building any successful online business you want to start.

You’ve got to lay the foundation, make sure everything is solid and set up the right way so no amount of inflation, quick changes in Facebook’s organic traffic shifts, drastic changes in Pinterest’s TOS, or any other unforeseen challenges in the internet business world can ever shatter your business and ultimately your dreams…

This is what it takes for you to take the ideas in your head, the passion in your heart and manifest them into the world.

The three pillar content marketing strategy is the key to diving into the world of content creation and becoming a content machine.

You won’t have success without doing the work and without knowing the right approach, your efforts will not be maximized.

This strategy covers all the different approaches you need to take to deliver your content to a hungry audience.

No content, no audience, no audience, no income.

Three pillars of content, a firm foundation.

If you want to achieve your lifestyle design, you have to work both smart, and hard.

You know why so many people with aspirations don’t ever get to their goals?

One, they don’t dedicate themselves to the work, and two, they don’t know exactly how to get there.

Success has no room for half efforts and even though we’re in the attention age, you can’t lean on the I don’t knows.

That’s why I’m here, to take the learning curve off of your shoulders, but it’s up to you my friend to implement this content marketing strategy and dive into the hustle.

The Beauty of The Three Pillar Content Marketing Strategy

To have a thriving online business, to be a truly successful digital marketer, you have to cover more ground.

Are people seeing your blog post on search results?

Are people finding you on YouTube?

Do you have an audio file of your content that podcast listeners can check out?

A truly effective online business needs a content marketing strategy that covers all types or methods people use to learn, grasp information, and make sense out of the information they receive.

This is why my three pillar content marketing strategy is very simple and makes complete sense:

This approach is going to cover all the learning styles of your audience and is going to satisfy all of your audience's preferences.

Not everyone wants to read content, some people want to listen. Not everyone wants to just listen, some people also want to see.

By limiting your content origination method into just one, you are not fully extending your reach and you are also limiting the success potential in your business.
Three Pillar Goals

Work Smarter AND Harder

It may seem like a daunting task but you have to ask yourself, how bad do you want success for your online business?

Once you understand what it entails, it won’t be such a beast. And once you get into the habit of creating content with the 90-day challenge (I highly recommend you take on), everything will begin to get easier.

“Miles, are you telling me I should create a video?? But I’m scared of appearing goofy in front of the camera…”

If you feel iffy about creating a video, or you think you’re not exactly great at blogging, or you think your voice isn’t Barry White enough, there’s a way to go around my content marketing strategy.

And that’s when you work smarter.

By smarter, I mean using tools, which I’ll talk about in a bit or, you can even outsource the tasks you’re least comfortable or excited about. If you’re just starting out from zero just like how my wife and I started in our business, there are free tools or super cheap ways to nail this content marketing strategy.

But right now, I’m giving you a plan that you can apply in your daily routine starting today that will actually make this content marketing strategy work for you the same way it revolutionized our business and helped us go from zero to hero over time!

You need to give your audience more value than anyone else in your niche because that’s what it takes to be successful in the online marketing game!

The HUGE Ingredient in Your Content Marketing Strategy - Content Origination

The main ingredient to get you excited every single day in growing your business and seeing results is by discovering your very own content origination strategy.

When something is fun and easy and natural for you, you just like to keep doing it and getting better at it.

Maybe you’re a talker just like me who doesn’t have an ounce of camera shyness in your system.

Or you are more of a behind-the-camera guy who loves to write.

Or you love to talk and express your ideas and feelings and personhood more in the spoken word as long as no one’s pointing a camera at you.

Cool. Discover that content origination strategy that is the most fun for you.

I tried for years to write blog posts. But I never got any writing done. I judged my writer self way too much and never actually published the content.

On the other hand, my wife has always been into writing. She’s great at it, her fingers literally just dance around the keyboard and put all her thoughts into the written word in minutes.

To her, writing down her thoughts just flows. And when she writes, she writes with passion. You can feel it when you read her stuff that she totally poured her heart and soul into it.

She connects with people through her blog posts, carries that into her email marketing and people can absolutely connect with her whenever they read her articles.

I was so sure writing wasn’t in my DNA. It wasn’t until I gave the YouTube thing a try because of a challenge that I realized, wow, creating YouTube videos is a lot of fun and super effortless for me!

So do your best to discover your own unique unfair advantage, your content creation origination strategy. That is the most critical step.

Start a WordPress Blog

Make YouTube videos

Launch a Podcast

How to Apply This Strategy Once You Know Your Content Origination Approach

The goal is for every piece of content you create that is essentially a big idea or a keyword targeted piece of content to make it onto all three of these - YouTube, blog post, podcast.

Again, three pillars, and you’ve got one content origination strategy.

How can you create those other two pillars when you have one content creation style?

Here’s my hack to this content marketing strategy.

There are two routes you can take:

The DIY for super cheap way

Outsourcing when your budget permits

Little to Zero Budget DIY Content Marketing Strategy

Low budget content marketing
First, let’s go over the DIY way, meaning just you running the show and no $$$ flying out of your pocket.

This is the same route my wife and I took during the infancy stage of our online business. We were broke but had big dreams. And our lack of budget didn’t stop us from putting our content marketing strategy to work.

I’m going to go through the process from each of the different pillars to really make it clearer for you so you can start implementing this strategy after knowing your content origination approach.

  1. Video to Podcast to Written Blog Post

    Let’s start with video content.Step number one, come up with a topic and begin the YouTube SEO steps.

    I suggest you focus on how to videos that actually teach and solve people’s problems because that’s how they will resonate with you and say, hey, this guy is actually giving away solutions to my problems and not just selling me a bunch of stuff.

    Want to know more about what your audience’s needs are? Dive deep and do the market research.

    Choose a helpful topic that aligns with you’re being and find a keyword or search phrase that your target audience and your customer avatar is searching for.

    Are you a self-proclaimed rockstar gardener with a green thumb that can grow almost any kind of plant in the garden? Then create a video on how to start your own vertical garden or how to do indoor gardening or whatever it is that you’ve got the most experience doing.

    Essentially, the first step is realizing your unfair advantage in your DNA and experience level, then communicate your topic or level of expertise following your content origination strategy.

    Create a video around that topic, upload it on YouTube, and then publish it the same day.

    Make sure you create a little thumbnail using Canva and get a template for all your thumbnails that you can just modify and add the title in.

    Write a really good description with your keywords, title with the keywords, and put your tags and get all of these things keyword optimized for greater chances of showing up on YouTube searches your audience makes.


    Video portion of the three pillar content marketing strategy done!

    Turn Video into Podcast

    Launch your podcast and get your content out in the audio format. I recommend you rip out the MP3 of your video using VLC or other online tools available.

    I actually have a video that will show you how it’s done, and it’s a full process that I teach my teammate who turns my videos into a podcast. The goal is to strip out the MP3, add on an intro and an outro that kind of introduces your podcast being a ripped audio version from your videos, and then you put some tags in.

    You now have your title, tags, and an image with the title on it, so people can view it on their phone. Get all of these things dialed in and you’re ready to upload your audio file to your podcast feed.

    Day one, work on your video and get it out. Day two, podcast feed hits online.

    From Podcast to Blog Post

    Now here’s the last piece to the puzzle - the written word.

    I use this tool called, which is a software that transcribes your videos for you.

    What’s cool about it, other than it is FREE, is you are able to go through really quickly and kind of clean up the text file and you can even move your cursor to a certain paragraph to check and edit words that weren’t transcribed right. The video begins to play from that point so you can hear it and read the text at the same time.

    You don’t just copy-paste the transcription and publish it on your WordPress site. Definitely, don’t do that. The spoken word when read in a direct transcription is usually a little choppy and robot-ish, definitely not clean and smooth.

    So you’ll need to spend maybe half an hour to an hour cleaning up the content, then it should be ready to go on WordPress once you’re happy with what you’ve done. Just remember, there's power in imperfect action so don’t strive for perfection strive for action!

    Get a really good clickable title that’s compelling enough to make your audience want to click and read it, learn and implement SEO basics, and you can lay out that post inside of WordPress, put your social buttons in there, your imagery, pretty it up and you’ve got a neat, published post that goes live on day three.

    So you’ve got your 3-day content marketing strategy that crushes all three pillars:

    - Day one, create and publish your video.
    - Day two, create and upload your podcast.
    - Day three, write and publish your written content.

    Content Master Tip

    You want the faster route, do video and podcast on day one and write your blog on day two.

    If you’ve got more free time, you’re unemployed, underemployed, or you’re just in this full speed ahead mode, do all three in one day!

    Yes, it’s a lot of work but you’ll cover more ground much faster and really intensify the possibility of seeing greater and quicker results with your content marketing strategy.

    So you’ve got all three types of pillars in one day which brings you 90 blog posts, 90 podcasts, and 90 videos published at the end of your 90-day challenge! #purehustle

  2. Podcast to Video to Written Word

    Podcast is the most similar and it's probably the easiest adaptation from what we just talked about.

    Launch your podcast and record the content. You may start with some kind of an outline to keep your main three points in place and make sure you don’t just end up blabbing and rambling on and on while that record sign is flashing.

    When you’re done, you get that thing up on your podcast feed right away.

    Podcast portion done.

    If you’re not ready to show your face on camera, then you go create a movie or video using a tool and just put a nice cover image so your video is appealing enough for people to watch. You’re not just putting in there a black screen with your words. That’s boring and kind of creepy.

    I use Sony movie or Screencast o-matic (Super Cheap and GREAT!) on my Windows laptop to create and edit movies. If you’re on a Mac, you use iMovie, load your audio file in there, get the audio on one track and put your cover image.

    Keep your image to 1280 x 720, which is the ideal size for YouTube.

    Make it a High-Def video and just layer that image with a title over the entire thing.

    Upload your movie on YouTube and don’t forget to fill out your descriptions, your titles, and really spend some time putting out good content in your titles and descriptions to really optimize your YouTube videos.

    Podcast to Written Word

    Run the audio through and follow the exact same process I explained above to get that content onto your WordPress blog.

    It’s pretty much similar stuff when you switch out the video or the audio first. You just write the best blog post out of the transcriptions and rock it all out.

    Keywords in place, imagery, social pins… A little bit of SEO and your written content is good to go.

  3. Written Word to Podcast to YouTube Video

    Natural Writer? #jealous

    Optimize your blogposts with the free SEO course, publish it easy and fast with Thrive Themes (cause you gotta be on WordPress) and then the easy part comes.

    With your written content in front of you just read the words and record it for your new podcast!

    Then you put it out to your podcast feed and create a video out of the audio using your movie editing software of choice, and you just nailed all three pillars!

    Or.. Get crazy and use your blogpost as an outline for a video, talk it out, be you and don’t tell any friends about it for a while while your learning!

    Apply the basics of YouTube SEO on your videos and once you do 30ish of these you’ll be a pro!

    Start telling the friends, family, and sharing your videos on social and to your email list.

    Use the YouTube to Podcast flow and you are putting out awesome discoverable forever content!

Outsource When Your Budget Permits

Outsource your content
If you don’t want to go down that DIY road, you can easily outsource these tasks to a VA.

As my wife and I started getting some income from our business, we began to outsource writing, graphic design stuff, and even getting our podcasts syndicated, we built a virtual team.

That’s when you take some weight off your shoulders, once you delegate tasks to people who can do some tasks for you, mainly tasks you’re not super excited about.

If you want to get some outsourcing tips and where to find a cheap virtual assistant, check out that post! I share my own outsourcing experience and places where I found and hired VAs that helped me grow my business.

Ultimately, you come up with ideas or topics, then you outsource the pieces of that puzzle whether it’s the writing part or podcasting or the video editing portion.

Like what I’m doing now, I put out my YouTube videos, then my writing virtual team grabs four at a time. Four blog posts per week, we get those out and boom.

I verify which videos we move onto the blog and then my VA in the Philippines is taking the audio track and posts it to the Miles Beckler Podcast.

I don’t upload any MP3s that are screen shares since my podcast audience can’t see any of that stuff.

Crush Your Content Marketing Strategy Today!

My whole content marketing strategy is very simple. But it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do because it takes time and it takes energy.

You don’t just work smart doing this strategy; you also have to work hard.

Nothing great has ever been created without a ton of work, so roll up your sleeves, dig in, dig deep, and become a content creator. This is the path to success online.

Once you find that rhythm and get in the flow of things, you will become a content machine! And it feels amazing because you’re giving value to your audience.

A lot of great things line up and become actualized when you get into the rhythm of being a content creator.

Start coming up with topics for your content, do your keyword research, resonate and live your content origination strategy, and be consistent in producing content for 90 days straight.

Consistency is really the key and you will eventually see results and wake up to some really good progress that will get you even more motivated to move forward.

If you’ve already started creating content, or you haven’t started yet because you’ve got some reservations or something holding you back, let me know in the comments section.

I want to help you in any way, so just hit me in the comments below, share some insights, questions, whatever, just get those thoughts out and I’ll do my best to help you because that’s what I really love and enjoy doing the most!