Your Success Hinges On This One Thing... And It's Not What You Think! - Miles Beckler
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Your Success Hinges On This One Thing... And It's Not What You Think!

To be 100% honest, your ultimate success hinges on your ability to help people.  And, this post will help you understand EXACTLY how to do that.

Whether you are helping people solve their problems...

Helping people to DIY/create things they are trying to build...

Or you are helping them achieve their goals and avoid their fears...

You must be able to help others get results they value!

If you don't know what to write about...

Or what to create videos about...

Or what niche to go into...

There isn't some 'hack' out there that you are missing beyond doing the work of becoming the kind of person who helps other people.

The tech today to connect with billions of people is simpler than ever before.

The process of publishing content is easier than ever before...

No code required... No fancy cameras or mics needed...

Your cell phone is 10x more powerful than the entire broadcast studio I used in college in my Radio & Television Broadcasting classes.

From a tech perspective, you have everything you need.


And here's the REAL question:

Have you put in the time, the energy, the study, the trials, the errors and the commitment to truly help people?

Everyone is just waiting for a trusted advisor they can follow who will ACTUALLY HELP...

Not just another B.S. scammer looking the part trying to sell some B.S.

Trusted. Advisors.

So if you can't help people solve their problems... Achieve their goals... Avoid their fears...

That is PRECISELY where you need to start.

"The Secret" is not in some overpriced course that is promising to teach you how to dropship or affiliate or become Insta-famous or whatever.

Helping people is "The Secret."

And it all starts by helping yourself.

Creating a result in YOUR life that others will want to achieve too.

Then you help 1 other person.

No scale. No hype. No bullshit.

Just actually go help 1 other person get a result.

(Remember this result can be beating an Xbox game, crocheting, building a drone, cooking epic vegan meals their kids love, growing tomatoes, scrapbooking, taking great pictures on their android phone, ANYTHING!)

Then do it again... With 1 more person.

Then again and again.

Once you've helped 10 people get a specific result in a one-on-one setting...

Switch to a small group setting.

Put together a 6 week group program where you take 10-25 people through the process of getting the result together.

PROVE that you not only can get the result yourself...

You'll learn a ton in the process...

PROVE that you can not only help other people get the result individually, too....

You'll learn a ton in the process...

PROVE that you can help an entire group of people get the result simultaneously.

And yes... You'll learn a TON in the process here, too.

Now, my friend.

At this point you are ready for scale.

Now you have experience, proof, confidence, testimonials, case studies and most importantly...


This above is the key to everything.

Then there's the big question most people addicted to scammy webinars and fake guru lies always ask:

How long does this all take?

Well I started earning income on the Internet in 2003...

From 2009 to 2014 I did one on one consulting with over 50 businesses to help them scale online.
In 2016 I started teaching through YouTUbe based on these experiences...

In 2018 I started my membership program.

So 15 years for me... And honestly, whether the money was pouring in right now or not, I'd still be helping people.

Because that's what people like us do!  We help others, regardless.

What about my wife?

She learned how to get a result for herself in 2008.

She started doing one-on-one sessions helping others to get results from 2009 - 2013.

In 2014 we started her membership program.

So it took her about 6 years.

She had the benefit of my guidance and mentorship through the process...

But she rolled up her sleeves and has published THOUSANDS of epic blog posts.

No 'hacks'

No 'hype'

No pictures of us in flashy beach mansions or in-front of flashy cars to try and impress people.

Just putting in the work focused on helping others create change in their lives, day in and day out for years on end.

We are too busy helping people for trying to make ourselves look cool.

And the results?

Today we have touched the lives of tens-of-millions of people...

I can directly track over 30 million visits to my wife's site alone.

Not to mention the tens-of-millions of people who see our messages each month on YouTube and social.

But it isn't some marketing trick that got us there.

It is the fact that we are truly helping people improve their lives, achieve their goals, solve their problems and THEY LOVE SHARING US!

So, if you are in a position where your 'online business' isn't really a business at all...

You're just watching webinars and reading fake guru emails...

Wondering "Should I buy this hyped up course on dropshipping..."

Or ..."I wonder if this 'Smelly Affiliate' course is real or a scam"


That will only make the fake guru money.

And you STILL won't be any closer to helping people solve their problems or achieve their goals...

Besides helping Lambo Boi with a couple grand to pay for his Lambo oil change..

So the key to it all...


Become the type of person who HELPS PEOPLE GET RESULTS!

Start with YOU!

Then help 1 other person.

And again and again...

This is the path success beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you committed?

Because it is a LONG and CHALLENGING path.

But I can tell you first hand... It is oh-so rewarding when your PASSION wakes you up every day at 5am because you get to HELP OTHERS for a living.

Get to it.

Be the change, my friend.

Go help someone solve a problem, today...

And get ADDICTED to that feeling.

You can do it.

Miles "Truth Bearer" Beckler

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