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"Ready for Help Growing Your List & Your Cashflow From Multiple Streams of Additional Income?"

Get My Help During Office Hours on Zoom!

Join me and my ad guy, Shaun, every other Tuesday @ 9:30AM Pacific on Zoom for 90 minutes.

This is your chance to get expert feedback & input on your strategy, your brand, your project and your assets (sales pages, opt in pages, emails, etc).

With the #1 goal of helping you convert more sales.

Then, once your sales engine is cranking, we focus on automating your cashflow as much as we can so you can create and automate additional streams of income.


Once your automated income is greater than your expenses, you're free.

How do you do it?

Here’s the simple 3-step plan:

1. Build the skill of driving traffic

It doesn’t matter whether you earn your traffic by creating content (blog, YouTube, social) or pay for traffic through ppc advertising (Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads)…

Targeted traffic is required!

2. Grow your email list

Your email list is how you protect your business from algorithm changes, cancel culture and the platform risk (AKA Zuckerberg shutting off your ad account, your fan pages or groups).  

Your email list is traffic that you own!

Quick story that explains why this is so important to your long term success…

When I first started making money online as an affiliate in 2003, I was direct linking users from MySpace over to affiliate offers quite successfully.

But when MySpace got bought out by Fox News Corp. they changed the rules and overnight my income went to zero.

I was 100% reliant on their platform for 100% of my traffic.

Had I grown an email list before driving traffic to the affiliate offers, my income would not have gone to zero!

Plus, everyone knows “The Money Is In The List”

Even small lists!

For example, when my email list was only 3,500 subscribers I did one promotion that brought in over $30,000.

Which brings us to the third and final step in the plan:

3. Find and/or create offers that convert!

Some folks already sell courses, events, e-books, one-on-one consulting, even physical products…

Their big sticking point is usually a conversion problem.

Not enough people pull out their credit cards and buy your stuff.

Obviously, that’s what we work on during office hours.

But some folks don’t create courses or products, they prefer to just drive traffic as an affiliate.

Their success comes down to finding great products their audiences love to buy with high-converting sales pages and generous commissions.

Because, when you find the right product for your list as an affiliate, you can create automated systems (AKA sales funnels & email autoresponder series’) to sell those products 24x7 on autopilot.

It’s a beautiful thing.


If you're already selling courses or products of your own, adding on affiliate marketing offers you the fastest path to multiple streams of income.

It also diversifies your income, too.

To protect you from the risk of having all your eggs in one basket.

Ok, that's the "big picture" of what we work on during office hours.

Next, let’s zoom in on the 3-step plan to help you see the 9 areas of focus for Office Hours.


These 9 components make up what I call The Wealthy Creator Blueprint.

It’s your map to freedom I discovered through my 20 years of trial and error making money online.

It'll build the 3 most valuable skills of the internet age...

  • How to drive traffic
  • How to grow a list
  • How to promote great offers.

Because, once you master all 3 of these skill sets, you can create cash flow on demand.


Since it’s all focused on growing your list, no one can take it away from you. 

Because you own your list.

And, it's the most profitable traffic source of all.

Which is why this is a worthy endeavor.

To help you build an asset that you own! One that generates cash flow on demand…

From anywhere you can get wifi for your laptop.

This is how my wife and I paid off my $50,000 in student loans and saved up the 6-figure down payment for our first home.

We lived on the cheap in Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica & Thailand for years.

It turned the skill-building journey (learning all 9 of the components above) into an adventure.

But, all in all…

“Skill building is the most important part!"


Building new skills requires time, patience, and expert guidance because skill building requires you to put in the reps like a pro.

Example: If you’ve never created an optin page before, odds are your first one will take longer to create and it'll probably convert fewer leads than your 10th attempt.

Obviously, right?


As a member of Office Hours, you also get access to all 16 of my high-converting templates and video trainings, too.

Because you can save years of trial and error using my proven templates and processes.

Especially when you mix in the value from my direct feedback on your project, your strategy, and your "homework" every other week!

What's your homework?

Building your business!

Creating the lead magnets, opt-in pages, offers, and email campaigns!

And launching them to the world so you can begin collecting the data (# of clicks, conversions, revenue, etc.) needed to guide your business to consistent profits.

Step by step the path continues to appear!

And we meet every other Tuesday to keep you on track.

This is your chance to get my 20+ years of marketing experience focused on helping you move your business forward faster than ever before.

In addition to the accountability and personalized guidance you'll receive on the ongoing calls...

Here's everything you're getting instant access to...

A Quick Recap Of What’s Included with The Office Hours

  • Two Live Coaching Calls with Miles - A $495 Value
  • The All New Wealthy Creator Course - A $197 Value
  • The Wealthy Creator Blueprint - A $297 Value
  • The Niche Navigator Video Training - A $97 Value
  • Offer Recon - A $197 Value
  • The High-Converting Opt-In Template - A $47 Value
  • The Breakthrough Sales Letter Template - A $97 Value
  • The Million Dollar One Time Offer Template - A $97 Value
  • The One-Click Upsell Template - A $97 Valued
  • The Bump Offer Template - A $47 Value
  • The 3-Secrets VSL Template - A $47 Value
  • The Email Autoresponder Template - A $47 Value
  • The Facebook Ads Quickstart 2023 Edition - A $97 Value
  • The YouTube Ads Quickstart - A $97 Value
  • The Facebook Ads Swipe File - A $97 Value
  • The Ban-Proof Facebook Ad Blueprint and Templates - A $47 value
  • Email List Growth Mastery - A $297 Value
  • The Million Dollar Copywriting Course - A $297 Value
  • The Hiring And Outsourcing Crash Course - A $97 Value

Total Value = $2,791!

2 Live Group Coaching Calls Per Month With Miles & Shaun

(Every Other Tuesday for 90 minutes starting at 9:30am Pacific)
Plus You Get
ALL 16 Templates, Trainings & Swipe Files, Too!

(Total Value $2694)

For Just $497 Today
(first month included)

& $197 Month


Curious about what students have to say about Miles' Sales Funnel Templates Trainings?

Miles single-handedly increased my business revenue by 75% and my sales jumped an extra $100k. Before Miles' help in 2020, I gained 39,795 subscribers. After Miles' framework in 2021, I gained a whopping 131,945 subscribers! That's a 300% increase in email subscribers!

- Matt Giovanisci

Miles, with your help, we've been able to grow our list by over 1200 - 1500+ subscribers each month consistently (on both of our brands). Prior to that, we were only getting ~500 subs on a good month. We also implemented your one-time-offer strategy, and after a few optimizations, they convert at 2-3% and bring in 20-40 new customers each month.

- The White Coat Trainer

Miles, thanks to your conversion help, we are now growing our email list by about 2k new leads each month and are currently at a 1.7% rate on our OTO and a 47% conversion rate on our one-click upsell. This one funnel has made everything else easier and more fun!

- Josh L.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - What if I can't make the calls at their live time, can I still get my questions answered?

Yep! We've got a system setup that allows you to submit your question or your homework (opt-in pages, sales pages, emails, offers, etc) before the call.

Call replays are available on demand, 24x7 for you as an Office Hours member.

#2 - Can I get a sample "Office Hours" recording to get a better picture of the structure of and insights to what's covered in these calls?

Of course!

Email milesbeckler @ and request one! My team will send that over to you.

#3 - Is there a money-back guarantee?

Since you're purchasing access to my time during the live calls, there are no refunds.

That said, you can cancel at any time by replying to any of my emails...

No questions asked.

#4 - If I cancel and come back do I still have to pay the full first month of $497?


This is for committed entrepreneurs taking consistent action creating and publishing...

This is not for dabblers.

It'll also prevent people from popping in and out, only showing up when they 'need help'

That drains me, so this pricing friction is my defense.

#5 - How long does it take to make money with your method?

My default answer to this question is 3 to 5 years if you're brand new.

Because it's a skill-building process that takes time for you to put in the reps.

That said, some folks reach lifestyle-altering cashflow much faster depending on their expertise, skills, market knowledge, assets and offers that work, etc.

A.K.A. The things that they bring to the table.

Some people have a competitive advantage and others have a big ambition and strong will to succeed.

I'm here to help you turn that advantage into profits.

#6 - Is this beginner friendly?


As long as you're committed to the journey and you're publishing content, you qualify.

You'll start with the Niche Navigator training and the path will unfold from there.

As long as you keep taking consistent steps forward.

And I'll keep showing up every other Tuesday to answer questions, offer guidance and critique your work-product.

Join me by clicking on the red button below and completing the secure checkout page, now.

Curious about what students have to say about Miles' Sales Funnel Templates Trainings?

Miles, with your help, I've now been able to grow my list to over 21,000 subscribers and counting. Using your ATM model and adding a high-converting OTO immediately after optin and making offers steadily throughout the year to my list sprinkled in with lots of value has been a financial game changer, and I'll never have a boss again. Your honesty and clarity routinely demystify the path to online success. Thank you!

- Nicole H.

Miles, thanks for all your help... With the help of some fundamental concepts and granular tactics, you taught me... I've grown my email list to 30k with over 40% open rates. You deliver the goods without the fluff, and I appreciate you for it.

- Stephen H.

Miles, with your invaluable help, I completely transformed my business! I more than doubled my income and significantly decreased my workload the first year I implemented your system. Everything became more streamlined, automated, and largely residual-based, thanks to you!!!

- Bridget N.

And remember...

In addition to the live coaching during Office Hours, you also get instant access to...

The All New Wealthy Creator Course - A $197 Value:

Unlock the secrets to online financial independence with The Wealthy Creator course.   This 90 minute video blueprint will teach you the strategies that allowed me to break free from the 9-5 grind and build a successful online business.

Learn from a proven process that emphasizes ethical practices and strategic content creation, without resorting to dishonest, "guru" tactics. Discover the three key systems for backend business success: audience growth, email list expansion, and effective merchandising.

The Wealthy Creator Blueprint - A $297 Value

Module 1: Niche and Avatar

You build your sales empire brick by brick, and here’s where we’ll start laying the foundation. In this module, you’ll learn the key characteristics of products that sell like hotcakes and discover why the “riches are in the niches”! 

With lots of great examples of simple products that made it big, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to draw from when creating your own products.

Module 2: Offers

In this module, you’ll learn about the 4 different types of one-time offers (OTOs) you can use when crafting your sales funnel.

I’ll guide you through dozens of money making examples in lots of different niches … so you can reverse-engineer what works and craft your own irresistible OTOs and sales letters!

Module 3: The Lead Magnet

Unlock the ultimate power of email marketing by building a massive list of eager prospects who can't wait to hear from you. 

The secret weapon to achieving this is a high-converting opt-in page with a tantalizing lead magnet that'll leave prospects begging for more, and in Module 3, you’ll get my blueprint for success … so you can start building your email list like a pro!

Module 4: Minimum Viable Funnel

Get ready to unleash the power of persuasion! Learn how to build email sequences that’ll captivate your audience and skyrocket sales. 

Discover the secrets to crafting killer subject lines, impossible-to-ignore hooks, and engaging stories. Plus, get tips on how to structure emails for maximum impact … so you can achieve massive success with your email marketing.

Module 5: Email

The money is in the list... But how do you get the money off your list? Simply stated there are 2 ways. Automated email series' and broadcast emails. This module reveals all my email marketing secrets that have earned me millions.

By the time you reach the end of this module, you’ll have everything you need to double your revenue in the next year through email alone.

Module 6: Traffic

Discover the secrets to dominating the Facebook and YouTube ad space! Find out how to craft engaging ad copy, establish a minimum viable version of your  campaign, and measure data to drive improvements. 

By the time you reach the end of this module, you’ll have all the tools you need to start generating high-quality traffic on demand.

Module 7: Data And Analysis

Skyrocket your ad campaigns by unlocking proven strategies to measure, analyze, and optimize your data. Learn how to track the KPIs that matter and use them to make decisions that drive your business forward.

With daily spreadsheets to track metrics and cutting-edge tools to analyze data, you'll be empowered to understand your business' performance, inside and out! 

Module 8: Testing And Optimization

Unlock the power of A/B testing and conversion rate optimization to skyrocket your ROI. Plus, learn 3 powerful ways you can scale your best offers for even greater success. 

With exclusive insights into testing, scaling, and optimization strategies, this module delivers a proven blueprint for taking your business to the next level.

Module 9: Bumps And Upsells

Unleash explosive revenue growth and maximize profits with this game-changing module! You'll discover 2 powerful methods to boost average order value: bump offers and one-click upsells. 

Plus, you’ll learn how to master the checkout process, create irresistible bumps and upsells, constantly innovate with new offers, and keep your ads consistently profitable!


For this special offer here today!

You're also getting instant access to:

The Niche Navigator Video Training - A $97 Value:

The #1 step that students looking to build a dependable income online get stuck on is finding a profitable niche.

Learn how to identify underserved audiences and the most lucrative sub-niches, in under an hour! By focusing on helping others and choosing the right niche, the Niche Navigator aims to set you on a path of dependable income, ethical business practices, and, ultimately, financial freedom

Offer Recon - A $197 Value:

To succeed at making money online you need an inventory of high-converting offers with big commissions you can promote as an affiliate.

Eliminate the guesswork with my new automated system for discovering high-converting affiliate offers with the highest payouts in any niche!

This is the secret that unlocks multiple streams of income while saving years of trial and error!

Plus, you're also getting all of the...

The Wealthy Creator Bonus Templates & Courses

The High-Converting Opt-In Template - A $47 Value: 

The exact template I've used to create opt-in pages that convert at 60% or more.

You'll gain a thorough understanding of the 7 key components of a successful Opt-In page, along with tips and formulas to help you complete every step.

Simply fill in the blanks and watch your email list explode!

The Breakthrough Sales Letter Template - A $97 Value:

Convert more customers & boost your cashflow fast with my proven template that's made me millions on autopilot!

This workshop provides you with all the tools you need to craft a high converting sales letter that grabs attention, builds trust and increases conversion rates.

Write sales letters that can generate income for years!

The Million Dollar One Time Offer Template - A $97 Value:

Adding a one time offer (OTO) directly after my opt-in page completely revolutionized my business.

This simple page has paid off my student loans and paid for my dream house...

I'll show you how to build an OTO page using my proven template, so you can get this set up in a single afternoon.

The One-Click Upsell Template - A $97 Value:

If you're not running an upsell offer after your customers place an order you're leaving money on the table!

Learn how to write a high converting video sales letter script for your upsell page in 30 minutes or less!

You'll also get a text based version of the template if you'd prefer to type it out!

The Bump Offer Template - A $47 Value:

Adding a bump offer to your checkout is an easy way to instantly increase your average order value (and your cashflow).

My swipe file includes the best offers I've come across and shows you exactly how to set them up.

The 3-Secrets VSL Template - A $47 Value:

If you’ve never created a video sales letter (VSL) before, the thought may seem intimidating, but in this powerful template, you’ll get my easy-to-use “3 Secrets” formula for writing an engaging (high-converting!) VSL. 

Plus, you’ll get a PowerPoint slideshow to modify, so you waste no time on creation. 

With these powerful resources, you can literally create a brand-new VSL from scratch and get it online -- in less than 2 hours!

The Email Autoresponder Template - A $47 Value:

Get the 7 "fill in the blank" email templates that I've constantly been refining over the past 6 years … so you can save countless hours of writing, testing, and brainstorming. 

With this template, you can eliminate 100% of the guesswork … quickly and easily building out a full-blown email follow up sequence -- in as little as 30 minutes!

The Facebook Ads Quickstart 2023 Edition - A $97 Value:

If you’re ready to join the ranks of the world’s most successful Facebook advertisers, you don’t want to miss this comprehensive (game-changing!) video course. 

In it, you’ll discover how you can use Dynamic Creative Optimization, an exciting strategy for maximizing reach, engagement, and conversions. 

Plus, you’ll also learn how to set up conversion tracking for leads and purchases with the Facebook pixel, so you maximize ROI!

The YouTube Ads Quickstart - A $97 Value:

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business by venturing into YouTube advertising? This YouTube Ads Quickstart video series is a must-watch. 

In just a few short lessons, you’ll discover everything you need to know to create and launch successful YouTube ad campaigns.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, the potential for reaching new customers and driving sales is huge… making this the perfect vehicle if you’re ready to start seeing real results with YouTube advertising campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Swipe File - A $97 Value:

This comprehensive swipe file of 101+ proven Facebook ads will remove all the guesswork when it comes to crafting profitable ads on Facebook. 

With it, you’ll discover winning ad formulas and patterns that bring in sales … so you can avoid years of trial-and-error and thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend.

The Ban-Proof Facebook Ad Blueprint and Templates - A $47 value:

My team analyzed over 1,000 Facebook ads and used that research to create a 7-template system that will help you write ads faster, launch with confidence, and drive more leads and sales. 

In addition, you’ll get 2+ hours of video content that breaks down some of the most successful ads on Facebook, PLUS a companion PDF so you have an easy reference to refer back to!

Email List Growth Mastery - A $297 Value:

The money is in the list … but how do you build a LARGE list of prospects, fast? I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars running tests trying to answer that question, and in this training, I reveal ALL the key secrets that helped me build a 175K+ email subscriber list!

Discover how to create an irresistible lead magnet, develop a relationship with your audience that’s built on trust, and publish a high-converting opt-in page online – in less than 15 minutes! By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly how to grow your email list into the tens of thousands.

The Million Dollar Copywriting Course - A $297 Value:

I partnered with millionaire copywriter Terry Dean here to teach you everything we know about hot-selling copy, so you can master one of the most valuable skills in the world of business: the ability to create irresistible sales copy.

In the course, you’ll discover a powerful 5-step process for persuading prospects to buy, 21 formulas for creating mouthwatering bullets, and much, much more … so you can mesmerize your prospects and turn them into loyal customers who can’t wait to buy from you -- again and again!

The Hiring and Outsourcing Crash Course - A $97 Value:

Learn all of my tricks to finding the best value on ROCKSTAR designers, coders, writers and virtual assistants who can help you increase your profits faster than doing all the work yourself.

You’ll get my job listing templates, my exact processes and the specific sites where I hire talent from… Plus a few outsourcing secrets I’ve never shared before.

Join Miles & Shaun In Office Hours, Now!

2 Live Group Coaching Calls Per Month With Miles & Shaun

(Every Other Tuesday for 90 minutes starting at 9:30am Pacific)
Plus You Get
ALL 16 Templates, Trainings & Swipe Files, Too!

(Total Value $2694)

For Just $497 Today
(first month included)

& $197 Month