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How to Fire Your Boss and Become An Internet Marketer in 5 Steps

Ready to learn the steps to fire your boss, become an internet marketer and achieve financial freedom?

It takes a smart side hustle to accomplish this and I will show you how in this post but,

Heed the first step, in it is a strong warning from someone who's been down the road and messed up a few times before I dialed in these steps for you.

We all want that kind of life where you’ve got the freedom to live two, three months a year in some place super awesome, maybe on the beach or near some upscale mountain resort or something.

Then pack up, leave, and set off to the next super cool destination other folks can only imagine in their daydreams.

Quit the daily grind, make piles and piles of cash in your sleep, and not spend a full day hustling for the rest of your life.

Get out of that job too soon, and you’ll find yourself hustling and grinding even harder than you did when you’re still stuck on your 8 to 5.Click To Tweet


Worst case scenario, you might find yourself moving back to your parents’, maybe with your wife, and borrowing their car because you had to sell yours when your bank account was drained to the last dollar.

Oh wait, that’s what happened to me and why I am so passionate about you getting this right!

If you want an internet marketing job read this wiki, if you're going to end someone else telling you when to show up, what to do, how to do it, achieve life on your terms, follow these steps.

Steps to Becoming A Successful Internet Marketer


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

I’ve witnessed and lived a horror story of an internet marketer who leaves their job too soon, hit rock bottom and got into a new rhythm of working the hours away every single day for years.

That means no weekends, no holidays, only break you get is dinner or when you have to go to the bathroom. No time to brush your teeth, savor that meal, or change into their PJs.

There I was, thinking I got it all together and that I was far up the internet biz ladder.

But I fell flat on my face.

See, if you’re thinking about quitting your job because you think it sucks and you want more freedom, or you’re tired of having a boss, or whatever reason you have, you have to be prepared.

There are specific parameters you should set in place, clear signs that you’re ready to get out of that job and be your own boss.

1) Be Willing To Delay Gratification and Hustle

Be Willing To Delay Gratification and Hustle

“Wait, what? What hustle?!”

You got that right.

Just because you’re doing an online business, that doesn’t mean party every night with the boys.

Or GNO with the ladies.

Or Pjs and coffee on a deck all Saturday long.

An internet marketing entrepreneur hustles.

And hustles from hours on end.

Every. Single. Day.

See, that’s the difference between doing your 8 to 5 and being an internet marketer.

Once you get home from the office, you’re pretty much done for the day.

No work AT home after you clock out.

A chill night with the fam.

Kicking back in front of the TV and flicking the remote every commercial, Homer Simpson kind of stuff.

But if you’re dead set on making that first 6-figure income from internet marketing

Should I Quit My Job And Become An Internet Marketer?Delay Gratification and Hustle Hard.

Taco Tuesday with the boys is Type Away Tuesday for you.

Saturday Spa Day with the ladies is Shut Up and Work Day.

Holidays? What holidays?

Thanksgiving day, you’re probably holding a plate of your turkey dipped in gravy in one hand, and the other hand is punching away on the keyboard.

But that’s how this thing is done.

You’re creating a lifestyle business.

Do it right, and you’re setting a path to unlimited income potential and Lifestyle Freedom in a few years.

Maybe nothing seems to be happening right now.

Or little accomplishments seem too insignificant to call them “success.”

Everybody seems to want to make serious cash in their sleep.

But not everyone has what it takes to get to it.

If you want to be an internet marketer, then you gotta have the right attitude.

No slacking off, no more lame excuses, get that ass off the couch and keep it glued in your home office chair.

Pure hustle since day one.

Develop copy skills, become a traffic ninja, a funnel expert, split testing master, an email marketing expert, etc.

Maybe 2, 4, 5 years from now, your buddies are gonna look at you and say you’ve gone a long way in the business.

That you probably just got lucky.

But let me tell you one thing.

It is not from luck that you will succeed; it is from you delaying gratification and hustling.

That’s it!

It’s not like some fairy princess sprinkled your bank account with pixie dust and made it quadruple and reproduce tons of 0s.

You made it happen by hustling when everybody else is saying screw it.

The hard work applied for years on end is the trick. Hence so few people really “making it”!

But those who persevere experience a level of lifestyle freedom that is quite amazing.

If you’re up for the challenge and work, do it for the long haul, then step one of quitting your J.O.B. is in order.

2) Your Finances Secure BEFORE You Become a Full-Time Internet Marketer

Your Finances Secure BEFORE You Become a Full-Time Internet Marketer

1. Zero Debts

If you’ve got a mortgage, you’re still paying off your car; credit card debts keep racking up, then there’s no way in hell you can have a semi-easier life when you quit your job.

Yes, you’ll still get to eat three times a day at best, or maybe have a roof over your head (by that, I mean, living out of stranger’s basement or garage or staying at your parents’ indefinitely).

But come on, is that actually what you can call “living”? Pretty far off your original plan or idea where you’re sipping a margarita while lounging on the beach and cash keeps on rolling in by the minute, right?

If you’ve got debts under your name, the last thing you should do is lose that steady income from a day job. You’ll be up a river without a paddle, and life gets even more desperate from there.

So get out of debt first, no mortgage, student loan, credit card and what-not that takes a massive chunk out of your income each month. By then, you can start thinking about leaving your job and transitioning to doing online business.

2. Money in the Bank

Lay the foundation for living the life of a startup online business owner, and this means having enough cash to back you up when things go wrong. Because honestly, things can get pretty crazy at first when you’re still learning the ropes and figuring out this whole internet marketing world.Click To Tweet


Build that emergency fund that covers you for at least six months, yes savings, and maybe get multiple sources of income going.

You have your regular job, a couple of online gigs on the side, and then just grow your savings a bit more until you can eventually tear away from your day job.

3. Internet Business Taking Off

Say you’ve got your online business all set up and you’re still doing your 8 to 5. And you figured it out and made more money with your internet stuff than your paycheck.

Time to quit that job?

Not quite. I suggest you give it a couple more months when things are a little bit more steady with your online gig, and it’s not just in its infancy stage.

You want to keep the momentum to make sure it’s all under control and not going to flop anytime soon.

Again, all the other two parameters have to be there - no debt, emergency fund in the bank, and you’ve got cash coming in from your day job and even more cash inflow from your internet business.

By then, it should be easier to navigate around those recurring expenses without being chained to your regular job.

4) Have Your Target Audience Defined

Have Your Target Audience Defined

So many people trying to build a business online are going about it all wrong...

And the gurus are selling tactics and tools that perpetuate this false approach....

Here’s one of them, oh and another one here.

They make massive amounts of money, and you don't get any closer to a successful business...

So what is the problem?

Most people choose a product first.

Whether it's a full-on "business opportunity," MLM, affiliate product, software product, or something they created... They start with the product.

This creates a massive challenge because now you need to find the traffic that will work for the product…

And you're going to have to figure out the persuasion tactics, copywriting, funnel, email marketing, split testing, and more...

This is the backward approach, and it rarely leads to success because there are too many challenges for you to overcome.

Most people get lost in a loop of buying more info products or 'tools' to solve all these problems, but it creates more overwhelm because it is too much to take on for most people.

Just flipping the model on its head, you get the smooth path...

Starting with the audience you can most help and be of service to, that’s the FIRST STEP to make money online!

Then, building trust with the audience through quality content positions you as the trusted advisor.  So, when you recommend a product the likelihood of them taking action goes up massively!

When you have an audience of people who know, like and trust you… You merely need to find or create the solutions to their problems and mention it to them!

They will line up to buy when it is presented in this way!

You have to find the right audience and figure out what they want and offer it to them!!!

So, as you're moving forward… I urge you to ask yourself these two questions:

1- Am I focused on being of service to an audience?

Or, 2- am I just trying to find people to buy my stuff so I can "get money"?

Only one of those two approaches will survive in the long term.

5) Decide on One Type of Internet Marketing Business

Decide on One Type of Internet Marketing Business

There are two overarching paths to choose from in internet marketing.

Paid Advertising

Content Marketing

Paid advertising will get you started faster, but it costs more money. Content marketing is pennies to begin, has the best ROI, and the longest life cycle.

When you run an ad on Facebook, you get traffic fast, but once you turn it off, you are starting over again.

When you write 50 blog posts, make 100 YouTube videos or 100 Podcast episodes, those pieces of content continue to work for you helping people discover you, your business, and your products.

Bridging the gap between paid advertising and content marketing is best and explained in this video and here are 10 online businesses that pay off big time.

Here’s the trick in this though.

When you choose a single online business model and stick to it, YOU WIN.


Pick one of the 10 from that list or start an authority site, a YouTube channel, literally any online business and do it ONLY for three years.

DO NOT jump ship to a different one because it is the new thing 3-months later, or you were sold by some amazing copy from one of these shiny object sellers.

Pick a business model and do it hard.

That is what these guys did.

Top Internet Marketer Examples That Are Crushing It

Top Internet Marketer Examples That Are Crushing It

Some folks are born rich, and use this to figure out how to keep getting richer.

But others are born of blood, sweat, and hustle.

These people are what I call the bad boys (and girls) of internet marketing.

They didn’t wake up one morning and got it all together 24 hours after.

But here’s their common denominator - they found a niche, focused on it, delayed gratification and hustled.

Hustled hard.

Just like Gary Vaynerchuk, a hustling machine, and VaynerMedia’s CEO. He’s also the author of #ASKGARYVEE and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, among a few other digital marketing must-reads.

Then, there’s Anita Perez Valdez, a self-proclaimed data geek and TopSpot Internet Marketing’s VP of Operations and Co-Founder. All that data geeking and hustle paid off when she became one of the first 100 Google Adwords Pros!

Josh Steimle had quite an early start when he put up his digital marketing agency called MWI back in 1999 while juggling this then-startup and college. All his efforts paid off, and he’s now the CEO of this company that’s still killing it. He also shares his knowledge by contributing to major publications such as Mashable, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Plus, he’s a TEDx presenter and the author of “Chief Marketing Officers at Work.”

And on the other side of these huge CEO’s, there are guys like Andre Chaperon. Andre has access to all these "million dollar launch club" internet marketing “gurus” and knows the truth behind their numbers. He doesn’t have a budding YouTube channel or any of the typical “have-tos” in internet marketing.  His crazy successful internet business is even called Tiny Little Businesses!

Now, it’s your turn.

Become An Internet Marketer Today

Become An Internet Marketer Today

Choose your audience FIRST, and DON’T ever get this wrong! Working out the 5 steps to online business success will ensure you don’t fizzle or regret what you have started nine months from now.

The FASTEST way to make money online is with an affiliate marketing funnel or a minimum viable funnel, but choose your audience BEFORE you dive into one of these.

A little takeaway for you

You will make mistakes, things will not always be perfect, but you have to start.

Starting is the only difference between you and any other successful internet marketers.

Here’s a free 7 Step Blueprint to get started fast.

Once you focus more on your online business, you’ve got to keep hustling. You can’t just quit your job one day and say “yeah, got it all together and I’ll take off and have a break for a month because my online thing is doing awesome.”

Let me tell you that’s a seriously dangerous mindset.

Just like any business, a bomb can explode any second.

You don’t want to go back to square one after enjoying a remarkable lifestyle for a while.

So you have to keep grinding the hours, days, weeks, months, years doing your internet marketing business.

But the big difference from the day job hustle and an online business daily grind is it comes alongside YOU, instead of against you.Click To Tweet


This time, you LOVE what you’re doing, you’re living on your own terms, and you call the shots each day.

No boss looking over your shoulder, no daily commute to work, you can live anywhere you want, and you are working on something from YOUR passion.

It is worth it!

If you’ve been going back and forth, leaving your job or going full time online, you HAVE to be super prepared before you make that jump.

Have these parameters in mind and don’t quit your J.O.B. too soon!

Your future self will thank you.

If you’ve got questions on how to get going, how to overcome a roadblock, what is a good audience, put those thoughts down in the comments section below, I’m here to help!

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