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Jason Hornung Review - Can You Trust Jason Hornung?

Update: For reasons explained below and because I found a less expensive and more comprehensive Facebook advertising course, I can no longer recommend Jason Hornung's course.

Click Here for the course I recommend: Facebook™ Ad IQ Academy

I personally bought and am currently going through the Facebook™ Ad IQ Academy course now and am loving it!

Highly recommend...

If you want all the details about Jason Hornung, you can read the original post and the updates below.

One of your biggest challenges in learning how to build an internet based business is all the noise and learning who you can trust...

Figuring out who is trustworthy enough to transact with is tricky... After all, we only have access to their copywriting skills, their self-curated personas via social media, etc...

If you listen to and follow the wrong people...

You can go down the path of outdated tactics that can have a negative impact on your business... Or worse!

You could end up paying for services that were not rendered and potentially lose money.

Unfortunately, this is the end result of my dealings with Jason Hornung... And I'm sad to update this post with my doubts of his untrustworthiness.

Having spent over $18,000 in coaching and training... I also generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales for him as an affiliate.

After deciding to quit his coaching program, he obliged and stopped charging me.

After two months of Hornung's coaching, I realized that I was chasing the wrong metric... I was chasing the money for money's sake, which is an expression of greed.

I did not like this focus for myself and my business... I also didn't feel there was sufficient value in the program...

I thought all was good and carried on.

So I went about my business and a few months later, noticed I had racked up over $7,417 in commissions from referring his product... But no payments in the last few months.

I reached out to the support email at the Jason Hornung Agency inquiring if there was something I needed to do and received a shocking email from Jason himself...

In short, he decided to withhold all affiliate commissions until he was paid in full for the one year of coaching even though I exited the program after two months.

He is expecting to receive $30,000 for what turned out to be 8 phone calls, 7 of which were in group settings.

To me, this is either shady business or shitty business and this is when I lost trust that he would take care of you as a customer in the way I believe you deserve to be treated.

I'll be honest, the well-crafted sales messaging and promises of $100,000 months from a master salesman excited my ego driven desires for more.

I fell for the pitch... Hook, Line and Sinker!

The funny part is that since I left his coaching program and stopped getting distracted by his ideas, my business has grown in profit and revenue and I just had a record month.

Kind of a moment when I needed to listen to my own advice...


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Now I am in a challenging position where someone who I thought was a trustworthy mentor has shown his true colors...

I have put my name behind his products promoting them as an affiliate but can not continue to do so because I do not trust that he has your best interest at heart.

I'll keep the original post here below... But was compelled to update this post with the recent turn of events.

Is his Facebook advertising course comprehensive?  Yes.

Is it worth $1495?  ....Maybe.

But before you go dropping that crazy amount of cash on a course, you need to see the other great Facebook Advertising courses that deserve your attention... Here is a short list.

Keith Krance - Dominate Web Media

Justin Brooke - Bulletproof FB Ads

Nicholas Kusmich - Intensive

Now... Back to the original post:


Enter Jason Hornung.... Who this post is about.

You will learn more about Jason in this review post...

Plus you will get some inside information about him that you won't find anywhere else online.

How do I know so much about him?

Because after we met in 2015, I have been keeping an eye on him watching if his tactics continue working...

I've also been studying him to figure out if his integrity is in the right place... And testing his tactics to see if they work.

So let's jump in... Who is Jason Hornung

Let's review, Jason has two distinct sides to his business, The Jason Hornung Agency.

First, he runs a Facebook Ad agency where he creates profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

His clients are generally internet marketers with information products.

Now just saying that Jason advertises for internet marketers is an understatement when you look at his client list...

jason-hornung The Jason Hornung Agency has run ads for Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Mike Dillard, Neil Patel, Todd Brown, Sam Ovens and many other successful marketers

He runs ads and campaigns for some of the best marketers in the world.

Jason is truly 'the guy behind the gurus' in many senses..

This is how I first met Hornung...

I reached out to him and The Jason Hornung agency to see if we were a fit for him to run my ads for my funnels.

I learned about him from Mike Dillard's List Grow course.

Mike had Jason on to do the Facebook advertising training at the end of that course and it blew me away.

Immediately, I wanted his help with my ads and campaigns.

I reached out to him and the Hornung agency to see if we were a fit for him to run my ads for my funnels.

This was in 2015 and resulted in our first one-on-one consulting session...

Jason got on the phone with me to review my funnel, my numbers and to see if we are a good fit.

Hornung's willingness to get on the line at no charge, to see if we were a fit was a big integrity move, for sure.

Too many facebook advertisers want to charge for a first strategy session...

Their desire to start billing right away, without knowing if they can help is a huge turn-off and a sign of a rookie.

After that call, it became clear that my funnels didn't have enough profit margin for his team's fee.

At the time, his team's fee was $10,000 per month... Now they charge $20,000 per month!

Although we were profitable, we were not that profitable... But I wanted to know more about his FB Advertising methods.

This takes us to the second side of The Jason Hornung Agency.

This is when I decided to join Jason Hornung's Facebook Profit Maximizer course, version 1.0.
I began my self-study of Jason's techniques and was blown away with his unique approach to Facebook advertising...
It became clear how much he knows through his experiences working with clients.

When I bought in, this course was $1995 and worth every penny...
I didn't even blink at the opportunity to get the course and funny thing is...
Now that he has released version 2.0 (updated for 2017) the price has dropped to $1495...
An absolute bargain.
I'd still drop $2k on this course because I got a 1000% return on what I invested by implementing what he teaches.
My investment in the course paid for itself within the first couple months...
After I completed the course I now have a system and a structure based on millions of dollars in ad spend.
This is the biggest 'leveling up' in my paid advertising I've ever experienced.
This is not a full Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer review... I'll do a more in-depth review of that course soon.
But if you are wondering if the course is worth it... I'd ask you... How much would you be willing to pay to know exactly how to get $2 return for every $1 invested in Facebook ads?

The goal is to let you know about Jason Hornung, himself.

After completing his Facebook Advertising course 1.0 in 2016 he released version 2.0 in 2017.
I devoured the 2017 update and the production value and the content is much more organized now.
Then, I received an invitation to join his Facebook Advertising Implementation Workshop.
This workshop takes place over 3 days at his home office in Madison, WI...
Where he works on implementing his methods for our business... Answering our specific questions for 3 days straight.
I jumped at the opportunity!
In total it cost more than $6,000 with the price plus travel fees...
And getting in-person access for 3 days with Hornung one of the best decisions I've made in years.
This is where I got to know a lot more about Jason, his wife Heather and to learn even more about The Jason Hornung Agency.
From their impressive results they continue to get for their clients...
To their mission and vision for helping people and creating wealth through advertising.
This is the first big takeaway...
Jason Hornung is not just an info marketer who learned one or two tricks and made a course out of it...
Hornung is a hands-in-the-dirt practitioner.
Day-in, and day-out working in the Facebook advertising platform for his clients.
For his best clients he is often able to turn a few hundred dollars into $1,000 - $2,000, often netting them hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit each month (some into the millions!).
"Epic" is the only word that can describe the results and return on investment he generates...
And to be honest, he is so busy he isn't taking on new clients!
Plus he is running his own ad campaigns for his courses.
So you may be wondering.... "Miles, if you got his course and the update... Why would you want to fly out there?"
Fair question...  My answer is two-fold.
#1, there is nothing more powerful than getting an absolute pro to work on your business with you.
From my ad sets, my key performance indicators to my copy... He helped in many ways.
The small mindset and technical shifts he helped me make in those 3 days will result in massive ROI in my business.
#2 I wanted to go out and learn more about him to see if he is the real deal... And he sure is!
I learned more about his story, too...
Jason, like myself and so many other successful people... Had hit proverbial rock bottom a few years ago (my words not his).
Before this, Hornung was running an insurance agency for years...
He was using internet marketing and copywriting to grow that business.
That was not the lifestyle he wanted and he eventually quit to pursue internet marketing full time... But he found it was a bigger challenge than expected.
The stress went up, the income didn't... And he was stuck in a mindset of  'I need to make money'...
It wasn't until he shifted his mindset to 'I need to give more value' that things started to work...
He was offering SEO and marketing services at the time... Then in 2013, several of his clients began asking for Facebook advertising services.
He asked for their patience because he didn't have experience, but was confident he could figure it out...
And "figure it out" he did!
His powerful copywriting skills plus his detailed tracking and testing worked well.
It was at this point that a star was born.
Now he blends his time in three main areas.
First, his top priority is still managing his client campaigns, increasing their ROI.
Second, he is helping his students from the Facebook Profit Maximizer course... This happens through the secret Facebook group he runs.
Customers of the Facebook Profit Maximizer course get access to this group!
Third, he is running his own ads to sell his course. Like every great practitioner, he practices what he preaches!
Not to mention that he has 3 children, and sometimes gets out for some snowboarding or disk golf!
He is busy as can be! But he is also loving every minute of it!

If you were to ask me... "Miles, can I trust Jason Hornung?"

Miles Beckler and Jason Hornung

If you were to ask me... "Miles, can I trust Jason Hornung?"
My answer would be a resounding 'YES!'
Over the 3 days being with him and his wife at his home office, it became clear to me... His intention and integrity are in the right place.
This is so important today will all the fake gurus and hype-filled marketing out there.

Jason Hornung is the exact opposite...

If you were to ask me... "Miles, can I trust Jason Hornung?"
My answer would be a resounding 'YES!'
Over the 3 days being with him and his wife at his home office, it became clear to me... His intention and integrity are in the right place.
This is so important today will all the fake gurus and hype-filled marketing out there.
Jason Hornung is the exact opposite...
I can also say without a doubt that his methods and strategy for Facebook Advertising are the best in the world.
This is not a competition and there is not even a 'close second place' from what I've been able to find...
And I've studied more FB ads courses than I'd like to admit!
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