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2 Types Of Internet Entrepreneurs… Which Are You? & Who To Hire!

2 Types Of Internet Entrepreneurs… Which Are You? & Who To Hire!There’s a lot that goes into building and growing your online business that requires a diverse way of thinking to effectively solve problems and create what your audience is looking for.

How do you know what kind of online entrepreneur you are, what type of online entrepreneur you should be partnering with and how to build an effective team for your business?

Partnering with the right people will bring your business better productivity, creativity and balance in the work itself.

Whether your entrepreneurship is currently geared towards a startup, or towards expanding your online business, making good choices about building your team and partnering with individuals that complement your personality will make for a successful online business.

I’m going to share with you the two types of online entrepreneurs out there, how to determine which one you are and who would be best teamed up with you to help you accomplish your vision, and your goals.

Get this right and you can easily create a thriving successful online business. It all starts with learning more about yourself, what kind of internet entrepreneur you are so you can evaluate what needs you have for your online business team.

So let’s dive in!

A Successful Online Business Has Complementary Online Entrepreneurs

You’ve probably figured out that there are things you’re naturally inclined to, and things that are more challenging for you.

You have your unfair advantage that gives you a personal edge in any online business you start. Then you have your challenges, where you have to exploit your strengths and weakness to keep forward movement going in your business.

The overall goal for the role you play as an online entrepreneur is to be able to focus on what you’re good at and over time, build up a team around your weaknesses, that can help you conquer the 5 steps to a successful online business more efficiently than you could by yourself.

But we can go a little bit deeper here.

There are two types of online entrepreneurs that go on to create successful online businesses. Depending on which one you are will determine which complementary online entrepreneur you hire onto your team.

You’re either a visionary or an implementer. Let’s look at the two:

Visionaries And The Big Picture

The online entrepreneur who's a visionary is great at seeing the broad, whole picture. This person has plans laid out, but maybe find it harder to put it all into action.

You’re an idea person, a content creator who may be great at writing, creating videos and podcasts. You hardly ever run out of ideas for your next piece of content.

You have a fertile mind and know what you want for your business. You’re able to see the possibilities and opportunities in every situation.

On the other hand, you may lack the ability to delegate, project manage and might find the back end side of things exhausting to put together.

For example, you might see the big picture of building your sales funnel, but the copywriting aspect may seem more tedious to you.

The details of SEO for your written or YouTube content, keyword research, market research, and strategic planning for getting your content out there and found by Google may be a technicality you’d rather skip.

If you’re a visionary as an online entrepreneur, you have a lot going for you. But you also have a need for a complimentary online entrepreneur to help you put in place all the little pieces of the equation that successful online businesses follow…

This is why it’s important that you team up with someone whose strength is in the details and implementation.

Getting Into the Details As the Implementer

If you’re an online entrepreneur who’s an implementer,  you are more about the details.

You see the steps and processes for a successful online business, working behind the scenes to take actions that make up a whole.

You’re an online entrepreneur who enjoys the competition research, can analyze Google trends and evaluate in detail how to bring to fruition what your audience wants.

You’re methodical, organized, adept in learning SEO. A free keyword tool is your friend and you notice all the fine details in graphic design work as well as all the little things that go into building and authority WordPress website.

But you may lack the natural ability to see the big picture, taking fewer risks and struggling to see the overall vision.

Your brain language is action orientated while a visionary’s brain language is focused on ideas and opportunities.

Do you have a big picture in mind? Then you need an online entrepreneur who can handle the nuts and bolts, making your ideas a reality.

If you’re all about the details, you need an online entrepreneur with a vision who can help guide your actions towards achieving an overall goal.

Successful Online Businesses Are Made Up of the Perfect Combo of Online Entrepreneurs

Online Entrepreneur Success

Visionaries need implementers and implementers need visionaries.

It’s a fact that’s proven itself time and time again.

One type of internet entrepreneur is not better than the other. They need each other and combined create a killer team.

Businesses face diverse challenges and opportunities so having different styles of thinking within the same team will enable you as an internet entrepreneur to grow your business more quickly and jump over any hurdles in your way.

If you’re moving ahead to building your business or you want to take it to the next level, knowing the kind of online entrepreneur that you are is the first step.

The second step is finding the other internet entrepreneur who matches your personality.

If you’re a visionary, you need an implementer.

If you’re an implementer, hire a visionary.

From Shaky Beginnings To Internet Entrepreneur Success

When we first started our business in 2009. As it turned out, we were different types of internet entrepreneurs.

Melanie was the visionary. She chose the niche and it wasn’t hard for her to create content. She was able to see the big picture for how she could be of service to others.

My role was implementation and working behind the scenes.

It was time to dive into learning SEO, optimizing our internal linking, WordPress plugins, diy content marketing strategy, pinterest marketing, organic facebook marketing, and facebook advertising.

This way Melanie could focus on writing blogs and a successful email marketing strategy.

This sounds like plug and play success, it is not!

But, when you have both types of online entrepreneurs on the team, the steps to success can emerge.

Online Business #2 is a Little Different

A little over 2 years ago I began building my online business. The Miles Beckler brand.

Here’s the interesting thing. Even though I served as the implementer for Melanie and I’s business, in building my own brand I am having to become the visionary.

When I was just starting and looking to make money online without paying anything I was learning a lot of technical skills at that time. I was able to step into that role and I learned everything I could to implement what needed to be done.

As I’m building up the Miles Beckler brand, I’ve needed to hire people who can execute the work and put all the pieces together to make sure everything comes into fruition.

I’ve hired writers, hired virtual assistants, and am having to transition our virtual team to fill holes in my prior position and the new business too.

It All Starts With a YouTube Video

To launch online business #2, I transitioned to the visionary seat and made 120 YouTube videos in 120 days, then kept with a 3 videos a week pace after that.

Those videos then get turned into a Podcast by one of my fantastic cheap virtual assistants, and over the past year I have been working with a content marketing agency to transcribe the videos and turn them into blog posts.

The implementing is being outsourced to fill up the necessary three pillars of content marketing.

This is how business number 2 is being built, and the approach is different from online business #1.

It all started many years ago with Melanie (the visionary) and I (the implementer), 50k in student loan debt, wondering if we should keep trying to become an internet marketer.

The first step now is to figure out which internet entrepreneur you are, so you can know how to overcome confusion, build your team and accomplish your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

How to Know the Kind of Online Entrepreneur You Are

Type of Online Entrepreneur

Don’t have the faintest idea whether you’re a visionary or an implementer?

No worries, I have a couple easy ways for you to determine what kind of online entrepreneur you are.

Take note of these tools because you’ll be using them not only for yourself but also when you’re looking to hire virtual assistants and empower your team.

The Free 16 Personalities Test

The Myers Briggs 16 personalities test is a free online test, consisting of 30-50 questions that’ll determine which of the personalities you fall into.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself with this free test as well as what kind of online entrepreneur you are.

When you’re hiring your team and interviewing applicants, have them take this test and tell them to send you the link to the results page.

Outsourcing to good people will grow your business faster, but you also need to consider if their personality is complementary to yours.

If you’re a visionary, you don’t want another visionary. You need an implementer.

You want someone who enjoys working behind the scenes and dealing with codes and getting things done for you.

If you’re an implementer, you need a visionary.

Someone who’s a writer, can craft the words for great opt-in pages, keyword research and all handling the technicalities in the business.

Either personality type can truly be successful and it starts with you knowing and learning what personality type you are.

The Kolbe Test

This is a paid test but it goes into greater detail as a personality test.

Use the Kolbe test to find out your personality type and to seek people with personalities that complement yours.

You may come up with a list of follow up emails that need to be made, an idea or a PDF to be created as your opt-in.

You can outsource all of that content creation to a implementer online entrepreneur who’s a writer and can turn those ideas into something concrete, or vise versa!

When you get that synergistic combination of finding someone whose personality melds with yours, then you’ve got the formula needed to take your business to the next level as fast as possible.

No one is the same and that’s great.

No one is exactly like you. And while you want to work with others who are like minded, you also want a diverse team that gives your online business more ammo to tackle what needs to be done.

See Big Results in Your Business FASTER By Hiring The Right Online Entrepreneur

If you want a successful online business, diversity is a must!

If you’re an idea, concept, planning type of online entrepreneur, you need to find people who will handle the backend of stuff to really make sure all the dots get connected.

If you’re the type of internet entrepreneur who likes to be behind the scenes, working in details and steps, you need to partner with a visionary.

You have to really get to know yourself, your personality type, and take the time to understand whether you’re a visionary or an implementer and hire someone who compliments your personality type.

If you’re lucky, you may have attributes from both sides, but at the end of the day, you’re looking for the ying to your yang. People who when teamed up with you, create an unstoppable force to crush it in the online business game.

Are you a visionary? Are you an implementer? Let me know in the comment below what personality type you fall under. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up I’d be happy to help!

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