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The Biggest Mistake From Most Online Marketers

marketing mistakesMaking mistakes is a part of the game.

If you aren't making mistakes, you aren't trying.  And honestly, you probably aren't learning, either.

So don't let this post confuse you into thinking that the goal is to avoid mistakes.  In fact, the opposite is true.  When you embrace your mistakes as steps along the path that is the 'learning curve' you will have more energy and resilience to persist.

With that said, there are many mistakes that I've made and that I see other new internet marketers make time and time again, that you can avoid straight-away, to save time and energy.

So what is the BIGGEST mistake?

Well, it is going for the sale during the first interaction with a new visitor.

I have a habit of clicking through other peoples' advertisements, checking out other peoples' niches, sales funnels, etc.

It absolutely amazes me how many people are spending money to drive traffic directly to an offer without first putting in any time or effort to build a relationship with that person.

The 'right way' to go about it, is to setup a freemium offer to entice the user to give you their contact information in exchange for the give-away you are offering.

This could be an eBook, a video training course, an .mp3 or series of .mp3s teaching something, tutorials, etc.

This should be related to what you are ultimately selling or promoting and should truly help the reader (or listener/watcher) have a positive experience with your information, your teaching style, your content, etc.

Not only does this begin the relationship building process, but it will also get the individual on your marketing list so you can follow up with them time and time again.

According to the National Association Of Sales Professionals, less than 2% of sales occur on the first contact... And that is IF you have an extremely high converting offer.

So, if you are simply going from advertisement straight into your sales pitch, you are literally ignoring 98% of buyers.

Just as with traditional sales, it can take 7 or more contacts with an individual in order to close the sale.  Also, it is often a 'timing' issue where they want what you offer, the timing just isn't right.

So, when you build a mailing list with your freemium give-away offer instead of going straight for the sale, you put yourself in a position to follow up with the prospects (100% on autopilot), build the relationship (people buy from people they like) and remind them about your product or notify them of any specials.

Lets do a quick analogy to make sure this 'theory' really sinks in.

If you were a strapping young gentleman in your mid 20's at a concert and you met a lovely lady and you felt 'Love at first sight'...

Would you A) Ask her out on a date? or B) Ask her to marry you?

Obviously the logical step is to cultivate the relationship through multiple contacts over time... Which is the exact same thing that internet marketers need to do with their prospects to eventually generate sales and income.

Having a strong relationship with a targeted mailing list is almost like magic.   When you have a new product available for sale, you can send a quick email to the whole list and some percentage of those individuals will click-through and buy (as long as your product or messaging don't totally suck).

Now there is a MYTH floating around on the internet that 'The Money Is In The List' which is partially true.

The real truth is that the money is in the relationship you have with your list.

So now you know what the biggest mistake most new internet marketers don't understand.  This means you now have an advantage over many of your competitors  and you now get the 'trick' to long term success when it comes to making money online.


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