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10000 hour rule

The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong! Learn The Real "Rule To Success" Here!

How much time and effort do you need to guarantee success in your business?

10,000 hours? 1,000 days? 60,000 minutes?

Hours can’t be the only way to measure whether you will reach your goals.

If you spend 10 hours per day for 1,000 days (10,000 hours) doing the wrong thing, then you’re still getting nowhere. If you travel 10,000 hours in the wrong direction, you are not any closer to your goal of having a successful business, and absolutely much farther away.

It’s time to debunk the myth most people believe, then focus on the real way to supercharge your progress and move toward success. Experimentation, the surefire way!!!

What is the 10,000 Hour Rule and What Does It Mean?

Watch the video on the 10,000 hour rule here:

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Malcolm Gladwell made famous the “10,000-Hour Rule” in his book the Outliers.

It’s a concept borrowed from author K. Anders Ericsson and it revolves around the idea that to succeed, you have to practice a skill for 10,000 hours.

The 10,000 hour rule by Ericsson is all about putting in dedicated practice for that specific number of hours to get the result you want.

In other words, if you want to become successful in your business, you have to work for 10,000 hours. If you want to be a master chef, the best dancer, the best singer, you need to practice for 10,000 hours.

But does it really work?

Is The 10,000 Hour Rule True?

There are definitely problems with the 10,000 hour rule.

Maybe if you are mastering a skill like dancing or singing or cooking, AND you’re using the right technique, then maybe the 10,000 rule holds true.

But learning those types of skills is all about internal feedback. How YOU think YOU are doing. Business is all about external feedback. How your CUSTOMER thinks YOU are doing.

The takeaway is this:

You can’t measure your ability to succeed simply by the amount of time you put in.
Time is not the ultimate factor to your success.

A lot of people continue to fail or barely make any headway in business. Even if they’ve been sticking at it for 5, 10,15 years or working 70 or 80 hours a week. Sacrificing their blood, sweat, and tears to their business.

What could be more discouraging and dream stealing than spending a full 5 or 10 years on something, only to see it fail? All because 10,000 hours was the point success was supposed to magically happen.

Of course, anything worthwhile takes time, and often lots of it.

But the amount of time you spend fiddling with things isn’t really the key.

Regardless of the time and effort you put forth, if you are doing the wrong things, you’ll never create the kind of success you desire or see the results you’re after.

What The 10,000 Hour Rule Gets Right

The 10,000 hour rule does get one thing right:

You have to do something!

Before you worry about dialing in for success you have to start!

Gary V taught this in a $10,000 dollar consultation when he taught Eric Ware how to launch his huge empire of a business.

To begin your 10,000 hours, you have to begin! You have to start doing a thing, get off the couch. Quit overthinking and spreadsheeting. Quit consuming and begin creating.

But here is where the 10,000 rule goes wrong.

If you’ve been working hard and long without results, there is something else missing.

1,000 days of practice, 10,000 hours of hard work does not amount to anything unless you are also doing one essential thing.

Leave the (10,000 Hour) Rule-Followers Behind: Ready, Fire!, Aim

10000 hour rule test

The essential ingredient to success is experimentation.

It is the only truly tested and proven way to success.

Everything else is just theory.

You’ve probably heard about how Thomas Edison had 10,000 failed attempts before he finally invented the incandescent light bulb.

What if he used the 10,000 hour rule? He would have given up before he hit the right combination and changed history! We might be living in a very different world.

Thankfully, he focused on the experiments and not the time

Pivot and adapt. I talk about these two things over and over.

But how do you know what to pivot to? How do you know what to adapt to as you move forward with your business?

You have to experiment. Split test. Compare results and make changes.

Ready, Fire!, Aim

My wife and I have tested dozens of different businesses.

We are constantly testing which way to go in our business and whether we offer products or services to our audience.

I call it Ready, Fire!, Aim.

This is exactly how we created our informational products after testing the path that’s aligned with our values, principles, and lifestyle.

You need to “Ready, Fire!, Aim”

Ready: Take your idea and turn it into a product or service or into an ad or copy

Fire: Release your copy, product, content, ad, into the world.

Aim: Adjust, tweak, adapt. Did what you expect to happen, happen? What can you change? What should you keep?

Jeff Bezos admits having tens, thousands, hundreds of thousands of split tests done on Amazon every year.

Mark Zuckerberg is notorious for running tons of split tests on Facebook’s platform.

That’s how those guys roll out improvements. That is how they build a successful business.

Like a minimum viable product, a minimum viable funnel gives you the cheap ability to test different markets, different approaches, they see what kind of results they get.

You are already, ready. It is time to fire, time to start.

You will win because you now know the real rule to success; experimentation.

Screw the 10,000-Hour Rule; You Need 10,000 Experiments to Nail It!

It’s not the number of hours. It’s the number of tries, tests, and adaptations you make to succeed.

Implement the one benefit of the 10,000 hour rule and get started.

Put in the time, but don’t stop there.

Work. Create. Experiment. Adapt.

That’s what it takes for you to find that tiny pocket in this world to carve out your niche, like these 9 internet gurus did!

That’s how you create your entrepreneurial legacy and bring value to your audience while at the same time being aligned with your values, your skills, and your natural abilities.

Do it again and again and again to build the life you want.

Rooting for you!

Let me know in the comments section if you need any help at all, advice, suggestions, whatever that can get you moving in the direction. I’ve been there, and I’m so excited to see you get there, too. Cheers!

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