The Entrepreneur's Challenge - How Many Spinning Plates? - Miles Beckler
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The Entrepreneur's Challenge - How Many Spinning Plates?

You've probably heard me make the "spinning plate" reference a few times...

It really is a great analogy for being an entrepreneur growing a business online.

Just in case you don't get the reference, it's based on an old vaudeville act and you can take a quick glance, here:

This is exactly what it feels like to be running your own business.

So I figured I would let you know what my main "plates" are that I'm keeping spinning, today!

  • First and foremost, all my support duties with Melanie's business from strategy to managing our team and keeping the ads going...
  • Second in line are my videos… Still publishing three videos per week whether I'm traveling, sick, healthy... Good weather, bad weather...

It doesn't matter, those videos keep going up!

  • Third has to be these daily emails... Yep! Every day, I'm coming up with something new to mail you!
  • Fourth would be my blog posts, blog is still growing at the fastest paste it's been growing for years now!
  • Fifth is optimizing and revisiting my old posts... Looking at click through rates that are below average in title tags that suck...

There is room to improve hundreds of my old posts and I'm working on them little by little.

  • Sixth would be my inner circle program... multiple live streams every month, adding new software tools, adding new trainings… And answering member questions every single day!
  • Seventh has got to be the new Facebook organic marketing where I'm putting out one live video per day and some other posts, too.
  • Eighth, well I'm can start publishing to the Instagram again by repurchasing some of the content for Facebook...
  • Ninth, I've found the resort I want to host my event at February 2020 for inner circle members...

And it's time for me to put the deal together and get the limited number of rooms and spaces booked for that.

Add on my daily hikes, exercise, meditation, healthy meals…

Plates keep spinning and I'm constantly keeping an eye to make sure none of them fall and break on the ground.

Now, this email was designed to just give you some perspective about my reality.

It is important for you to remember that I did not start all of these things at the same time!

Little by little I spent time with each plate just making sure it was able to keep spinning…

When I added on the YouTube videos I did nothing but focus on the YouTube videos for SIX MONTHS.

Then I added on another plate and stuck with just those two plates for another SIX MONTHS.

It has taken me years to get every thing going that I've got going...

And now that all these plates are spinning I can't let any of them stop because I'd lose total momentum.

This, my friend… Is my Spinning Plates Vaudeville Act! 😉

Miles "Chaos Is Normal" Beckler

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