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Create More Than You Consume - The Successful Entrepreneur’s Way

Create More Than You Consume - The Successful Entrepreneur’s Way You’ve read a ton of books on how to start an online business, listened to a bunch of podcasts, watched dozens of YouTube videos….

But there’s ONE important element in the equation that if you don’t do will cause you to stay where you are without any traction.

Taking action!

You have to create more than you consume.

It just may be the missing link to actualizing your dreams and all your endeavors.

Taking new actions and establishing new habits is one of the three required mindset hacks, producing more than you consume is one of those actions that bridge the gap between a knowledgeable entrepreneur-to-be, and the thriving business owner you want to become.

Even the content king Gary Vaynerchuk has talked about this!

Get inspired to shift your perspective and start taking the steps to success in your business, actualizing your goals the successful entrepreneurs way!

Create More Now

There's a reason why you need to create more than you consume.

There comes a point when you have to make the shift out of consuming to producing.

That’s where the magic happens.

Here’s a podcast episode for you if you prefer to listen to this concept:

What ultimately drives your income is your ability to produce, to create.

A lot of people never actually get started with their internet business at all.

They go through the reports, choose a domain name, sign up for courses, do their research, learn about all the things to do to build a business but never actualize, never create.

You need to start...

The fake gurus are bombarding you with a ton of information, constantly offering a “silver bullet” or a shiny magic option on what to do and how to get your business started.

It's all so frustrating...

Telling you to join some group because an XYZ number of people are in it and so should you because, “It’s going to be the next 6-figure…” blah blah blah…


Don’t listen. The only thing you need to do to start is create more than you consume.

Do what an entrepreneur does

What does a REAL entrepreneur do?

They create.

They create videos, blog posts, follow-up emails, broadcast emails, sales funnels, offers..

They create information products. They create big ideas.

They consume less content than most people do because they have a strong urge to create something!

These are the kind of actions you have to shift when you are hustling to make money online.

So how the heck do you do it?

3 Major Shifts You Have to Make to Transition From Consuming to Creating

consuming to creating

There will be plenty of time for social media in your life when you get to a place where you can relax. But for now, it's all about work, work and more work. You'll need help in shifting your mental state as most people love to remain complacent in their actions and thinking. Here are a few ways to shift your life in order to create more than you consume.

Tear Yourself Away from Society’s Mental Conditioning

The first major shift starts with how you think.

Our need for more and our need to consume is everywhere in our society.

We’ve all been through a school system that has a factory type of a setting. Training us to be good consumers.

Most things in society are designed to make you feel that you don’t have enough in your life and that you need to consume more in order to achieve a sense of fulfillment.

Don't give in...

There’s also this lack in our society to wait for anything. Is there anything we can’t have relatively quickly?

Even if you’re shopping online, you still have the option to have your item delivered overnight!

This consume, consume, consume mindset sets people up to produce less and consume more.

Letting go of that mind conditioning is a huge transition to say the least, but it’s imperative if you want to achieve your goals! It's time to let all that go and be content with where you are here and now.

Take Consistent Actions To Begin Seeing Results

take consistent actions

I’ve read a ton of books on different subjects, attended live events, signed up for courses left and right, hoping these would take me to the right direction.

I was totally a consumer in every sense of the word.

But it wasn’t until I transitioned from merely consuming content to producing it that things started to change for me.

What shifted that began to deliver the success I desired?

I grew to become comfortable taking imperfect actions.

It doesn't have to be perfect...

I learned about this change in The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and it is a difficult shift to make!

I consumed the the top internet entrepreneur books.

It’s create more than you consume, not don’t consume at all.

You should always educate yourself...

There is an internal dialogue that goes on in your head or the with the ego mind. To win as a successful entrepreneur you have to become strategic.

It’s fantastic to learn, study and work towards becoming an expert but you ultimately have to engage in the battle of your willpower and create more than you consume.

Nothing happens overnight, but taking no action won’t give you any results in growing your business. It’s about consistently taking small steps towards your goals, creating vs consuming.

There’s no such thing as failure when your taking actions to move your business forward. Its time you stop needing to read quite so much and live your business life - not just your student one.

Use your “unfair advantage”

What’s that something that you’re knowledgeable about and you’re experienced with?

Watch this video and find out how you can take your unfair advantage and create a niche idea from your skills and passions.

Maybe you’ve had 10+ years experience as a dog trainer and specialize in caring for dogs.

Or it could be your expertise in golf that sets you above the average person.

Or maybe you’re are an expert in yoga and have been practicing it since you were 18.

To gain an unfair advantage you have to discover something that no one else can copy.

You have the power within you...

Find something, in you, that is truly unique, one of a kind, and can not be duplicated. When you discover and tap into this competitive advantage you will define an untapped market and untapped unlimited potential.

The world is waiting for you and it's time to work hard in creating the future you desire!

Things to help you on the Successful Entrepreneur’s Way

Successful Entrepreneurs Way

It’s not always going to be encouraged for you to be a thought leader, become a content creator or a business owner.

We even have phrases in our society to deter that kind of action. Such as, "you don't want to get too big, you'll be a target."

These are nothing but false beliefs that are purely B.S.

Shift Your Mindset Towards Your Value and Away From Naysayers

Yes, you’ll will inevitably run into trolls and detractors on YouTube, on Facebook and you'll even read things in your own comment section on your blog trying to bring you down.

Not everyone is going to resonate with your message and what you’re doing. That’s fine!

Don’t pay attention to people trying to bring you down. Those who vibe with you are those who will stick around and look to you as a producer to consume your helpful, problem solving, entertaining, thought provoking content.

Your message, your purpose, your desire to help others... These are all bigger than your fear of encountering detractors that come your way.

Keep going, keep up with the hard work, and put all that other noise to the side.

Challenge yourself, set the stakes, then… create, create, create

Dedicate a block of time everyday to create content on what matters to you the most.

This is the biggest form of help you could manifest in your business life.

Start a 90 day content challenge and explore which type of medium you prefer to create content with. When I first started my own 90 day challenge it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to start.

You have to push yourself to do it day after day, and after a while, it just comes natural to you.

I made a deal with myself that I would push myself through the challenge or donate $1000 to a charity. There’s nothing wrong with donating, but I’d like to do it for a different reason.

I found that different reason after I started and here is what it grew into at month number 20 of publishing content.

The point is that you have to self motivate, and find whatever you can use to keep yourself accountable to a commitment to create.

Try out one of the 3 pillar content marketing strategies and see what you enjoy doing the most. You won’t have any results if you don’t create.

Again, just push forward...

It doesn’t have to be perfect and you may find that you prefer one medium over another but you have to start sharing what’s within you to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you must have help in creating new content then look at the other people in your industry. Feel free to mimic them at first until you find your own pace and style of doing.

Again, it's time to stop listening to what other people say and just focus all of your free time to create more than you consume.

The Entrepreneur’s Way to Creating More Than You Consume

Creating more than you consume starts with that shift in mind, action and heart.

You have to flex that muscle, that content creation muscle, that creativity muscle taking you from just consuming to producing content that’ll help you actualize your dreams.

You don’t just go to the gym once and suddenly you’re buff.

And you don’t go to the gym for 48 hours straight and say cool, I’m done.

Consistency is what matters...

You have to do it every single day without fail. And each time you do - you become that much closer to your goals.

That’s how you form the habit to create, transform your business and gain something substantial out of your efforts.

Resistance will arise, but if you want to see your goals become a reality you have to make the shift from consuming to producing.

Get Inspired, Then Start Inspiring!

create and start inspiring

Start taking the successful entrepreneurs way: Tear yourself away from society’s mental conditioning. Take consistent actions to begin seeing results. Use your unfair advantage to start creating YOUR content.

Start creating more than you consume. Stop the what-if’s, step away from the familiar, and create, create, create. Instead of consume, consume, consume.

Once you step away from the sidelines you will start leading your own show. When you start to see the results, you’ll be glad you did.

I hope this post has inspired you to take action and to begin actualizing your dreams.