Adaptability & Perspective: Two Key Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs
Adaptation & Perspective

Adaptability & Perspective

With all of the content, I'm publishing... I have one minor concern: That I make things look and sound easier than they actually are.

This is a byproduct of the fact that I've been in this industry for a long time.

I've been marketing and making money online since 2003 and I've been full time with it for about seven or eight years. The businesses I've created online have been with brute force.

From my experiences, nothing comes easily in this industry.

For most people, everything must be done for the first time.

And any time you do something for the first time, it is challenging, confusing and it makes no sense.

As you embark down this path you are stepping into the unknown.

Hindsight being 20/20 makes it easy for me to explain these things because I've done them dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times.

I've built marketing funnels dozens of times on multiple different systems. I understand them at such a deep level that it's really easy for me to communicate them.

Blend that with my natural communication style and I can really easily take complex ideas and communicate them effectively.

If you are on the go, listen to the podcast episode about Adaptability and Perspective here:

This video explains more:

I Want You to Understand the Reality of This Industry

When I was recording the above video, a series of events happened that I want to share with you, because often this is the 'normal' way things get done working online.

I woke up this morning and there was no power in the house. I've committed to putting out a video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

No power, no lighting, no video... So I left for a hike after the power went out.

Great to have the freedom to adapt, but I prefer to get my work done first so I can go enjoy my time in nature.

This is where adaptability comes in. We all can commit to something.

We focus on something, we decide to go forward, but life happens. Things get in the way.

Just like today when I woke up and the power was out.

I had no option.

I just launched a new funnel last night so I haven't been able to do any prep work on the screencast video that I planned to put out today.

My plan was to wake up, record it, and edit it. But now, that's not actually going to happen because the power has been out and it's still out now three hours later.

So what am I doing? I'm adapting.

I can't turn on the lights on my set that I've been using downstairs because it's just flat out too dark.

Over 3 hours later, back from my hike, antsy to get my work done, I decided to record outside.

So, I've gone outside and it's actually starting to rain on me and on my camera during the recording of the video.

This to me is par for the course.

Everything (and I mean everything) my wife and I have accomplished with our online business has been met with a level of challenge that, when we look back on it, it's damn near hilarious at how many things got in the way.

The first time I installed WordPress was a week-long disaster.

Now hosting companies will do that for you. The first time I installed a theme on WordPress it was so challenging. Now I can do that in about two minutes blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back.

Trial and Error
Trial and Error

As you move forward in your business, you're going to encounter these challenges. You're going to start in a direction that you think has the highest probability of working and then you're going to find that something happens.

The market decides on whether your idea is right or not.

You might think you have the best idea in the world, but the real trick is to put that idea in front of prospective customers and see if anybody takes their credit card out of their wallet.

That's the kind of data that lets you know yes or no that's going to work. I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that the exact idea you move forward with will not ultimately be the business model that you're going to be running in the future.

Your lifestyle business that's going to pay you the multiple six figures a year that you're going to build your life on is going to be an adaptation of where you start.

Taking Imperfect Action to Get Going

Through your imperfect action, you adapt and adjust.... Then you adapt and adjust.

I didn't launch a business that was successful straight away. I launched dozens of businesses that didn't work.

Each time I put something up that didn't work, I learned and stayed committed to getting it done no matter what. Regardless of the feedback, regardless of how many times I fell down and have to start over from scratch.

I decided I was going to figure it out - just as with this video - regardless of the challenges that appeared.

It's Friday, and if I have to go stand out in the rain and recorded video on my phone and then drive to a coffee shop to upload this thing, I will be publishing this video on Friday!

Because I'm committed.

But you only see the finished product. You're only seeing me explain the things I've figured out that work.

That’s What I Mean by Perspective

Every video that I put out for you that explains what works for me, you get the luxury of bypassing the twenty things I tried that didn't work.

I don't clog your mind or waste either our time explaining the things that didn't work. I'm trying to shortcut you and give you what does work.

As you see these videos, you might think that I make it sound so easy.

Yeah, I do.

Because I ‘failed my way to understanding’ at such a deep level through trial and error that I can give you the one thing that worked for me.

You also have to keep in mind that what works for me in my niche may very well not work for you.

Everything needs to be tested.

I'm trying to give you a solid baseline that you can trust and that's been proven through experience. So you can start there... But you will need to adapt and adjust your approach based on the feedback you receive.

That's really the game. You need to take imperfect action and get things up.

The Work Behind the Work
The Work Behind the Work

The Work Behind the Work

I launched a new funnel last night. It took over a week to create the videos, sales letters, scripts, slides, record them all, edit them, and create new products.

I have two separate funnels that are running two separate price points. I had to duplicate my entire email auto responder list. Yada yada yada.

I explain this because I throw up a post on social media or a mention in a video that I launched a new funnily yesterday, but what you don't see is that it took ten days from when I decided on this new funnel structure to completing our testing and launching it.

It took about 10 days of hard work for my wife and me to actually implement. From this point on, you're going to hear me talk about this new funnel that we put, but you've got to keep it in perspective.

It took well oer a week to put it up...  But by the time you hear about it, it sounds like an event.

Something I just did, maybe in an afternoon...  Which is a false belief that may give you false expectations.

Also, the funnel we put up is not perfect. Our OTO video has these weird black lines on the top and bottom because the size it rendered out is wrong.

But you know what? It's good enough.

I'm running traffic to it and have seen my first few sales come through.

I'm going to continue to adapt that new funnel in order to make sure it works. Just like I'm going to come here under the overhang and get my camera out of the rain.

I'll stand here in the rain and finish this video. My goal was to share with you the concept of adaptability because that's what my wife and I really feel like we've been doing over the years.

Constantly adapting to new things.

We go in the direction we think is going to have the best option of working for us. From the moment we put it out there, the market responds to our messaging. Then begin adapting.

We've been adapting for eight years straight. Asking every day, ‘OK where are we at what are we pushing forward. OK. Here's the biggest challenge OK.’

One Little Adaption at a Time

Don't know how to install WordPress well? Don't know how to put together your first funnel? OK. Take those steps. Get your first imperfect version up and then make it better and better and better.

One little adaption at a time. Keep the perspective that I make it sound easy sometimes.

You don't hear about those weeks, months, and years of struggle. You see only the finished product.

I'm trying to give you that one thing that worked for us so you can kind of zoom in straight there, get started, and go.

But don’t expect that to work for you like it did for us. That's your starting point. That's where you begin your testing for your niche and your audience.

From that moment on you need to adapt. Keep going with it. Be willing to put out imperfect first versions. Remember that you're iterating everything. You're just starting with version 1.0 and then you create version 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 and so on.


Perspective & Adaptability

Despite all the setbacks today and the challenges, I'm adapting. Staying committed to publishing on my schedule regardless of what happens.

That's why I've been able to create solid significant results here on this YouTube channel and in my business with my wife. You've got to keep perspective what you're working on.

Know that putting out imperfect content is the exact way you start. It gets better and better. The more you practice, the more you test, the more you iterate based on feedback from your audience and customers. Then you've got to just keep adapting.

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  1. This one is so true. We all naturally want to have it all figured out before we take even the first step. It's like we are wired that way. But we have to learn to "fail to success" as you might say. I've found that with most of the decisions I agonized about I would have been better off just picking the one of thought best, diving in, and then pivot once I have way better info based on experience. BTW, I love the graphic at the top of this post. Cool looking and captures the idea perfectly.

    1. I heard that being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and figuring out how to build your wings as you are falling... lol. Thanks for the comment Tom!

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