Is Facebook Advertising Opening Up Facebook Groups To Advertisers?

Logging into a Facebook group that I started and run, today… I saw a notification that sent chills and excitement up my spine!

“Facebook is testing ads in groups now?!?!  This is gonna be huge!”

As a Facebook advertiser and someone who uses groups for marketing and product/cusstomer  support this short message has a ton of potential, both good and bad!

So groups have been a ‘safe space' up until this point and I've seen multi-million dollar businesses built in groups… And their users were ‘untouchable' while engaging in and interacting with that group.

These have been mastermind groups, support groups for products and software…. Even the huge influx of ‘I love ____' groups that the owners are selling print on demand T-Shirts to, cheap stuff made in china, or even memberships…

Not familiar with this online business model?  Well, I'll expose it here for you…

First, you setup a fanpage about something that has raving fans…

Gun people are raving, to say the least and below I'll reveal a real-world, profitable example (you can even swipe their sales vid if you want it is in the description of both FB pages).

So the start is creating a page… this example is ‘I Love My Glock' – https://www.facebook.com/ILMGlock/

Then you go out and buy likes on Facebook with the goal of getting new likes of real people really do like the page for under 5 cents each.  2 cents is preferred.

At this point, you can upsell them print on demand items and other free plus shipping items.  Like this: https://products.universityofguns.com/freetargets1

Then, you upsell them into a paid Facebook group that is positioned as the ‘VIP members club' for ~$10/mo – https://www.facebook.com/groups/168352746691905/

Where you make them feel special and you sell them more free plus shipping stuff.  https://products.universityofguns.com/squeeze-page2047291

Now up until now, they have put in all the time and energy to buy the likes, build the relationship, upsell the best customers into the VIP group…  Which they were paid handsomely for.
Here is the best part…

Now, once Facebook rolls out advertising to groups… You may be able to target their best customers by displaying your ads to their VIP membership group.

BINGO! Trey Lewellen's business model exposed!

Now you are not just advertising to ‘look alike' campaigns or people who like ‘guns' you are able to advertise to people who love their guns so much, they will pay every month to be in a group about them.

And this is not limited to ‘guns' …I just happen to know about this guy and his funnel, so I could lay it all out for you.

This is being done in all kinds of niches, like ‘I love my Corgi': https://www.shopify.com/blog/50559813-how-i-built-an-online-t-shirt-business-and-made-1-248-90-in-3-weeks

Or even fabric?!  http://whileshenaps.com/2015/01/fabric-economy-of-facebook.html

I'm telling you… Every single niche out there has a group, or dozens of groups of fans, no matter how small or obscure the niche may seem.

This is your shortcut to an audience and Facebook is getting ready to roll this out!

Imagine being able to target the people who are in a ‘support' or ‘mastermind' group of your biggest competitor?

Not to mention the massive number of local / buy and sell groups… And the ‘I love ____' groups that the Tee-spring and free-plus-shipping folks have been blowing up.

So, it makes me think that there will be two ways this benefits advertisers….

First, I can not only show my ad in your newsfeed but also in the groups you are in when you are there.

But second… Being able to target groups as ‘interests' will open up a MASSIVE opportunity for more advertising inventory that is simply not being taken advantage of.

How big is the group users market?

Well, the best number I can find is from a FB investor's call from January 2014 and they had over a half a billion monthly active users in groups… Source: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMDA-NJ5DZ/3002998819x0x721893/5d1f707a-d5e6-4e05-960c-ff4345641d2e/FB_Q4andYearEnd2013EarningsTranscriptPreparedRemarks.pdf

If you are reliant on Facebook groups for an aspect of your business, like a coaching group or a mastermind group… Get ready. I'll be able to market to your best customers soon! 😀

If you are a Facebook advertiser… Well, this could just open up a whole new world of opportunity and an entire orchard of low hanging fruit!

Time to get advertising on Facebook, if you haven't already!

About the Author Miles

Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch.

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Pam says February 2, 2017

Hi Miles, very interesting. Does this mean that admins of the groups will have absolutely no control over what is advertised in their group? Seems a little unfair to have built a strong group of followers only to have your opposition come right in and swoop them up with paid advertising. I know that I could do the same thing, but it just seems a lot like a way for fb to make more advertising money from people. I don’t have a problem with that but I think it really undermines the whole point of creating groups in the first place.

    Miles says February 3, 2017

    Once this is rolled out across all of Faceboook (it is in beta now), yes… I assume you will have zero control and FB will display ads when/where they see fit.

    This is the challenge with building audiences on other peoples’ platform. They make it easy for you to start/grow them, but they still are the ones who own them and have the right to do what they want with them… Without needing to ‘ask for permission’.

Victoria Taylor says February 6, 2017

Miles, I am hooked on your videos. I have watched so much stuff online, and I never got it until I listened to you. I’m much older than most guys on here building a business. So, I’m trying to put the pieces together in my mind. Feel free to ignore this request if I’m asking too much. Just tell me if I have this right….
I place a Facebook pixel on my website, which gives me an email address when people go to my landing page, and is captured by Thrivethemes, which builds my list to make my offers from my emails I send on the back end. Stripe is downloaded onto my website to enable my clients to pay for the goods. Does Thrivethemes deliver the ebook, subscription service etc.? I’m not understanding plug ins….

    Miles says February 8, 2017

    Glad you found my videos and I’m happy that you are getting it! …I totally understand how confusing this all is, it was like trying to understand a foreign language for me at first. The good news, it all makes more sense once we go through the process a few times.

    Let me break it down here a bit more… And let’s leave the FB pixel out for this bit because it is just a ‘tracking device’ not a required component. You can add it on after.

    Your WordPress site has a landing page on it built on Thrive Themes that offers a user a free ebook (can be video/audio, just an example) in exchange for their email address.

    Thrive themes is connected to your email service provider, like Aweber and that is where you ‘mail’ people from after they opt in.

    If you sell your own products, you will need a plugin like MemberMouse.com to manage the checkout process and delivery of the content (it ‘unlocks’ a page on your website that has what they bought after they checkout) and this plugin connects with Stripe… Which is a web based software.

    The user reads your sales page (a thrive theme page), clicks on your buy now button and reaches your checkout page (a MemberMouse page) and enters their credit card info… Behind the scenes in a split-second, Stripe charges their credit card (making sure you get your $$) and when the charge goes through successfully, Stripe sends a notification to MemberMouse saying ‘yes, they paid’ (or ‘no it declined) and MemberMouse gives them access to the page that has their product (also thrive themes).

    I highly recommend going through this 4 part video series by the team at Thrive Themes that lays this out in more detail: http://www.milesbeckler.com/wordpress-funnel

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