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"Sweet Talking" Facebook's algorithm

Algorithms are the digital equivalent of gatekeepers.

These pieces of software code and artificial intelligence decide "who sees what" on every single platform...

From the search engines, to the social media sites, the algorithms are the invisible hands pulling the strings!

And similar to how the executive assistant in the 60s decided who got to talk to the CEO and who didn't...

The algorithm decides whether you get to reach your BEST audience segments or not…

So, the million dollar question is:

"Do you know how to sweet talk the algorithm?"

Getting results with Facebook advertising in the form of exposure, reach and access to their best audiences is actually quite simple…

Create content that is in alignment with the three key goals of Facebook's algorithm and you're on the right path!

Ignore one of these pieces to the algorithm puzzle and your reach will get throttled and you won't see Facebook's best users.

Remember, Facebook has an insane amount of data on every one of us…

Facebook's algorithm knows if you are a compulsive or addicted Internet shopper who purchases items with your credit card online daily…

Facebook's algorithm knows if you're the kind of person who never purchases things online…

And they hold this data on all 2 billion users!

So, are you getting access to Facebook's best users who are hyper active online buyers?

Well, if you are playing the algorithms game the chances of that increase tenfold!

Just like how sweet talking the executive assistant could get you access to the CEO 😉

In this new video, you will learn the three pieces to puzzle that is Facebook's algorithm...

After watching you will learn the one key that unlocks the gate to get access to Facebook's best audience members!


Miles "Sweet Talkin" Beckler


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