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Make Money Online Step 3 of 3 : Monetize Your List

Monetize Your ListStep 3: Monetize Your List

At this point, you should have read Step 1 and Step 2, where you learned how to find your audience and how to quickly set up a lead generation system to build you a list of people interested in your niche.

Hopefully you took action on these steps, and actually have these set up! Once this groundwork has been laid your internet business now has a foundation on which it can stand.

This final step in putting together your money making system is in building a relationship with your list and recommending relevant products as an affiliate to monetize the foundation you've put together.

Now, in Step 2 we spoke about a free give-a-way that you will plug into your list and that you will use on your lead capture page in order to get the visitor to turn into a subscriber.

So the first email your subscribers will receive from you is going to be one that does not ask for a sale and simply gives them the free and valuable information you promised, whether it is a .pdf, ebook, or a video training.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Next, you want to add a series of follow up emails to be sent out 1-3 days after each other in sequence that build upon the free gift they received.

For example, you could add follow up email #2 that has the subject line "5 Stretches That Eliminate Back Pain, Fast!".  Obviously if you use this subject you'll need to have done your research and share stretches that will actually eliminate pain.

Then in email #3 you could talk about supplements, essential oils or other natural remedies that can also help relieve back pain.

Email #4 could then share a great informational product that is all about relieving back pain. To find this product, you can simply go to the ClickBank marketplace and search for 'Back Pain'. This is exactly what I did to find these products:


Each of those products pays a commission of between $33 and $54 per sale and are specifically designed to 'sell' the visitor so you don't have to.

Your job is to research the products, the reviews of the products, the sales material and ultimately the product itself, to make an honest decision about which one is 'best' so you can share that information with your subscribers.

Would this mean purchasing all of those products?  Well, if you are committed, then yes.  Absolutely!

Wouldn't that be expensive?

Well, there are some 'tricks' here.  First of all, you can reach out to the merchants as an affiliate with an email. You can let them know you are thinking about promoting the product and you would like to receive a complimentary copy of their product, so you can review its contents.

This is a common request in the affiliate marketing world.

Each of these products (as do all Clickbank products) has a 60 day money back guarantee.  So you could also get access to the materials long enough to make your decision and then request a refund as well. Or use the product, fall in love with it, and honestly share your excitement with your email list about it.

You see... The ultimate goal as a marketer in this money making system is to become a trusted adviser. An individual who delivers valuable information, helpful advice and knows what products are worth while and what products aren't.

Then you share what works, what doesn't and continue to drop tid-bits about your story and how you learned all of this. Through this process, you are effectively building a relationship with every subscriber on autopilot, through the email series.

Then, when it comes time to promote a product, your email could be as simple as...

Subject: FirstName, If Your Back Is Still Hurting, This May Be The Answer.

Email: Hi Firstname,
In the last week, I've sent you over some great yoga poses, stretches and natural remedies to help with the back pain... I really hope you have been able to find some relief at this point.

When I was dealing with a bad back after I slipped on some ice, last year, the stretches and Yoga got me to about 70%, but it was really this system that helped me get back to 100%

If you are still looking for the solution to your back pain, you may want to give this a chance:

Let me know how it goes!


See how simple that was?

Now, I would always be sure that the story is true, which is why in step 1 I recommend you find a niche that you have experience in or a strong understanding of from your past experiences.

Once you have your first 4 emails in place, you can then add more 'free' follow up emails that have more information, tips, more of your store, additional links to helpful articles, etc... Before adding another affiliate link in email #8.

For the second affiliate promotion, you could promote the 'Teeter Hang Up' back relief system ( because they have an affiliate program ( and because those inversion tables really do help cure back pain.

The 'trick' to this third step of monetizing your list is to truly step into the role of trusted adviser and to stay focused on building the relationship through sharing free and valuable information.

You need to go out and do the research for the user.

You need to find the tips and tricks that work, and sort through all the available courses and products for your subscribers. Personally I usually buy every product I recommend to make sure the quality is truly up to a high quality standard... Or at least ask people I trust who have tried multiple products about their opinion.

That is how I knew about the Teeter Inversion Table, my father in law has a bad back. He has had back fusion surgeries and he SWEARS by the inversion table as the one thing that truly helps.

For someone who thinks they have 'tried everything' but has never heard about the 'Teeter Inversion Table', do you think they would be excited to learn about it?

Absolutely!  I'm not 'selling' them on this, I'm simply recommending something to a friend that I know is working well for someone else.

This is how you completely avoid having to ever 'sell' anything.  Selling sucks.

Simply build a relationship by giving more value (I like to give 2-4 free emails in between each email that promotes a paid product) and continue to share awesome advice and bits and pieces about your story.

Over time, you will learn things that work better than others for your specific niche and for you as a writer, and continuing to test new products, offers and emails is important so you can continue to convert more leads into sales, over time.

If you would like a course that is specifically designed to help you master the art of building a relationship with your list, you really need to check this course out!

Now, just because we made it to step 3 of 3 in My Simple 3 Step System To Making Money Online, this doesn't mean that we are done.

Far from it!

Having this system in place is literally the engine that runs your online business. The more efficient you are able to get this engine through optimization, the faster your online business can grow.

But, just like the engine in a car... Or better yet, the engine in a Ferrari... If it doesn't have any fuel, the high-performance engine isn't going to do you any good.

So while you are finishing getting your engine built... I'm going to be writing up the recipe for the race-fuel that will help you get the most performance out of your online business engine.

6 thoughts on “Make Money Online Step 3 of 3 : Monetize Your List”

  1. Hi Miles,
    I just watched your YouTube video on affiliate marketing for beginners. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I found it really useful. I would love to know what the next step would be from there. I already have a (pretty niche) website that I've been running for 7 years, and a pretty substantial email list. I wondered if you had a video or other material that bridges the small gap between making the list, and creating sales. I did see your 3rd step to monetizing the list, but I wondered if you had something that covered the more technical side of things, (jargon, choosing networks (does it have to be just one or can you use multiple?), navigating network dashboards, etc).

    Thank you in advance!

    1. the process of finding affiliate offers that your audience will love just takes research. You can search and some of the affiliate networks but often times you have to find great products and reach out to the owners to see if they'll let you be an affiliate… Most of the great affiliate offers do not run through networks like ClickBank!!! they are in-house managed by the creator. So it just takes a ton of work digging around for that gem that your audience will love.

      An example for you, I spent over six months buying, researching, going through, reviewing different email marketing courses to find one to offer my audience. There were some that had very high commissions, upwards of $1000 for me… But there content sucked! This is my job as a professional affiliate marketer is to weed out the rubbish from the gold. once I found it and was confident I knew which one I then launched it to my list

  2. I'm just short of words to express my gratitude. I've been on the lookout for a detailed analysis like this but haven't found until I stumbled upon your versed articles.
    Once again, thanks.

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