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How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging?

Everyone wants to know how long it takes to make money blogging...

It's one of the most common questions I get.

But everyone has a different take on what that means... Are you talking about earning $10k/mo or your first $1?

For some, $3,000/month from a blog is life changing.

Others want to make $30,000 per month blogging.

Both are possible and the 'key' to figuring out how long it takes is to stop thinking about days and months and start thinking about the number of steps you're taking forward.

Then there's the question of time...

How much time to dedicate to your websiteHow much time do you have to dedicate?

Some people can easily dedicate 4-6 hours per day and more on the weekends to starting and growing their blogs.

Other people have full time jobs, long commutes, kids, etc...

For these people dedicating 8 hours per week is max.

Here's the trick.

We need to separate the number of hours (or days/months) and the specific amount of time in order to truly answer the question:

"How long does it take to make money blogging?"

Think in terms of 'steps' not 'months'

For a quick moment, imagine that every blog post you publish is a "single step forward" on a game board.

The 'goal' of the game board is the 10k/mo or 100k/mo income you desire...

Stick with me here...

This will be fun and VERY helpful for you.

Imagine that it takes, ON AVERAGE 300 of the right moves to reach the goal...

You with me?

You're 300 "steps forward" away from your goal.

Does it always take 300 posts to succeed with blogging?

Of course not...

Your experience and your skills play a large role in how effective you're able to be with each step.

This game of making money blogging gets easier on your 2nd time and 3rd time around.

For example, on my affiliate marketing case study site, it grew to $6,000+/month with about 120 posts that were accomplished in 1 year.

At this point we are pushing $9,000/mo in revenue in under 18 months and under 150 posts.

Affiliate Marketing Blog Income Report

But, my first site took us several years and about 300 posts for everything to really click!

Whether it takes 183 steps, 246 steps or 313 steps...

Who cares!

You'll get there if you persevere!

Here's the important question:

How many steps forward are you going to take each week?




Maybe a better question for you right now is: How many steps forward did you take last week?

1, 3 or 0?

Obviously there are a lot of nuances here and I'm generalizing to make a clear point.


The truth I've seen in building 5 separate websites that all make 6-figures per year or more is...

  1. The more we publish, the more our audience grows...
  2. The more our audience grows, the more income we make.

It really is that simple.

So... The real key to making money with your blog is in this 3 step process.

#1 - Building your game-board

This is where you choose your niche and start your blog.

Because if you don't have these two things going, you are guaranteeing you will make 0 steps forward in progress every week.

  • If you need help finding your niche, check out my free '5 minute niche finder method' here.
  • For my free step-by-step tutorial that will help you start your blog, click here.

#2 - Coming up with new topics to blog about.

For many people this feels tough, but there are several great tools (some free) that can help you find topics to write about.

First is keyword research... Because you can find low difficulty phrases that are easy to rank for... This post walks you through my process.

Second group are 'topic suggestion' tools...

Now what is the difference? Data, really.

Pro bloggers use the search volume data and difficulty data (above link) to guide every step forward.

But that tool costs money.

You can use free tools that suggest commonly searched phrases without knowing the data behind them.

I share several great topic suggestion tools in this video.

Between these 2 videos above, you'll see that you have an INFINITE supply of topic ideas!

Then it's about creating the content.

#3 - Hiring writers to help you scale your content.

Now this isn't for everyone... I get that.

But, for me and my team, this is the ONLY way we can produce 3 great pieces of content for multiple websites every week.

It isn't required...

But it is the ultimate 'fast track' for bloggers...

Finding the right writer for your niche, your audience, your brand can take some testing, tho...

Which is why I've put together this 'Ultimate Guide To Hiring Writers for your blog' post for you, here.

Now, if you don't have a budget to hire writers... No worries.

That's exactly where my wife and I were...

So we did 100% of the work ourselves in the beginning!

Post by post we kept taking steps towards our goal on the game-board.

And the fact that we've now published over 1,000 posts and videos is precisely why we've achieve the success we enjoy, today.

What about you?

How many posts are you going to publish to your blog?

Are you publishing 1 post this week? 3 posts?

...Or are you going to stay stuck and publish 0?

The choice is yours!

If you are fired up about growing your blog to make money and you want to learn the fastest way to write blog posts...

Click here and follow my step-by-step guide that teaches you how to write seo optimized blog posts fast, here.

See you at the top!

Miles "Your Helpful Guide" Beckler