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How To Scale Your Blog Content Without Doing All The Work

It's official...

The internet marketing landscape has changed forever... We're in a brave new world now!

And people are seeing success faster than ever.

For those who are embracing the new approach, life is getting easier and cashflow is flowing faster.

Those who are resisting are risking falling behind.

What's changed? 

Marketers are getting incredible results leveraging this AI tool for content marketing.

You're about to get multiple free trainings and some case studies here to make sure you understand how much is changing in our industry.

For example... Just take a look at these results after just 1 month:

super quick result

Google is loving AI content and ranking it, fast.

Words Have Power

He didn't have to struggle through the sandbox publishing for 6 months or 9 months to get results.


The above screenshot is the result of 29 posts in 30 days on a brand new domain!?!

And his results are becoming more and more common, every day!

As detailed earlier, this student saw 750% increase in traffic using AI, too.


I've documented 21 different ways that AI can grow your business for you in this video here:

But this is just the beginning...

just the beginning

Because normal folks like you are now starting agencies where they are selling AI written (and human edited) posts as a service!

This is revolutionary!


You've probably heard me say that selling services is the fastest way to get clients and drive cashflow online...

And all it takes is you being able to get results (AKA creating publish-ready content with AI, fast) and you've got a great product.

So, let's zoom in here for a second.

First off... Here's the entire "How to start an AI content agency" training that's 100% free.

It's being taught by two of the pioneers in this emerging industry.

And here's a little insider's secret.

They have gotten so many sales and new customers that they've literally shut down their product offering.

And, for the record…

They have some very high ticket product offerings...

One product alone was $17,000!

Can you imagine making 17 grand from one sale where the output is generated by AI?


And the market is eating this up Which is why that agency had to take down there by now button.

Too many people wanting to throw money at them for help.

There is more demand for these kinds of services than there is supply available.

AI demand

It just goes to show how much potential there is for those who gain mastery over this AI tool.


How would I go about dominating this emerging space?

I'm glad you asked...

First up, I would start a new blog with a fresh domain (as shown here)and begin publishing like crazy.

The goal here is twofold...

The primary goal is to get results so you can be your own best case study.

Second, build the skill of creating and publishing content using this tool fast so you can leverage that for others.

Then, I'd be publishing about my learnings, findings, wins and losses on twitter...

Engaging with other niche site creators... Etc.

100% focused on getting known as an "AI Niche Site Builder"

And once I had my processes dialed for publishing my own content, fast...

With some great analytics shots showing the site growth.

I'd offer my Twitter followers the chance to get my help growing their site (with AI of course!) and I'd close my first client via Twitter DMs.

Then it's about delivering with excellence...

Build processes and possibly get help from a VA or editor.