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750% increase in traffic? Here's how

This post holds the secret to scaling your traffic in 2022...

Because the truth is:

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business!

It's the audience growth engine that connects you to prospects who want what you promote/offer.


If you aren't comfortable with the 'big picture' business plan, yet...

Or, if you want step-by-step videos showing every step

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But honestly...

I'm confident that you've already made some key decisions in your business so you might not need that training.

Said another way:

If you already know your niche and you've already started your blog, you know that the key is simply to publish SEO optimized content at scale.

This is where 95% of us are...

You simply need to publish more USEFUL content to win more Google rankings that deliver more traffic...

The 'traffic secret' in plain English is this:

Massive action PUBLISHING useful content for your audience = Massive traffic.

Simple, right?


Let's look at a real-world example from 2021 to see if there is a clue how to pull this off.

And then we'll look at the AI tool she's using to supercharge her publishing.

This is all from this twitter thread, btw...

Go ahead and give her a follow if you're on Twitter!

But I'll break down the important bits for you here, to make this easy.

First, the stats:

She started the year with about 200 visits per day to her blog.

She ended the year with about 1500 visits per day to her blog!?!

Now, with a 5% opt in rate or click through rate, that's potentially 75 leads or affliate clicks per day!

Sounds like a cash register ringing, to me 🤑

And it looks great in Analytics, too...

Here's the graph she posted to twitter:

Amazing, right?

Would you like to see this kind of growth in your traffic in 2022?

Of course...

So I asked her the most important question:


She revealed the one data point that TRULY MATTERS:

How fast and consistent she's been publishing!

This equates to approximately 4 posts per week for the full year.

That's one new post every 1.75 days or so!


She's been publishing like it's her job!

Which is the exact recipe I've been preaching because it's the same 'trick' that made my wife's blog super-successful...

And it's the same strategy that made my YouTube channel successful.

How about you?

Take a minute to compare her output publishing with YOUR first 6 days of 2022...

Are you 'keeping up'?

Or are you getting left behind by your more ambitious and committed competitors?

Because she is not an anomaly...

She is doing EXACTLY what is required to be in the next generation of HYPER-SUCCESSFUL internet entrepreneurs.


Are you doing what it takes?

You see...

If she simply keeps the pace she is publishing at...

This would mean she's already published 3 posts this year and the 4th would be going up today.


I sure hope you make it this far to really "get it"

I know my emails get lengthy sometimes, but we have to break through all of the lies that the greedy gurus have filled your head with.

We have to simmer it all down to the core essence so you can see the truth of what grows businesses.

Frequency of publishing over LONG periods of time (measured in years)


Last note about how she sped up the process a ton.

You see...

She got her hands on the #1 AI copywriting tool back in March of last year.

And she dug in to really master that system so she could multiply her output with technology.

Smart, smart, smart.

You know that phrase 'work smarter, not harder' right?


She is winning because she is working smarter AND harder...


Are you working smart AND hard?

Because that is required if you want to achieve your goals.

Let's re-visit that year graph, real quick...

Notice the 'lag' in the graph for a few months after she started with the AI.

There's a learning curve.

It isn't magic.

No push-button guru-said-it-was-easy claims here.

She got a tool...

Committed to it for MONTHS, persevering through the learning curve to figure out how to maximize her results.

Then there's the time it takes for Google to index and trust your website.

And she continued publishing helpful information during that phase, too.

Even before the 'results' showed up she had posted dozens if not a hundred posts.

Ahhhh... That's the key.

Too many quit before the results show up.

The consistent effort in showing up more frequently than her competitors is why she has grown.

And now she has BIG goals.

170,000 visits/mo by the end of next year?


That'd be a helluva business!

And... she could even handle her traffic growth SLOWING (from that 750% increase number) and she'd still hit it.

OOOoooohhhh ya!

I can smell the momentum in this business.

She's approaching escape velocity.


Because she stepped up in 2021 and she's worked her ass off.


She's leveraging the greatest AI writing tool ever invented.

If you want to succeed.

The path is simple and proven (but not exactly easy)

Publish HUNDREDS of useful pieces of content for your audience till you reach your goals.

This is the way.

Your success is within your reach whether you write every word or have AI help with the writing.

It's irrelevant.

My wife and I wrote and published 100% of the words ourselves...

Both approaches work.

The real key?

Show up and publish useful content for your audience like it's your JOB!

Miles "The Helpful Marketer" Beckler