Is Goal Setting A Waste Of Your Time? - Miles Beckler

Is Goal Setting A Waste Of Your Time?

To ask if 'goal setting works?' is a bit like asking 'Does SEO work?'

Of course it does... If you do it right!

If you do it wrong, there's no way it will work!

Goals are not something you simply think about and "Send out to the universe" expecting them to come true...

That would be a dream…

And it's great to have dreams, but don't expect your dreams to turn into reality without putting in the work.

Similarly, your goals need to empower you and give you the opportunity to achieve them.

Goals based on required action from others are outside of your control...

This would be hope, not a goal.

It's good to have hope, but confusing hope for a goal is a recipe for disaster!

This is why I think goal setting has gotten a bad rap in certain circles.

The people who say "goal setting doesn't work" are either trying to sell you some book or other system…

Or they just flat out don't get it.

As someone who has achieved more than I ever dreamt possible, I can tell you there is a process to goal setting that will help you create a better reality.

More time freedom and income is possible for you...

And just like if you want to go on a road trip… You need to have a target destination and a roadmap.

If you want to achieve something you've never done before in life, you need to have a target destination and a roadmap.

This is the role of goal setting.

To help you create achievable goals and understand exactly what it takes to accomplish them, I've made you this new video.

In it you will learn the three main mistakes most people make when setting goals so you can avoid these pitfalls.

Then you will understand exactly how to create goals that you can indeed achieve.

Because when you get these 3 things right... You unlock a proven way to achieve your goals.

So, watch this video now!

Miles "Onward And Upward" Beckler

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