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Facebook Affiliate Marketing Success for 2022: 3-Step Strategy

Are you sick and tired of wasting money on Facebook ads, and not making a single penny in return?

It's bleeding your pockets and hopes completely dry, isn't it?

Would you be happy if I showed you how to make one, two, three, dozens of sales from one single customer you earn with Facebook affiliate marketing?

Silly question, right? Of course you... We all do!

But the reason I ask this is because I've been receiving a lot of questions from folks who are doing affiliate advertising on Facebook and are doing paid ads on this platform but without any success...

“Miles I’m not making any money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook”, “Miles this Facebook ads stuff doesn’t work”, and so on...

It’s because you’ve bought the fake gurus “look at me and duplicate what I do and achieve success too” bull crap!

It’s a lie in order to sell you another overpriced course!

I messed up and failed too and it took me years losing money to learn how to do it right.

My Affiliate Marketing Mistake That I Want to Save You From!

Remember MySpace?

If you don’t, it was Facebook back in the early 2000’s.

I figured out how to hack the system and was sending direct links from social to affiliate products and quickly got to a couple thousand a month from this.

Increased my living expense, that’s what your suppose to do when you make more money right?!

Was about to quit my job, to play the affiliate marketing game full time, and guess what?!

Myspace regs changed overnight and income went from recurring and secure to ZERO just like that!

It was a tough lesson, I go through it deep in How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing but today we’re going to get you affiliate marketing successfully on Facebook.

Every step to build a business that will sustain the tests of time are here.

Let’s build you the right foundation and change your life!

Build It Smart

You probably learned along the way that affiliate marketing is a great money-making strategy.

And it is!

It’s one of the top online businesses you can start and you can simply bypass the whole long and messy product creation process.

If you use the strategies in this post you will be able to not just make one sale, but learn the way to make hundreds of sales from one customer when you do it right!



Each time people click and buy from your affiliate link you receive a commission.

Easy money?

Maybe. But not everybody gets it unless they know how to play their cards right.

So how can you get started, AND make money affiliate marketing with facebook?

Affiliate Links Via Facebook… Think Again!

Now, not everyone who has tried Facebook affiliate advertising gains success.


Two words.

No relationship

Do you send direct links on Facebook to your affiliate products? Do you spray and pray with your ads and posts, hoping someone will bite your clickbait?

If it’s a yes, then that ends today!

Direct-linking someone is not only against Facebook’s Terms of Service. Even worse than that, this strategy does NOT work.

The Facebook platform is smarter than you think and people are too!

Don't underestimate this...

Facebook wants an excellent user experience so their users keep coming back to Facebook. This is why affiliate marketing on Facebook needs to be done with care.

When you create bull crap spam posts and ads your relevance score sucks, your engagement sucks, and you piss off Facebook and it’s users.

Here's a very important affiliate marketing facebook rule:

  • Never, ever do direct linking on Facebook if you want to actually grow a long term business.

Here are a few other tips to scratch the back of the Facebook algorithm and begin to win on Facebook.



You need to warm up to your audience first, You’re in this for the successful long haul - right?

How To Make Facebook Affiliate Advertising Successful

When you receive a product recommendation from a friend and one from a stranger, which recommendation are you going to take?

A friend whom you:

  • Know
  • Like
  • And trust, of course!

And the same thing applies to affiliate marketing.

Just because you followed a few great Facebook ad examples, wrote your perfect story copy, and hired the top rated graphics guy on Fiverr, that doesn’t amount to crap if you’re just some affiliate marketer selling something.

You look pretty, you look the part, but using Facebook goes beyond that...

The information era has passed my friend, the new game is attention and it takes energy to earn and keep attention, not a plug and play template.

Become A Trusted Adviser Instead

It takes time to build trust and a solid relationship with people.

You can’t just randomly post an ad on Facebook about a product and expect people to flock your way. It's not about nescisarily having a big Facebook group or highly engaged fan page with dozens of posts...

It's about the art of bringing people off the platform and on to a page you own to really make things happen.

Establish a following, grow a tribe, become a trusted advisor and position yourself as someone who cares and is eager to solve their problems.

But how do you do it?

How do you build a relationship with a cold audience that gives you the right to offer hundreds of products?

The 3 Step Marketing Strategy That Works

3 Step Facebook Affiliate Marketing Strategy

With the foundation of relationship and not spam established.

You need to only master two things to make a crazy amount of money from affiliate marketing.

  1. Getting leads
  2. Enhancing those leads lives

What you must understand is that every new affiliate marketing customer is on a journey, a road to a specific goal and destination and along that road they need to, over time, purchase hundreds of products.

When you understand this fundamental shift that few have caught up on, you leave the clickbaiters behind in the dust and no longer have to concoct new tricky plans every 3- months for the rest of your life.

All you do is take one group of people from point A, B, or C, to Z over time.

It just takes time...

This gives you the ability to make money fast AND is the secret sauce to increasing your customer lifetime value, the key performance indicator you must deeply know.

Offering products, services, membership programs, tools, courses and more along the way.

This is how the internet has so many amazon affiliates marketing to millions of people - and in turn... Making tons of money.

Here is the treasure map to crush this journey.



So how do you get leads for your affiliate marketing business, how do you nurture those leads changing your life and theirs?

You build an affiliate marketing funnel.

1) Win With an Optin - The Power of a Lead Magnet

Want more chances than one to get sales from your affiliate products?

How about over 50 chances to earn commissions from each customer every year?

Capture an email address with facebook ads and you have that opportunity.

How do you capture an email address?

One thing everybody likes free stuff...

You go to the store, spot the latest energy bar, and get pretty excited to try a free sample.

Or you go browsing for an online class to develop yourself and start by checking out the free classes offered to make sure you’re really gonna like this platform before making a commitment and actually enrolling in a class.

Your audience wants the same thing! It's a great way to engage with potential buyers.

Give them free stuff that can solve their problems and they’ll give you their email in exchange for that free help.

Do they have a problem dealing with their kid who has a habit of throwing tantrums?

Give them access to your eBook or a how-to guide to pacify their kids naturally.

What will work best?

It must be something that’s not just free; it should actually work and provide the results they are looking for on the journey to accomplish their goals.

Don’t just get emails and burn the bridge on day one, make sure to do this. Not just in ads Facebook users see, but in every social media post you create...

Here is an ultra short list to consider as your give away:

  • an eBook
  • a Masterclass
  • A 7-Day Challenge
  • A Free Ultimate Guide on How to...
  • A Mini-course
  • A Webinar
  • A Checklist
  • A Blueprint
  • A Free Trail

This list could go on for a long time, but you get the idea.

Deliver According to Your Promise

Will that “How to Calm Your Child in 10 Minutes” eBook really give them the result they expect in 10 minutes?

Does that “Learn to Play Electric Guitar in 1 Week” how-to guide really work in helping on their way to becoming a rockstar?

When you promise them something, be sure to deliver results!

This is how you can gain the trust of your audience and then they’ll continue to want your advice on what products and services to buy.

That’s how you earn affiliate commissions on the products and services you post.

But you’re not just going to get their email address, you can immediately offer your first affiliate link with a bridge page.

2) Build a Bridge Page and Introduce Yourself - Your First Click Opportunity

An Engaged List Wins

A bridge page in your sales funnel is the proper way to use Facebook traffic.

Create a page to "bridge" the relationship.

This will:

  1. You get to say hey to your new subscriber after they leave social media.
  2. You confirm to them that you're going to deliver the free thing they gave you their email address for
  3. You bridge them from a new subscriber to a new potential customer.

On your Bridge page you want to let them know the type of emails they are going to be receiving and get them excited that you are going to help them with their number one desire on an ongoing basis.

A video sales letter is great on your bridge page.

Remember, a Facebook Page and Facebook ads can only do so much. A great way to get started making money is when you craft your sales message on a page you own - not a social media platform.

In your sales copy, talk about where you've been and how you can help them with their goals, you can additionally recommend to them the first affiliate product that will help them.

Remember these few rules about sales copy:

  • Headlines must be engaging
  • Bullet points must drive home an emotional benefit
  • Include a strong and clear call to action
  • Offer a deadline when applicable
  • Split test everything

Sales copy is key!

In the child tantrum faced parent, you can offer them links to buy homeopathic medicines that additionally help with calming a child and bringing her focus, you could offer a subscription to a kids accomplish tasks challenges app, or many other things that will help the mom that has a child that throws fits.

Having a bridge page is the best way to connect with your new subscriber, your new lifelong customer for the very first time, introduce yourself and have the opportunity for your first affiliate commissions.

But we haven't reached the actual monumental gold mine in an affiliate marketing business yet.

3) Win With an Engaged List - Hundreds of Click Opportunities

An Engaged List Wins

Now you've just used Facebook ads to get people on your list... Now what?

Affiliate marketing on Facebook really gets moving when you send out dozens and dozens of super helpful emails to your list!

This is where the cream rises to the top in affiliate marketing.

You want to as fast as you can, dial in a great autoresponder campaign.

A successful email autoresponder campaign will follow a formula of give, give, give, ask emails that will cement their trust in you.

This is why you've done all the hard work of getting their email and moving their attention away from the Facebook page. Yes having people's attention directed toward your social media Facebook page can help you build brand, but you REALLY get to communicate with people through email.

Email 1, 2, 3 will be all about them. You give them a link to a YouTube video that will help them,  a free article to read, a podcast interview that comes alongside solving their biggest problem.

Then, email 4 or 5 is where you recommend the affiliate product you’re offering, and this is only after you have shared stories with them, gave them free stuff, free advice, etc, that helped them in their journey.


  • Email 1 - The free thing you promised them
  • Email 2 - Another bonus or bigger benefit similar to the initial free thing.
  • Email 3 - An industry trade secret or other super useful tip.
  • Email 4 - Offer your first affiliate product.

This puts the likelihood of them checking out your affiliate link and clicking through, watching the video sales letter, and even considering signing up for that product that will get you that commission.

Once You Have Them on Your List, Don’t Burn the Bridge

Is it easier to get a new customer or to help an old one continually buy?

Say it in a different way.

Is it cheaper to send emails or keep spending money on Facebook advertising?

I’ve preached this over and over, and I’ll say it again:

Money is in an engaged list.

You use Facebook initially to build your list, but one thing smart affiliate marketers all have in common is that they nurture their lists.

Smart affiliate marketers DO NOT:

  • Waste time in a Facebook group
  • Use Facebook ads to promote their page popularity
  • Waste time on posts that add zero value to their audience
  • Post 3 to 5 organic posts a day

Your email list is the engine that powers your successful affiliate marketing business.

You gotta keep growing that list and engaging with your subscribers.

They might not buy from your affiliate link right away, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever buy from you.

It only means they don’t know, like, trust you just yet, and these three things are something you can establish from the email follow up sequence and your continued helpful emails.

It might take:

  • 3 days
  • 2 weeks
  • 2 months

... or even a whole year for them to become an actual customer where you can get that commission.

But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you keep them on your list which gives you a chance to give, give, give, offer continually.

How to Succeed

An Engaged List Wins

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer on Facebook is tricky and challenging, and it requires real work. You can post stuff all day, but it takes quality Facebook ads to really move the needle. Beyond that you learn that using Facebook for lead generation is your main focus.

But you can ultimately achieve this by following the right steps and avoiding common pitfalls people make that cause their affiliate marketing business to come crashing down.

It’s not the list that makes your business thrive.

It’s not even the affiliate product you sell!

But the real success factor to your Facebook affiliate marketing is you GIVING value, help, advice, and solution to the problems of your audience.

It’s in how you engage with your list.

Give freely no matter how long it takes, even if it takes 3 or 5 emails before your audience takes action and purchases from you.


Get them to know, like, trust you. Forget the direct linking, forget the bull fake gurus telling you how to make your affiliate marketing business soar by creating more posts.

Get started in affiliate marketing on Facebook by:

  • Building a relationship,
  • Giving value to your audience,
  • And be a caring friend to them who is there to solve their problems through legit, tried and tested products you offer.

Now you know how you can thrive with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Let me know the first email optin offer your going to try in the comments below!

And if you have any questions, reach out.


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