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The Webinar Funnel - How To Sell +$500 Items and Beyond, Fast!

Ready to move from selling $15, $25, $97 dollar products and begin selling $500 to $1000+ products, even on autopilot?

Heck yeah Miles!  How?

Through a webinar, that’s how!

With a well-designed and effective webinar funnel, you can create a lifestyle business that will generate revenue for you multiple times over.

First things first.

Do you have the right product for a webinar funnel?

To make a webinar work, it’s all about knowing the appropriate timing and use of products.

A webinar hits the sweet spot between a $500 and $2000 product.

If you don't have one of these yet, the best way to create one is with an information product.

Anything above $2,000 will usually require some one-on-one interaction between you and the person you’re offering your product to, be it through consultation, coaching session or live event.

I don’t recommend you do a webinar if you sell something that’s below the $500 mark because it’s too energy-intensive for the return on investment you’re expecting.

My wife and I have many products below the $500 mark and instead do video sales letters in an easier to manage DIY sales funnel that works excellent for products in that price range.

What’s Great About A Webinar? (And What’s Not)

webinar benefits

For any business to thrive, a solid relationship with your customers is vital.

That’s one of the great things about a webinar.

You get a level of customer interaction; you get to know your customer avatar more, what they need, what their desires are, and can even answer their questions in real-time.

Customers appreciate that kind of stuff!

You get the opportunity to address people’s comments and questions right there, within the webinar.

There’s a mechanism that allows them to type in their questions, and you have a chance to answer them or not, depending if it’s off-topic or would require a personal, one-on-one response.

That feedback and input are really valuable for you, so as you continue doing webinars, you can refine your message and even refine your product based on the interactions from your audience.

It’s a constant improvement process that makes a webinar, and ultimately your business, a success.

The challenge with a webinar is that out of the number of people who register, less than 50% of those will show up.  

With that in mind, if you want to get about 25 people on your webinar, shoot for at least 100 registrations.

The good news is webinars have a high conversion rate. There’s something magical about the one-on-one experience with the teacher. It creates a more personal experience versus using a fully automated funnel.

Here’s how to create your webinar funnel and get things rolling!!!

Funnel Hack To Start Making Your First 6-Figure Income

webinar funnel hack

If you have a product in the $500 to $2000 range, and you haven’t been doing webinars, you are entirely missing out because this is such a massive tool that will help your revenue explode.

And if you’re working with a Simple Affiliate Funnel or a Simple Sales Funnel, the webinar itself can be a back-of-the-funnel addition to what you’re already doing.

If you can bring in a few hundred subscribers per day with a simple funnel on the front end and then every week you hold a webinar, well, if you have 2500 subscribers, and 20% show up, that’s 500 people.

You have the potential to close dozens if not hundreds of people on a $500 product!

To get people to your webinar and to sell your products or services you need traffic.

In this video, I share with you my exact product launch process and the #1 place for you to get traffic that makes sales!



4 Funnel Steps to Your Webinar Success

Creating your webinar funnel is simple. It’s very similar to a sales funnel, and there are four main parts.

  1. The Webinar Registration Page
  2. The Webinar
  3. Selling your Products or Services (Cart)
  4. Delivering Your Products

See every step of the funnel in this video.



1. The Webinar Landing/Registration Page

The first page is your registration page.

This page is where you’re going to lead your traffic to, and this page is the promotional page for the webinar. $5 dollar Facebook ads work great for cheap traffic!

Your registration page should have the exact time or times available, and it’s going to tell them that they’re going to learn the secret to… (fill in the blank).

They’ll enter in their email and then receive a confirmation email for the webinar event that you’ve set up through your autoresponder campaign. Make sure they get an email reminding them the webinar is coming up.

If you don’t have a high converting landing page or opt-in page to your webinar, you can not have a successful webinar funnel.

Steps to A High Converting Webinar Registration Page

The first thing is to define what you can present your webinar on that your audience will exchange for giving you their email address.

You can do this before running paid ads or emailing your list with your hypothesized offer by determining what to sell through surveys and engagement with your audience.

If you don’t have a good “lesson” or information in your webinar that people want, you won’t have anyone opting in!

The cheapest most efficient way to do this without a list is to learn and build out a fast and straightforward minimum viable funnel.

The front end of your webinar funnel is exactly like a standard sales funnel.

You have to become a ninja split tester. Split test your offer, split test your headline, split test your design, etc., to turn your registration page into one of the great optin pages.

If you haven’t dialed in converting 40% of visitors to your landing page yet, you need to check out the deep dive of the front end of funnels in this post My Sales Funnel Template That Revolutionized My Online Business Success.

2. Lights, Camera, Action! - The Webinar

Once your webinar goes live, there’s a headline at the top saying something like “Welcome!” with a video of you below.

The most important thing is you’re delivery. Take at least 45 minutes to talk to them about the problems they’re having and your recommended solutions to those problems.

Take them through the from and to framework, where they are now and bridge the gap to where your product picks up.

For some webinars, there will be multiple people working together to make things happen.

There’s the expert or talent in front of the camera, explaining or conducting the webinar itself, and this person is usually the personality in the advertisement.

Working closely with the presenter is the behind the scenes person who’s actively answering the questions that show up in the chat, monitoring the chat, and notifying the presenter of excellent questions from the participants.

This guy is also responsible for answering, defending, or deflecting the not so good questions.

When questions are more of a one-on-one thing, you want to deflect these because your focus is on addressing the concerns of the general audience and not one person.

The most important thing here, however that looks, is to make your presentation worth watching and enhance their day.

3. Selling Your Goods - The Order

To make a sale, you have to have a shopping cart to process payments.

You need to choose the best shopping cart for your needs.  It’s a tough decision and there is no one size fits all shopping carts for internet marketers.

This video will show you how to find a shopping cart that is best for your needs.



Somewhere during the webinar, you want to mention your product or service. You’ve got momentum going, your audience is listening to you intently, wanting to know more about your stuff, and it’s just a matter of knowing the perfect timing to make a sale.

Once you announce the product that will take them down deeper, that’s when the order now button will appear. Or, you can refer them to a specific URL, and you mention that you’ll give them a special price for being part of the webinar.

It’s usually a time-sensitive offer, open for 10 - 12 hours after the webinar.

4. Delivering Your Product

Once they purchase, you need to have your course ready to be delivered so your new customers can begin using your course or membership program.

I build my online courses on thrive apprentice if you can’t tell yet I am a massive fan of Thrive Themes.

I build all of my websites, landing pages, optin forms, and courses on Thrive Themes.
Look over my shoulder as I build a course using thrive themes in this video.



How do you increase sales on the back end of your funnel?

Webinar Follow Up - How to Up Your Marketing Game for Non-Buyers…

webinar followup

Just because they didn’t buy RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean they won’t ever.

It only means you have to play a different game, the standout and cash in with successful email marketing game.

Whether they buy or don’t buy, you can still market to them, just separately.

If they do buy, take them to the next step in your customer lifetime value.

If they don’t, they have still become part of your audience through email.  Just give lots of value and, over time, they’ll purchase when they’re ready for the right offer.

But here’s where the magic happens…

The conversion rate on the registration page can be high.  You don’t have to build a lead magnet before you run your registration page.

All you have to do is to put all of these parts together and commit to showing up on your webinar. Then you have an effective page to begin marketing and generating leads from.

Check out these free resources to get your webinar moving in the right direction:

Funnel Hacks Training

If you want to see an excellent webinar funnel in action that’s automated and evergreen, check out the funnel hacks webinar.

There are three vital secrets to a successful webinar revealed, and all of these are discussed and presented by Russell Brunson.

I don’t like Clickfunnels anymore, but Russell Brunson is an absolute marketing genius!
The funnel hacks webinar runs once an hour, so block out time and be sure to check him out.

Perfect Webinar Script

Another resource I recommend to help you get started with your webinar or get it done right is the Perfect Webinar Script.

It’s a free giveaway, also from Russell Brunson, who has generated over $30 million in revenue with this script!

The script tells you how to transition from teaching your content to delivering your offer in a way that’s psychologically sound and gets people to take action.

If you’ve already been doing webinars, the Perfect Webinar Script will create a massive bump in your conversion rate from attendees to customers.

Take Action

When it comes to selling higher ticket products, webinars come with incredible earning potential.

You can create more and offer more value to your customers and start to build up your business in a way that boosts your relationship with your audience.

The four elements of my webinar funnel are straightforward, but you have to take the time to put in the work. Create your offer, create your script, get all of the components in place and then show up.

Use your webinar event as an opportunity to go deeper and offer something to your customers that they wouldn’t usually get.

Continue to nurture your relationship with your audience and be of service to them.

Remember, without them; there is no business for you at all.

These steps and resources are what has exploded my online business and that my friend, is how you create a 6-figure business online.
Let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment about your first webinar experience and let’s chat!