The "Triple Threat" Approach To Local SEO Domination - Miles Beckler

The "Triple Threat" Approach To Local SEO Domination

For most businesses, if they are not showing up on the top of Google…

That business is dying!

Sure, it's possible to grow in audience on social media... Until they crush your reach again, lol.

But it is more difficult than the fake gurus make it sound to turn social traffic into a real, long-lasting business.

Also, many businesses are problem/solution focused!

Meaning the prospect searches for a solution to their problem and whoever shows up on the top of Google gets the click.

The truth is, businesses who don't rank well are struggling.

This impacts local businesses the most!

The local roofers, remodeling contractors, chiropractors, lawyers, restaurants, massage therapists, etc…

When these folks win at the Google SEO game their businesses can scale to all new heights!

Do you know anyone who owns or runs a local business?

Are you a business owner yourself? Or a local marketing agency owner?

Well, just today I launched a new video for local business owners and their marketing teams to teach the "Triple Threat" for free..

For years I've helped hundreds of businesses dominate their local markets through what I call the "triple threat" approach to SEO.

And that exact process is revealed, today.

I've seen businesses turnaround from failing... To dominating their local market by getting this right!

I've also seen businesses have to close their doors because they don't take time to figure out the Google game...

They don't rank... Or they have TERRIBLE reviews...

And they don't get any new visitors or customers from the search engines.

Because that is where 90% of consumers are, today...

Searching for products and services on their phones!

So, this video is literally "life or death" for some businesses…

If you are one of these businesses, or if you know someone who is, watch and share this video, now!

True to form, there are no sales pitches in this video…

I don't link to any paid tools or courses at all...

This is a 100% value filled video and it is safe to share!

You see, I have a personal belief that our economy is going to enter into a contraction cycle…

Actually, I believe we're already in said contraction cycle, but it will continue to get worse.

Business is going to get very tight for many of the 27 million small businesses in this country...

It's already affecting the rest of the world too...

And my personal belief is that many local businesses can GROW through this period.

Because, those businesses who take time to dominate the triple threat approach to SEO will not only survive, but they will THRIVE!

This video shows them and tells them exactly what to do!

And it shows you exactly what to do, also.

So… First step is to be sure you watch the video above.

Arm yourself with the most up-to-date local SEO strategy I've ever released.

Second step, share that video with a business owner or an executive within a business who needs to get this dialed in.

Grab this URL: and paste it into a personal email, or tweet it out...

You can post it on LinkedIn or share it in a Facebook group, etc...

Whatever you think is best, but my goal here is to help as many businesses survive what's coming.

I'm doing every thing I can to get the word out on this video (I'm gonna start paying for traffic on this one)

But my big "call to action" here is to not only get you to watch the video, but to get you to share it, too!

If I've delivered on giving you value in these videos and emails, hook it up with a share!

Because YOU can help save a small business from what's coming by sharing this video!

Miles "You Can Do It!" Beckler

P.S. Leave me a comment in that video if you gave it a share so I can say thanks, personally 😉

I truly appreciate you.

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