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The Best Tool To Spy On Your Competitors’ Profitable Facebook Ads

The Best Tool To Spy On Your Competitors’ Profitable Facebook AdsLooking for a way to improve the quality of your Facebook advertising because you know how valuable this platform is for strutting your stuff?

Are your Facebook ads running unsuccessfully and now you’re ready to throw in the towel?

Wait! Before you do, you should know that by using a Facebook Ad spy tool, you can analyze and review what works for your competitors, giving you an advantage as an affiliate or internet marketer.

If you want to build great opt-in pages, sales funnels, landing pages, and a profitable Facebook campaign that’ll hook your audience and increase your sales but don’t know how to leverage the competition, then this is the post for you.

I’m going to tell you why spying on your competitors will help you to skill up, share with you my new hack to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Advertising in your niche, and share a couple examples with you on what it is you’ll be looking for when reviewing these ads.

Let’s begin!

Spying on Your Competitors Facebook Ads Gives Your Business Leverage

When you are affiliate marketing or selling products and services, the goal of spying on the competition is not to plagiarize your competitor’s work;

The goal of spying on your competitors Facebook ads is for you to survey the landscape and get Facebook ad examples to, one, know what kinds of messages your audience is already being exposed to and two, what kinds of hooks and ideas are being presented by other marketers and competitors.

See this free spy tool in this video.

You can get a good understanding of what your competition is already spending money on to save yourself extensive competition research and begin advertising on Facebook a few steps ahead.

From the headlines to the copywriting and opt-in pages, spying on your competitor's Facebook ads is a smart move, granting you insight into the minds of your audience and your competitors.

You will be able to see problems that are trying to be solved and how they’re being approached.

If an ad has been running for a while and remains the same, you’ll know that ad is bringing success to your competition.

Then you can model these successful ads, add in your own unique twist, and start your own $5 facebook ad campaign.

I’m going to walk you through a couple of Facebook ad examples and show you how to use this free facebook ad spy tool.

Facebook Ad Examples for Free With A Spy Tool

For each of these Facebook ad examples, We’ll be using and to find and spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads.

Clickbank is a great resource for an affiliate marketing funnel and one of the top tools to research your competitors.

Throughout each ad example, we’ll be approaching this as affiliate marketers, however, whether you’re determining what to sell, or building out your own funnel for your own information products, you can use this tool and approach the market research the same way across the board.

Go ahead and pull them up so you can follow along with me through the process. 🙂

Example #1 Organifi

For the first example click on the health and wellness tab inside of Clickbank on the left-hand side. What pops up as the most popular affiliate product is Organifi, a green juice.

Moving over to Facebook, type in Organifi. From here, you can make an observation of the number of likes for the page and the category they’ve put themselves in.

Open up their fan page and scroll down and click on the info and ads on the left-hand side.

This will show you all of their active ads. If you’re in the health and fitness niche, or maybe you’re doing blender reviews, or, who knows, maybe you are an affiliate for this product. But here you can see the ads that are currently running.
Facebook Ad Example Organify
What you can do from here is just take a look at their hooks. See what kind of market their targeting and their use of copywriting.

One of their ads says “Aging is natural. It doesn’t have to hurt, But… as we get older we have a hard time moving freely without hurting.” Now since they post often, you may have to scroll down a while in order to find this particular ad however here’s what I want you to take away from it...

Who are they targeting with a hook like this? By analyzing their hook you know they are targeting the anti-aging market.

Remember that if they’re running this Facebook advertising, this campaign is working, or being tested against what is working so take a look at the words they’re using and how they’re approaching their audience.

Example #2 Doggy Dans

Go back to This time click on the advanced search to the right of the search bar.

For the category, pick home and garden. For the subcategory, choose animal care and pets.
Clickbank Example Doggy Dans

Hit search. You’ll see Doggy Dans Online Trainer pops up as the most popular.

Clickbank Research Doggy Dans

Go back to Facebook and again, type in Doggy Dans and find their fan page.

Scroll down, click on info and ads. You can also click on the learn more button that’s attached to these ads which will take you to their landing page.

Again, check out the call to action, the problem they’re trying to solve and what they’re offering as a solution.
If I’m part of this target market then in theory, their page will convince me to click and move forward.

This example is interesting because when you do click on that to learn more, their landing page is a quiz funnel. This may be something that you’d want to use as well, it just depends on what you're an affiliate for and how you want to approach it.

Example #3 PaleoHacks Cookbook

Go back to the advanced search inside of Clickbank. Choose cooking, food, and wine for the category.

Go down to Paleohacks Cookbook.

Facebook Ad Research Paleohacks

You’re going to now go back to Facebook and repeat the same process. Another thing to note is if there is multiple listings, pick the one with the most likes because remember, you want to see which Facebook Ads are working within a niche. The one with the most likes is going to give you the most valuable insight.

Facebook Ad Example Paleohacks

You can see the info and ads above on the left there and the learn more on the right. They’re using this dessert picture which is another key element to consider when you're crafting your Facebook ad.

How appealing are your images and how well do they portray the message you’re trying to get across? This is important, so being able to spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads can help you to start getting your own inspiration of how you want to build and deliver your own unique ads.

Example #4 Parenting & Families

This last one is for you mom bloggers out there or anyone in the parenting and families niche. Go back to Clickbank and choose the parenting and families category and hit search.

The most popular affiliate product is Children Learning Reading. Take this title and head back over to Facebook.

Something you’ll notice here is that this page is showing their reviews. As an affiliate marketer, you definitely want to choose products with good reviews showing your potential, promoting this product.

As you can see, the process is not hard at all.

It’s the research portion of affiliate and internet marketing and all it takes to use these Facebook ad spy tools is the effort on your part.

Reverse Engineering Your Competitor’s Advertisements

If you want to dive deeper and really get a better understanding of what’s working for the competitor’s in your niche, you can reverse engineer your competitor’s advertisements.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, a local service provider, a content creator or you’re looking to go into a new niche, these tools will help you to get a better idea of what types of problems are looking to be solved and how you might approach it in your own unique way.

If others in your niche are running these Facebook ads, over a consistent amount of time, you can be sure that they’re working and they’re making money off of them.

Successful brands like Brendon Burchard or Revolution Gold, for example, aren’t going to keep running ads that don’t bring them a positive ROI.

Taking it to the next level you can visit their landing pages, opt-in to their free offers to get an idea of the lead magnets their creating.

If you want to you can also buy their products, check out how they present their upsells and at this point, you’re funnel hacking and can literally reverse engineer what these successful online businesses are doing.

Leverage the Research to Build Your Own Great Facebook Ads

Use the tools that I’ve talked about to spy on your competitor's Facebook ads, but don’t stop there.

There’s even more you can do to get to know your audience better and get a better understanding of what their needs, wants, and desires are in your niche.

Here’s a list of additional tools as a bonus for you:

  1. Check out the World’s Best Market Research Tool
  2. Learn How To Do Market Research For Your Internet Business
  3. Arm yourself against your competitors with Competition Research Made Easy
  4. Dive into How to Use Google Trends for Market Research
  5. Learn human psychology with Niche Ideas Based on Maslow’s Hierchy of Needs

As an internet marketer, it’s your job to solve problems. It’s also up to you to learn how to best communicate with your audience so your messages are clear, concise and enticing.

If you’re willing to grow in your knowledge and focus on your strengths and your unfair advantage, over time, you’ll win!

Use the Best Facebook Ad Spy Tool to Win in the Advertisement Game

If your ad campaigns aren’t taking off or you were unsure of how to build Facebook advertisements that work, now you know it’s all about the research.

Use this Facebook ad spy tool to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and the target market.

The more you learn, the more you have to build from.

Use the tools, do the research and step out of the market saturation myth by bringing your authentic self to the table.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Keep moving forward taking actions that will bring you closer to the lifestyle design you’re after while being of service to others.

I hope this was helpful, hit me up in the comments below if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help.


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