Only 3 Digital Content Pieces Needed for Content Marketing Success? - Miles Beckler
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Only 3 Digital Content Pieces Needed for Content Marketing Success?

Today, you will learn the 3 types of content that you must have in your business in order to succeed online.

A lot of people talk about digital content, but then get overwhelmed by it. They get overwhelmed at how much of it they actually need to produce to get to the ‘successful’ stage of the game.

So in this article, you will learn the core components… and that creating enough content to succeed is absolutely manageable… as long as you know what you’re doing.

Plus, you will also learn one of the biggest tools that I have used to help grow my digital content business from the ground up!

But before you can understand that, you also need to understand the basics. So let’s get right into it.

What is Digital Content Marketing?

what is digital content marketing

To put it simply, digital content marketing is marketing done over any electronic or ‘digital’ medium. But the tricky thing to keep in mind is that not all digital marketing involves advertising or selling.

You need a working content strategy to market your business effectively, and you need to be able to bring in new viewers the right way… not through marketing gimmicks or cheesy advertisements.

This is what brings us to a very crucial question.

What makes a good content strategy?

When it comes to online marketing, digital content is actually the key to succeeding. But you have to do it right.

What Makes a Good Content Strategy?

good content strategy

Essentially, a good content strategy is a strategy that helps your business to grow constantly. What you don’t want is to let your online businesses stagnate.

Why? Because businesses are a lot like plants and pets. They tend to die if you don’t take care of them and feed them!

Digital content is fuel for success in your business. But at the same time, you have to create the right types of content if you want to succeed.

But how do you do this while still marketing in a way that actually works?

You need your businesses to get attention. You want new visitors and traffic to find your website. You also want opt-ins, leads, and sales. But you also that you need to know what your audience wants and steer clear from salesy tactics, right? At least, I hope you do!

Well, I am going to break this down for you. And as it turns out, there are three core types of content that you need in order to make a good digital content strategy work.

Let’s talk about them.

Get the core pieces in place.

As a general rule, you need three different types of content to grow your business. You need connect content, conversion content, and delivery content. I am going explain how these work in the next section… but we also need to ask a very important question before moving on and understanding each of these.

What platform are you going to use?

If you want to start getting these core pieces into place, you have to choose a platform to start with. For me, it all started with a YouTube channel.

Why? Well, YouTube provided the tools that were the easiest for me to use. I was never much of a blog writer. And in the beginning, I wasn’t really into the podcast or social media thing either.

But YouTube gave me everything I needed to start creating content and building up my audience, building a consistent content platform to grow from.

So choose a platform, and launch it. Start making content, one type of content and get consistent. Then, over time, start putting these core, essential pieces into place!

Aright. Let’s talk about the 3 most important types of content for your business.

3 Types of Content You Need in Your Business - The Only Types of Content!

There are only three types of content you need for your business. Here they are.

Connect Content

Connect content is content that grows your reach and connects you with new audience members. This could be an SEO blog, a YouTube video, a Podcast, social media posts where you talk about key issues related to your niche, etc.

The main focus of this content should be on sharing your message, raising awareness of who you are, and getting you in front of as many people as possible, GIVING VALUE!

The biggest thing to keep in mind about connect content is that it must have at least one core pillar of its platform partnered up with a search engine.

Is there a way for search engines to find your content? If not, then it isn’t going to be very effective for raising awareness.

This is why blog posts and YouTube videos are so powerful. They can literally be found in search engines that almost everyone is using on a daily basis. And that is truly powerful!

Even podcasts can be sent out to multiple platforms to raise a ton of awareness for your website, brand, company, etc.

This is also why I tend not to be as big a fan of platforms like Instagram (and other social media-type platforms) when it comes to awareness-level content. Sure, you can get discovered on Instagram by other Instagram users… but your Instagram account isn’t going to show up in search results for key terms that people in your target demographic would be searching for!

That is a big factor!

Convert Content

convert content

Conversion content is super-critical to success with digital marketing. There are actually two different types of conversion content… optin-content, and sales content.

The entire point of this content is to convert your audience members into customers who are either signing up for your email list, or buying your products.

It is that simple.

Conversion content generally requires the most skill to produce, because it needs to sell your audience while also helping to build trust.

This is why copywriting is so crucial to this type of content So you HAVE to nail your copywriting skills by taking courses and training.

Optin and Sales Page

There is a small difference between these two types of pages, but they are fundamentally the same thing.

On an optin page, you give away a free digital product in exchange for them signing up for your email list.

A sales page, on the other hand, is designed to get your audience to buy something from you or sign up for some kind of paid offer.

This covers things like sales pages, video sales letters, webinars, etc.

Delivery Content

delivery content

On your optin page, you will promise to deliver some kind of digital content (a report, an E-book, a free course, etc.) in exchange for them giving you an email address.

Well, this third type of content is the content you deliver to customers and email list members.

This could be content that you plan on selling, or it could be content that you give away in exchange for something.

But either way, it is content that you are delivering to your audience in return for either payment or engagement. The sole intention of this content is to provide pure value… hopefully to the point where your audience members find it extremely helpful, and see it as more valuable than what they paid or exchanged for it!

This is how you keep customers and raise your lifetime customer value. The more value you add to a customer’s life, the more likely they are to buy from you in the future.

This is how you crush it at customer retention, and how you grow your tribe instead of constantly struggling to sell to new visitors!

The 3 Most Crucial Elements to Your Digital Content Marketing Success

digital content marketing success elements

Keep in mind that content marketing is all one big wheel that you spin over and over again.

You attract an audience, build trust with them, produce opt-ins and products to get them to sign up to your list, create sales pages to get them to buy your products, and then continuously interact with them to help them solve their problems and grow in their own plans and aspirations!

But in order for all of this to work right, your content needs to be working for you at all levels of the process. Here are some steps that you need to have in place to start succeeding and crushing it!

Crush the Awareness Level

The first step to succeeding in digital content marketing is to crush the awareness-level content. This essentially means that you need to start getting to work creating valuable content on your favorite platform.

The main three categories here are blogs, YouTube videos, and podcasts. These are all super-viable options for awareness/connect content.

The main idea is to focus on one of them, do it super well, and then start building your business around that.

For me, it was YouTube. I started making videos. As I got followers, I started building a website. Then, I started building a team to help me with the blogging and podcasting elements of it.

So, you may eventually want to branch into all three. But at first, you would probably do best to really crush it in one medium, and then start building everything up around that.

But remember, it all starts with high quality content that is actually going to provide value for your readers! If you are not creating value, you are likely never going to sell a single thing!

Build a Relationship with Your Audience

build a relationship

You build relationships with your audience through this entire process.

Your awareness/connect content draws them into your world and helps them by providing information, for free, that will help them with their problem.

As they consume your content, they become aware of your links back to your site. They follow them, and are then confronted by your conversion content; your opt-in pages, sales pages, etc. The first thing they find is a pop-up add on one of your blogs. This takes them to an opt-in page that wants to give them a free thing in exchange for them signing up for your email list.

Now you’ve signed them up. You’ve also given them access to their first piece of DELIVERY content. This is premium content… your highest-level stuff.

This is content that should BLOW THEM AWAY with how much value it provides.

At this point, they are beginning to figure it out.

This person (you) is a true master. A guru. This person has some answers that could REALLY change their life. This person may, in fact, be the key to solving their problems.

And once you get to this point, where people are thinking this way about your content, you will start to see that trust is being developed… and that is HUGE.

Because trust leads to a relationship. And in this game, you need a relationship to sell and earn a living as a digital content marketer.

But even if your business IS digital content marketing, it is SO important that you never forget the number-one goal in the game.

To help your audience!

Give Value and ALWAYS Deliver

give value

Always provide a ton of value… more than you charge for it. And always deliver BIG TIME on your promises.

When you charge $10 for an ebook, make sure that it is actually worth at least two to three times that much!

When you charge $37 for a course, make sure it’s worth $97!

Bring a ton of value to the table. That’s how you win with digital content.

And always constantly be working on all three types of content… connect content, conversion content, and delivery content.

You need all 3 to make this work the right way.

Digital Content Strategy to Supercharge Your Business Success - Create, Convert, Deliver!

Create, convert, deliver.

These are the keys to winning at the content game.

If you can take this digital content strategy and use it to guide your efforts, you will literally supercharge your business with success.

In a sense, this all takes balance… which is, in fact, one of the biggest tools that I have used to help grow my digital content business from the ground up!

You need to balance your content amongst these 3 vital categories.

  1. Crush it with valuable, helpful awareness content that connects you with your audience
  2. Convert and build your tribe with awesome sales pages and opt-in pages
  3. And then, provide a TON of value and build up the relationship with high-quality delivered goods

That’s how you win with digital content.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment and let me know! I’m always down to talk and share information. Also, let me know if I can help you to crush it this year with some amazing content strategies!

See you on the next one!


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  1. Hi MIles,
    Thank you for all of the information! I was wondering if you could recommend someone like you but that is more focused on selling physical products. I really like what you are doing, but it seems more focused on affiliate marketing and digital products, so I find myself questioning often whether certain parts of the guidance that you offer applies to what I am doing.
    Thanks again

    1. Sales and marketing theory is sound regardless the product. 1) grow an audience 2) build trust 3) make offers.... Write EPIC sale copy.

      Physical product or digital, it is irrelevant. (we sell thousands of physical products by the way)

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