The Web Traffic Myth

Debunking The Web Traffic Myth & The Real Key To Growing Your Business Online

web trafficUnfortunately there are a number of myth's floating around about making money online and internet marketing.

From purposeful mis-information and mis-direction to wanna-be experts passing along things they 'read in a forum' that are simply not true... It can be difficult to know what is real and what is fake.

These myths are like shadows that blanket my industry and although I've fallen for a few myths in the past and learned hard lessons, I now understand that trusting a few key advisers and mentors as well as the data I get from my own efforts is the ONLY option for me.

The biggest of these myths that we will debunk here today is that more traffic is what makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful website.

Although there may be a thread of truth in this, the majority of this statement is false and designed to get you to purchase traffic courses, traffic systems, high paid SEO campaigns or other paid 'shortcuts' that will simply make the merchants more money and leave you right where you started.

Will more traffic to your site generate more leads and more revenue for you?

The best answer I can give you to that question is a solid 'Maybe' and the truthful answer is  'Probably not'.

Sorry... I wish that traffic was the answer, but it is not. So if web traffic isn't the answer to more leads, and revenue... What is the answer?

Increasing Conversions

Converting traffic into leads and converting leads into sales is ultimately what generates more leads and increased revenue for you and your business.

Once you have an offer that converts, THEN and ONLY THEN does it make logical sense to focus in on driving traffic.

Now at this point, we have reached a bit of a paradox that I'd like to clarify, because you will need some traffic for testing purposes in order to improve your conversion rates.  This is the thread of truth part I mentioned at the beginning.

So how do you go about this? I've explained the overall process in the 3 simple steps to making money online system... But I'll give an overview, here.

Also, it all depends on your current situation, products, lead generation system, etc.

Now, you may already have a website site that gets some traffic, an email list or a Facebook fan page that is connecting you with your target audience.  If so, great... Start with the audience you already have!

If this is you, all you need is to add on the lead gen system and start running A/B split tests on your lead capture pages and your sales pages to identify what works better and keep adding on things that work and removing things that don't work until you are converting 50% or more of traffic into leads and 10%+ of leads into customers.

If you are wondering 'What is an A/B split test?' Don't worry, its simple.

Essentially, your lead gen system will show every other visitor a slightly different version of the same page... You change 1 thing (starting with the headline) and then you see which headline converts more traffic into leads or more leads into sales.

You want to run 500 to 1000 visitors to each split test before declaring a winner... And the lead gen system tracks all of this once setup correctly.  Take a look at this image below that shows how I've tested 3 possible lead capture pages against each-other and found one combination of headline/imagery/layout that is converting WAY more cold Facebook traffic into leads.


So if you have a brand new product, or service and you have no website and no audience yet, you will want to start with the 3 simple steps to making money online system because it lays out the whole plan, but even when you get through all of those steps, you will need some targeted traffic.

In this day and age, the best value for paid traffic is Facebook Pay Per Click advertising.

This is because you can focus in so specifically on demographic information, psychographic information, likes and habits that you can make sure your ad is only going to display to the people who are most likely to take the action you want.

With this information you can speak directly to your target audience and even set your ads to show up for only people who are known online buyers.

I will be publishing more about exactly how to build out a Facebook Pay Per Click campaign for testing purposes in the future since that is where most of my focus is, these days.

But again, I want to stress... Creating a high converting sales funnel is (and always will be) more important than driving traffic.

I hope this helps you understand a bit more about how beneficial it is to stay focused on conversion optimization first and then only starting to focus on increasing traffic AFTER you have a high converting sales funnel.

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