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How Do You Choose the Best Content Strategy for Your Niche?

If you truly wish to succeed in business, you need to develop a content strategy.

Without content, you have no business.

To get your income to the next level, the best thing you need to do is to start generating the right kind of content that delivers results for you business.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Content Creation Strategy and Why Do You Need It?

A content creation strategy is a plan for creating and publishing content online… to your website, social media sites, and other content platforms.

Blogs, YouTube videos, and podcasts are the ‘top three’ types of organic content, and for good reason.

These mediums give you the power to provide value to your readers/viewers/listeners and have a longer internet traffic shelf life, while also allowing your audience to connect with you in a more personal way.

You are taking leads and customers on a long journey, and you will monetize from your audience many times along the way with a YouTube channel, Podcast, and/or blog.

There is, however, another super-powerful content medium that EVERY business should use… but we will talk more about that a bit later on in the post.

If you define and begin your best content strategy now, and stay committed to the long-term game, the returns on your time will be astronomical. But you have to stay committed.

Organic Content vs. a Paid Ad Strategy

social search paid ads

So why focus on starting your own podcast, blog, or YouTube channel instead of just using social media or paying for ads?

This is a very good question.

When you start a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, and consistently post content through it, you are literally building a network that will continually bring in new traffic… even long after that content has been published.

This is the best question to ask when determining the successful foundation of your content strategy.

How long will this piece of content that I create, continue to grow my business?

When you turn off an ad, the traffic dies and social media posts live less than one day.

The most successful content strategy, therefore, will consist of legacy content that will drive traffic to your landing pages, optin forms, sales funnels, and more long into the future.

content marketing value

That image is 3-month’s worth of data for the business my wife and I have grown.

The blogs she has written over the last nine years, using only the basics of SEO, continue to bring our business more traffic than the more than five social media platforms, ads on Facebook, and ads on Google combined... for the same amount of time.

Work smart and hard, building content pillars focused on search in your content strategy.

Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Mirror Your Personal Goals And Passions

Content marketing blends artistic creation with keyword optimization.

At its core, it requires you to produce valuable content for your target audience on a consistent basis. But you also have to optimize it to bring in web traffic.

If your content marketing strategy is based on a topic that you are passionate about, you will have an easier time of this.

It is also important to make sure that your topic complements your lifestyle goals. This will help you to synergize, and will make it easier to stay motivated to succeed in the long-term.

The Importance of Follow-Through

My wife Melanie actually kick-started her own website back in 2009 with a 90 day blogging challenge.

And as a result, she started off strong and now pulls in HUGE numbers.
traffic from content

She stuck with the challenge and churned out 90 blog posts in 90 days!

She followed through with that first goal and continues to publish to this day, and it has paid off.

Follow-through is extremely important, here’s a link to a video to better understand the compounding of your content marketing efforts over time.

What Is Your Goal for Your Business, Your Life?

Keep your vision and end-goal in mind as you build your platform and fill out your marketing plan.

If you don’t really care about what you’re trying to do, or are only trying to make money online fast, there is a good chance that you are going to lose your motivation along the way.

So write down your goals and figure out what you really want.
define your goals

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Why do you want to make extra money?
  • Who do you want to help?
  • What kind of difference do you want to make in the world?
  • What problems do you want to help solve?

These are all critical questions to ask yourself if you want to achieve content marketing success.

Your competition will win and outwork you if you do not have these goals clearly defined.

5 Steps to Your Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is no easy endeavor, and actualizing a content strategy requires a bunch of work.

You have to be focused and have a content plan.

There are 5 steps to choosing the best content strategy for your business.

Determine Your 1st Content Pillar

first content pillar sem

You can get decent results from social media, but they aren’t going to give you the same infrastructure, reach, or stability as a search engine marketing (S.E.M.) platform.

The Best Content Strategy for building long-term results begins with choosing from one of these...

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • And/or podcasting

These mediums have nearly unlimited potential… and they will work for you 24/7, even while you’re asleep!

Here’s how to determine which one you should grow from.

Start from a Blog?

Blogging allows you to tap into true internet organic reach potential. As you create blog posts, remember to deliver real value to your readers.

Help them to solve their problems.

Also, work on making every blog post better than the last.

You should only begin with a blog if you can consistently write every day. If writing is not in your DNA, skip a blog for now.

Begin a YouTube Channel?

Youtube content marketing

Do you enjoy teaching a class or speaking from a stage? Talking on camera?

I failed with blogging challenges for years, because I’m just not a writer. It wasn’t until I tried a YouTube challenge that I was able to launch the Miles Beckler brand.

Video is a super-powerful format! It is visual, but it also gives you the ability to connect with your audience in a more personal way.

There is an art to getting views on YouTube. But with practice, you can grow this skill and get better.

Launch a Podcast?

start a podcast

A podcast is almost completely audio-based. You just buy a little bit of equipment and chat away.

This is becoming a more and more relevant medium as time goes on. People can listen to podcasts while they jog, drive, work, walk, etc.

There are a lot of advantages to podcasting. But just like with blogging or video, you have to stick with it to launch a successful podcast and create results!

Choose One of These 3 Content Plans

90-Day Challenge

Once you decide what medium you are going to use for your content strategy, it is time to decide on a content plan.

In a 90 day challenge, you commit to publishing one piece of content every day for 90 days in a row.

If you are super-determined and tend to follow through with things, then this is an extra-powerful way to jump-start your momentum.

This is not an easy challenge… but it will help you to condense your learning curve and make a lot of progress in a short amount of time!

90-Week Challenge

If you feel that publishing content every day is just not realistic, then a 90-week challenge may be perfect for you.

Commit to posting 1, 2, or even 3 times per week for 90 weeks straight… staying super-consistent with it and following through on your commitment.

Somewhere In-Between

commit to content marathon

Some people find better results from customizing their content plan… and that is totally fine.

Whatever content creation plan you end up deciding on, you need to make sure that it…

  1. Results in you publishing content that continues to improve
  2. Is consistent (once a week, every 3-days, 2x a month, etc.)
  3. Stays relevant to the audience you are trying to reach
  4. Stays useful so that you keep bringing value to your viewers/readers

As long as you can stick to these goals, creating your own custom content plan is super-effective.

Every person and every life is different. Choose the strategy that gives you as many advantages as possible.

Work Through the Challenges

When you start a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, you are going to face all kinds of problems.

This is even more true if you start a 90 day challenge.

You are going to face…

  • Technical difficulties
  • Creative burnout
  • Internet problems
  • Equipment problems
  • Time-crunches
  • Late-nights and sleepiness
  • A lack of motivation

Even the most motivated person is going to feel like giving up at times, especially before they see any serious monetary returns for their effort.

In the beginning, while you’re grinding, you might start to feel like you’re wasting your time.

Check out the results I had after 30 days of YouTubing in this video, you’ll feel like nothing is going on for a while!

But this process will teach you how to become a better content creator. This is how you get better at connecting with your audience. This is how you learn.

So stick with it. You can work through the challenges, and you will be so much stronger.

You will begin to hone your craft, and creating valuable content will start to come second-nature to you.

Utilize Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

business success tool

Do you remember when I mentioned the one super-powerful medium that every business should use?

Well, here it is.

It’s Email!

Email is the most powerful tool you will ever utilize in your internet marketing arsenal.

But you can’t use email if you don’t build a content platform first!

So start now. Choose your initial medium, and start publishing content and gaining a following. Then, build funnels and optin pages to start collecting emails.

If Email Is #1, Why Do I Say to Start With YouTube, a Blog, or a Podcast?

You need to generate traffic to your funnels before you can start gathering emails.

This is why you need to focus on your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel first. Then, once you start building up an audience, you can send them to your sales page or funnel.

Offer them a free product or special content in exchange for their email address.

That’s how you start an email list… and if you keep building it and working on it, you can use it as an exceptionally powerful marketing tool.

But without traffic, you will not gather a single email address.

Once again… it all comes down to that content.

Continue And Do Not Give Up

If you really want to succeed in the internet marketing industry, you must commit to the long game.

The content strategy success steps are simple.

  1. Choose a platform
  2. Choose a content strategy
  3. Start publishing content
  4. Keep creating and publishing… making every post better than the last
  5. Do not give up

The only way you will lose, is if you quit.

There is no such thing as failure, and improvements in your marketing results will happen as long as you stay in the game.

As long as you get started and keep the end goal in mind, you will find success.
never quit

Remember Why You Started - Where do you really want to be in 3 years?

When you face hard times and difficulties, remember why you started.

Do you want to fire your boss? Do you want to live on your own terms? Do you want to escape the rat race and call your own shots?

Internet marketing can do all of this for you. But you have to come up with a marketing strategy and stick with it if you want to start earning serious money.


At the end of the day, we all want to have a better life.

Internet marketing can give you any life you dream.

It’s not that difficult to get started. But it takes a lot of discipline to stick with it.

If you can stick with your content strategy and not give up, you can make serious money in this business.

It’s really all up to you!

Please comment and let me know how far along you are on your own internet marketing journey. I always love to answer questions, so let me know if I can help.



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  1. I need your motivation and clear thinking. I started my Blog at the beginning of January. I’m doing a blog every 3 days. So far no subscribers. What should I add to my website to get visitors? A landing page? Paid advertising? Or keep going with blogs only? Thanks for your thoughts.


    I have a plan to blog 3x a day. since doing all this seems overwhelming and I'm still learning about my niche, should I start blogging but not post until I have everything set up and then just schedule my posts or set everything up and start blogging and learn from that process?

    Best regards, David

  3. Thanks Miles! Simple, lucid, well written. Makes a lot of sense! I wonder if you will ever make a standalone masterclass course outside of ContentandConversion 🙂

    1. No clue, Bibhash! Could happen for sure, but I'm 100% focused on right here and now... All I'm looking at are the next few steps which are content, content and content! 😉

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