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How the Law of Reciprocity Applies to Business Success

There is a certain magic to working within the business and entrepreneurial realms.

When you give something to others you'll eventually gain something in return.

I'm not talking about loans, or cups of coffee here, but the law of reciprocity.

This is a subtle yet advanced law that many master business owners are familiar with.

Attraction VS The Law of Reciprocity

Following the law of attraction, you want to have your goal. Then, you need to get your thoughts, feelings, and actions all in alignment, working toward that goal. This, in turn, will help you to ‘manifest’ or ‘attract’ that goal.

And then, we have the law of reciprocity. So you want to put out something nice into the universe and thereby you'll get something nice in return. There is a loose social psychology to all of this, so let's keep digging.

Learn the interwoveness of these two laws in this video.



If you are constantly trying to take from the world to get paid, the world will come looking for you, trying to get paid by you in return!

But if you deliver true, real value to the world and those around you, then real, true value will also return back to you one day. Suddenly then the something nice you decided to give will find it's way back to you.

This is like an investment in yourself, and is the main reason for why I believe so much in bringing real, measurable value to my audience.

But as you can see, these two laws have a lot of overlap.

From the start...

You start with a goal. This goal may be a specific type of lifestyle, a certain level of success, etc.

Then, you start using both of these laws. You get your thoughts, feelings, and actions all in alignment toward this goal, and you start working for it. You begin doing the things most others won't do to make your way to the top.

As you work for it, you put value out into the universe. You make others lives better. You help them to solve their problems. You spread positivity, love, joy, and peace. You become a source of hope and value for others.

So, this covers both sides of the coin… the law of attraction and the law of reciprocity.

Do both...

Then, you just keep at it. You keep doing both. You keep living, aligning your thoughts, and creating real, measurable value.

In time, all of this work and good energy will come back to you… and you will start succeeding in a way that you never even thought possible before.

Remember That It Does Not Always Come Back From The Person You Gave It To

how law of reciprocity works

This is an important thing to understand about the law of reciprocity. It is not a one for one return for the same things you gave.

Just because you do something good for someone may not mean that they are going to be the source of the good something that comes back to you.

Be Aware

The law of reciprocity is not the same as cause and effect. Yes, cause and effect may also play into this, but they are not the same thing.

It is very important that you expand your thinking beyond this, and understand that the universe acts as a whole in this particular context. It's more based on feel, intuition, and certain way of being.

An Example Of This In Action

reciprocity in action

Back when I used to sell cars, I had this boss who was from Tennessee. He was a good old boy and a car salesman… but he actually knew a lot about the law of reciprocity, and I learned a lot about it working for him.

We sold cars together, and he was always encouraging me to ‘give some energy’ to certain cars on the lot. We sold a lot of muscle cars on the lot. Hot rods, muscle cards, new age cars, etc.

Here's what's interesting...

And when things would get slow, he would have me show some love and attention to certain cars.

For example… he would say “That Corvette over there. Show her some attention.” And I would. And sure enough… before long, the phone would ring, and a different car would sell.

Some days, he would tell me to go take my beautiful girlfriend (now my wife, Melanie) out for lunch in a certain car.

“We need to send some action out,” he would say. “Go feel great in that car. We need something to shift.”

And things would start to happen...

And I would. And sure enough, by the time I would get back, he would have somebody on the line, waiting to purchase another car.

You see, I knew enough to know that taking that car out, feeling great in it, and sending out those positive vibes were probably not going to make that car sell right at that moment.

That's Not How It Works

Instead, it was more about just giving energy out. Going out, washing up a car, waxing it, detailing it, taking new pictures of it, sprucing up the listing, giving it that ‘feeling’ of being loved.

And sure enough, something else would click. Something would shift, and a different car would sell.

You see, the law of reciprocity chooses when and how it repays you for your energy.

The reciprocity meaning we are discussing hear is a beautiful loose science. Just give, and give some more... Then await what returns. You'll be amazed at what comes your way.

Take Stock Of What You Are Doing - Are You Really Helping People?

are you really helping people

It is super important to understand that the law of reciprocity gives you back what you are putting out into the universe.

But a lot of people misunderstand this principle. Others have masked their intentions of greed with fake giving or fake value.

Don't fall victim to yourself...

And because of this, they are stuck in wrong ways of thinking.

If you are running (or trying to start) your own online business right now, it is very important that you stop and take stock of exactly what you are trying to do.

This is a very serious question to ask yourself.

What is your first and utmost priority whenever you sit down to work on your business? Are you…

A Huge Misconception About Reciprocity

misconception about reciprocity

This ties into the biggest misconception about the law of reciprocity… that putting energy into what you want will bring what you want to you.

This is actually not how it works, which is why it is super important to do an overhaul of how you are conducting your business.

If everything you are doing is motivated by trying to make money, then that is the energy you are going to send out into the world. So that is also the energy that is going to come back to you. Even if your intentions are pure, and it may not feel like it's this way, you'll know by how others respond to your actions.

Sometime, somewhere, somehow, someone is going to come to you with the intent to make money off of you, because that is the energy you are putting out there! They'll want to get even for a more cosmic reason.

That is much different than trying to help people, putting out value, and spreading love/positivity.

Be the helper...

Just ask! Ask people what they want our how you could be of service to them in one way or another. We all like to be asked what we need help with - - just provide the help!

It's Almost The Opposite Sometimes

Just like in the car situation. We didn’t go beating on doors trying to sell cars. We showed those cars some love. We put some good vibes out there, drove them around, looked and felt good in them. That was the energy we put out… and guess what happened?

People who wanted to feel good in some nice cars came knocking on our door instead!

So as you conduct your business, really try to refocus your mindset on providing value instead of making money.

Sure, put up those affiliate links. Sure, make products and build funnels to sell them.

But as you put out content, strive to provide a lot more value than you are earning through your links or sales.

Provide tons of value...

Provide so much value that you are literally giving 10 to 100 times what your products are worth out into the universe.

Provide so much value that you fix other people’s problems for free… without them even being required to buy from you!

This will put out so much energy, will save so many people money, and will start shifting your position in the universe so much that when the time comes for you to reap those rewards, making your sales will just be a return on all of that good you have done for other people!

It Is Not A Tactic - It Is A Mindset Change

mindset change

It is very important to understand that this is not a tactic.

It is actually a mindset change. And that is so important to understand.

For the first few years of this online business, I created technical content. I wanted to show people how they could make money online.

But I started to realize that so many people were missing the mark on mindset, that I started transitioning to talking more about that.

The truth is that a lot of people do not understand how vital it is to be in the right frame of mind.

Two Different Ways to Think About Reciprocity

There are two different ways to think about the law of reciprocity.

  1. It is a tactic that you can use to leverage your effort to create more wealth for yourself.
  2. It is a law of the universe that will take care of you if your thoughts, feelings, and actions align to help you put value out into the world and create the destiny you want for yourself.

As you can see, these are two very different frames of mind.

And you definitely want to be in line with option 2!

We must always think ‘value first.’

NOT ‘money first.’

If you create content with the constant worry of getting paid, you are going to be messing up your mindset!

Instead, whenever you sit down to write a blog or create a video, you need to ask yourself this question.

How can I create this content to do the most good in the world? How can I craft this piece of content to help my audience the most with the problem they are currently facing?

If you start thinking along those lines every time you make content, you are going to start noticing a HUGE shift in energy in your business!

Trust me. It works for me every single day. And it will work for YOU as well!

You Can’t Rush It

you cant rush it

One thing about the law of reciprocity that many individuals don’t understand is that you can’t rush it!

If you need money NOW, go find a day job and pay your bills that way while you build up value with your business.

It took Melanie and I about 4 or 5 years of nights, weekends, and working on our days off to create a significant lifestyle change with our online business. It really does take time.

But if you stay in the right mindset, and don’t try to rush things, you can absolutely make it work.

Resist the urge to be desperate. Don’t let that show up in your work. Instead, focus on that value, and take your time. Things will happen. Just keep creating and solving problems.


How you give to others is all based on feel. What feels right in your being? Even if it's hard for you to create, it will be received with joy and appreciation by your audience.

As always, seek to provide value first, and watch the returns multiply.