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How Your Income Is Tied To Value

You hear me talk a lot about 'giving value' to others...

This is because your income level is directly tied to the amount of value you are giving AND the number of people who are receiving your value.

So if you give a lot of value to a few people... For example, you help 5 local business owners generate 15k/mo more in new business through digital marketing...

When done right, that could easily net you 2500/mo each (1/6 the profit you brought them) or 10k/mo.

The other side of the equation is if you sell a course for 47 bucks or your commission as an affiliate is 47 per sale...

You'd need about 213 sales per month or just over 7 sales per day on average... Every day, to reach the 10 grand per month mark.

Here's where it get's interesting...

In the first scenario where you helped the business owner grow their business, they are ready to pay you for another month, because their business is growing with your help.

How Your Income Is Tied To ValueIn the example where you are selling a course, you actually have to start over each month!  Back to 0 and needing 223 more sales.

But, if you build that business right, meaning you have an email list growing, you have the customer list and you have a back-end to your funnel to make more by offering even more value, that isn't such a big deal.

Also worth noting... This is where building a membership program is a great idea!  I love residual income, to be honest.

Because... If you have 213 members paying $47 per month, you are at the 10k/mo mark!

With reasonable churn of 10% (meaning you lose 10% of members each month) you only have to bring in 22 members, next month, to keep it growing beyond the 10k/mo mark...

With a membership program, you start out every month with hundreds of customers who are set to auto-pay you for that next month's information/access/etc.

This was a huge 'shift' for Melanie and I when we started our membership program in 2014!

Now, this leaves one more scenario...

What if you are only consuming content?

You don't have a list yet... You don't have a WordPress blog and funnel yet... You don't have an AUDIENCE yet...

Well, it is simple.

If you aren't giving value to others... You aren't earning income!

You see, to land those 5 clients in your local market... You may have to give value to 50 or 500 local business owners!

To find those 223 new customers or members, you will probably have to give value to 22,000 or 100,000 people first!

...It could be even more, to be honest.

How many people depends on how good your conversion rates are for your opt-in page and your pitch or your sales copy.

So if you don't have a blog that is growing... Or you don't have a podcast or YouTube channel that is reaching thousands upon thousands of new people every day...

That lack of audience growth is the biggest thing holding you back.

This is why in my monthly updates, like the newest one released yesterday, here:

I don't cover how much money I earn... That is not the important metric to follow.

That is simply a vanity metric!

I track the number of people my content is connecting with...

Because this is what moves the needle in my business, long-term!

The more people I give value to, the more subscribers I get...

The more subscribers I give value to, the more I earn.

It really is that simple...

No hacks... Nothing ninja about it.

A simple & proven path to success.

Miles "Give More Value" Beckler

P.S. if you haven't started your WordPress site and got your email list growing yet, this post has all the step-by-step how-to info:
The sooner you get started giving value to others, the sooner you start making real income!

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