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17 Content Marketing Tools To Turn Your Side Hustle into a 6-Figure Business

Cool… You’ve got amazing content… But who the heck is seeing it?...

Anyone?... No?... Well, let me ask you this simple question then….

Are you ready to generate a flood of traffic, subscribers and sales with your content?

There are a ton of highly talented content creators (just like you) who produce faultless pieces of content over and over again, but most struggle to get the marketing traction they need to be successful.

And we don’t want that for you, do we?

That’s where effective content marketing tools step in.

There’s nothing worse than genuine experts not being able to get their valuable content into the hands of the people who need it the most…

Pretty heartbreaking, right?

You might be great at content creation, but if you don't know the tried-and-trusted content marketing tools that highly successful content marketers (including myself!) use, you can't expect to gain many followers, build an email list, or earn money.

In this article, you’ll discover the top 17 content marketing tools to help you create content and market it (and your business) like a boss.

How These Content Marketing Tools Are Organized

how content marketing tools are organized

The heart of content marketing dwells within your message. It isn't all words, video, audio, posts, etc.

And that's the trickiest part, my friend. You might create awesome content, but there's no point if your message is being conveyed incorrectly because then, your core idea will be missed!

Whether it be videos for Facebook, YouTube, a website, blogs, or social media posts, the essence of content marketing lies in the messages you convey.

That's why first in this list of content marketing management tools are

  • Free courses to help you create the best messages with your content every single time.
  • Next, we get into the most powerful marketing platform, a blog, and the tools you need to crush every post you create.
  • Then, you'll see potent tools needed to ace your YouTube and Social Media Marketing game.
  • Lastly, we'll take a look at an AWESOME course that budding content marketers just can't miss.

17 Tools To Change Your Content Marketing Game NOW

With these powerful content marketing tools in your arsenal, you can move forward and get your message in front of the right people... your target audience.

Keep in mind that, regardless of platform, whether or not you are using a team, or what collaboration tools you are using,

And you can do it well... better than ever.

Free Tools

1. Best Free Copywriting Course

Whether you are struggling to write an ad, a sales video script, or an email to your list, this free copywriting course called Simple Writing System by John Carlton is your one-stop solution.

Simple Writing System by John Carlton content marketing tool

In this course, you’ll learn how to peek into the minds of users who desperately need your product or service. Plus, you’ll learn the worth of what you provide without being “annoying” or “salesy”.

The content in this course teaches you a simple formula that’ll promptly seize your prospect’s undivided attention. And guess what? You and/or your team can use this formula to create and share content over and over again!

His proven “Provide More Value” technique will help you close more sales, throwing strenuous sales tactics out of the window.

As an extra bonus, this training also shows you how to abolish “writer's block” while creating content.

All you have to do is to register NOW to get a downloadable PDF of the Simple Writing System Express Course. And, the next day you’ll receive a training video of John Carlton teaching the course.

2. Awesome Free Email Marketing Course

Do you want to create superfans who read all your emails, purchase your stuff, and share the word about you and your content to their social media platforms without being requested?

André Chaperon’s course called Autoresponder Madness 2.0 (ARM2) is the best thing you and/or your team will ever need if you’re going to send an email to earn those superfans.

Within three years, almost 5000 people purchased ARM2 course, including heavy hitters like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Perry Belcher, and Ryan Deiss.

ARM2 imparts an all-inclusive macro-strategy to ace your email marketing. It's based on values, not hacks and loopholes. So, you learn to build an engaged email list as you share your content.

It's not a strategies-focused course. What you learn in it is timeless. There’s no expiration date for anything you learn about email marketing in this course.

And here’s the best part….

Chaperon has re-released ARM2 and made it completely FREE to enroll. You can enjoy free email lessons over four weeks (Monday through Friday each week) to help take your email content game to the highest levels.

The Most Important Content Marketing Tool of All

3. Great Storytelling

great storytelling for effective content marketing

Storytelling is an art. And you can’t afford to miss storytelling if you really want to make an impact and close sales with your content.

Why? Because the internet is inundated with information, making it challenging to capture your users' attention.

People are continuously barraged with noise, and they’re starting to filter it out.

This is where storytelling helps you. It can quickly capture and retain attention.

Once you capture your users' attention with storytelling, you can engage them in an effective manner as you share your content with them.

Ever wondered why people completely snub ads, but are willing to spend money to watch a blockbuster film?

Storytelling is the answer.

Want to learn some quick tips about storytelling? Check out my detailed article here.

Looking for a professional course on the art of storytelling?

I recommend the Story-Powered Marketing course.

Story Powered Marketing content tool

Inspired by Michael Hauge’s principles of Hollywood storytelling, this content course teaches you how to tell your marketing story in the most impactful way... to stimulate as much emotion as possible with your audience.

You can apply it to any story you want to tell within your content and marketing funnel, not just emails.

This course costs just $197, which is nothing compared to the quality it delivers.

As they say on their website, the only reason for low-balling the price is that they want to expose this info-packed course to as many content marketers as possible, and get early success stories.

Oh, and did I tell you how you’ll be getting three bonuses along with the content of the course?

  • Michael Hauge’s Create a Blockbuster Story Outline fill-in-the-blanks worksheet
  • 43-minute recording of a private Skype conversation between Andre, Michael Hauge, and Jack Born
  • A PDF copy of Micheal’s latest book, “Storytelling Made Easy”

Definitely an awesome tool for any content marketer!

Best Blogging Tools

4. Top Keyword Tool

When it comes to keyword research, I can’t recommend KW Finder enough. Not only can you use it to find relevant keyword ideas, but this analytics tool also shows SEO difficulty scores to help you discover the low competition phrases (long-tail keywords) you can rank for really quickly with your content.

You can export all these keywords into a Google Docs sheet by just drag and drop, and keep it handy while creating content.

top keyword tool KW Finder

Why do I recommend it? Because it’s the only tool I use for my keyword research!

In fact, I've even taught how to use KW Finder in several videos. I highly recommend following the process taught in this video if you wish to get the most out of this content marketing tool.

Give KW Finder A Try

Want to give KWFinder a try? You can enjoy its free 10-day trial here.

5. Best SEO Blog Optimization Tool

Want to write perfect SEO-optimized content for your blog every single time? Make Surfer SEO your new best friend.

best SEO blog optimization tool

Surfer SEO is a robust tool that analyzes more than 500 on-page factors in one sweep, giving you an easy-to-follow formula for higher search engine rankings with your content. It derives data points from the 50 top pages, and helps you create a data-driven draft for your copywriting team – all within a few minutes.

Their real-time data-driven approach provides you with the impeccable keyword density, common words, perfect copy length, and so much more. All this information helps you create exceptional content that will outrank your organic competition.

Surfer SEO is the only content creation platform that can provide you with instantaneous recommendations, all with proper context.

From the SERP Analyzer to the Content Editor, to Keyword Research, this platform is jam-packed with features absolutely essential for a fool-proof content marketing strategy.

You can also integrate Surfer’s Content Editor in Google Docs!

Check out my detailed Surfer SEO review here.

Try Surfer SEO For Just $1!

You can enjoy a 7-day trial for just $1 right here.

6. Best Title/Meta Split Testing Tool

Hands down, A/B Rankings is the best title and meta-description testing tool out there. It helps you run split tests on your content titles and descriptions so you can get more organic traffic from Google.

best title meta split testing tool

Why do I recommend it? Because when your website gets more clicks than your competitors on search engines, you’ll naturally attract more traffic AND you’ll move up in the rankings.

Until now, testing which titles and descriptions get more clicks was difficult... A/B Rankings does that and more from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Try A/B Rankings With A 14-Day Trial

Get a free 14-day trial of this powerful tool here.

7. Best ‘Done For You’ Keyword Research

If your biggest struggle is perhaps choosing the best keywords for your content in your niche, then this is a tool for you. Human Proof Design’s done-for-you keyword research tool gives you a Keyword Pack for a researched and confirmed lucrative niche, with all the data needed to get started.

Their keyword packs are a boon for the practical, learn-by-doing content marketers.

No more keyword searching in the dark, grabbing random keywords and throwing them into google docs!

HPD Keyword Packs Pricing

Standard Keyword Packs ($69) are limited to a total of ten purchases per niche, meaning nine other content marketers could purchase the same pack as you.

Custom Keyword Packs ($99) are created solely for you in your chosen niche.

KGR Keyword Packs ($99) include well-researched keywords in your niche according to Doug Cunnington's Keyword Golden Ratio.

Want to learn more about HPD Keyword Packs? Check out their website here.

8. Awesome Content Marketing Idea Tool

content marketing idea tool

Running short on content ideas for your upcoming editorial calendar? Visit the Answer The Public website, enter your keyword, language and region, and hit Get Questions. Voila! A goldmine of content ideas appears at absolutely NO COST!

It has a pretty cool interface that'll share a "mind map" of all the different recommended keyword phrases. It also uses a remarkable "who, what, when, how, which" approach to keywords which is extremely beneficial when creating a new piece of content.

Wondering how this tool auto-suggests content ideas? It basically fetches results from popular search engines, Google and Bing.

As you type your content keyword, you can see an accumulated view of the queries and thus a hint of the motivations and emotions of the users behind each search query. It’s probably one of the best but most underutilized content marketing tools for content ideas.

9. Best Internal Linking Tool

Want to create internal links for SEO really quickly? Check out Link Whisperer.

best internal linking tool Link Whisperer

Link Whisperer is a ground-breaking WordPress plugin that automates the process of creating internal links in your blog posts, which helps your content rank better in search engines.

As you add more content to your website, Link Whisper incessantly discovers new internal linking opportunities…automatically!

I strongly recommend this tool because internal linking helps you develop authority and relevance within your new blog posts, instantly.

Manually building internal links can take several hours for every blog post. That’s why most marketers ignore this important step. But with Link Whisperer by your side, it takes less than 5 minutes!

The best part? All your links will remain active, even if you cancel or uninstall this tool.

Link Whisperer Pricing

Link Whisperer offers three pricing plans depending on the number of websites you’re buying licenses for.

For a single website, it costs $67 per month, for 3 websites, expect paying $97 per month, and for up to 10 websites, the cost is $147 per month.

10. Best Caching Plugin

Want to speed up your site? WP Rocket is all that you need.

Best Caching Plugin - WP Rocket content marketing tool

It’s a caching plugin to help your WordPress website load faster. And guess what? You don’t need a master’s degree in computer science to use this tool!

But wait. Why should you even bother with your website speed?

What does that have to do with content?

Because Google cares about how fast your website loads, and a slow website will never rank well.

Caching helps your WordPress website to load lightning-fast by preloading everything on the server.

And WP Rocket is the easiest tool to use for this, hands down. Plus, it has fewer conflicts with other plugins (a BIG problem with other caching plugins). And, their support is world-class. It also supports Google Analytics add-on to track your website.

WP Rocket Pricing

It offers three pricing plans: Single, Plus, and Infinite.

Single ($49 per month) offers one year of support and updates for one website.

Plus ($99 per month) offers one year of support and updates for 3 websites.

Infinite ($249 per month) offers one year of support and updates for unlimited websites.

No matter what plan you choose, they offer a full refund if it’s requested within 14 days of purchase.

Speed up your site now using WP Rocket right here.

Best YouTube Tools

11. YouTube Video SEO Optimization Tool

best YouTube SEO optimization tool

YouTube is a great platform to create a brand, produce content, and make money online. Think of it as a social media and search engine marketing platform coupled into a single tool.

But making YouTube videos takes A LOT more time, sweat, and technical skill than most people think.

With Tubebuddy at your service, you can simplify the process and grow your YouTube channel fast.

This tool helps you leverage the engagement side of YouTube's algorithm via A/B split testing and measuring the response you get from different thumbnails, titles, and descriptions. Perfect for YouTube marketing automation!

Sounds complex? Don’t worry. I’ve broken it down step-by-step for you in this tutorial.

TubeBuddy Pricing

TubeBuddy offers three paid plans (Pro, Star, and Paid) and one free package.

The paid plans differ marginally in terms of the features offered and range from $5 to $49 per month. You can enjoy a number of discounts too.

Go ahead and try Tubebuddy for free right now. But be ready to at least invest in the lowest-paid plan if you want to save time and access the features you need the most.

Before that, check out my detailed Tubebuddy review right here.

Best Social Media Tools

12. Pinterest Pinning Tools

Did you know, Pinterest drives 33% more traffic to websites than Facebook (and other social networks)? And that’s just one reason to include Pinterest in your content marketing strategy.

Pinterest pinning content marketing tool

But we all know how posting pins regularly on this platform takes a lot of time and effort. That’s where Tailwind steps in.

It’s a powerful content scheduling and marketing automation platform that lets you automatically Pin at the ideal times for more engagement, reach, and website traffic. You can easily schedule an entire week of Pins in just twenty minutes flat.

With a single click, create up to ten Pins and enjoy friendly analytics about each Pin and board.

You can spread content out over weeks with Interval Pinning and the drag and drop editorial calendar. Plus, adding your Pins to SmartLoop can help you re-circulate the Pins indefinitely.

Tailwind Pricing

To enjoy its Pinterest Plus package, expect paying $9.99 per account per month with Unlimited Scheduling and 250 Free SmartLoop Posts.

Start your free trial here to explore all Tailwind features AT NO COST, and share up to 100 Pins on Pinterest. Best of all, there is no time limit on your trial and no credit card needed!

13. Instagram Hashtag Finder

Instagram hashtag finder content marketing tool

66.6% of Instagram posts (exactly two-thirds) contain a hashtag. This means hashtags are a really big deal on Instagram. But you can’t add any hashtag randomly if you wish to be seen by a larger audience on this powerful platform.

Looking for a reliable way to optimize your Instagram hashtags? Give Flick a try!

Flick helps you find Instagram hashtags that are both relevant and the right size for your account.

You can even save groups of hashtags to use in your Insta posts, no matter where you are. Plus, you can reach more people on Insta by leveraging quality hashtag data.

Flick Pricing

Flick offers 4 pricing plans: LITE, STARTER, GROWTH, and PROFESSIONAL.

These plans mainly differ in terms of the number of supported Insta accounts and saved hashtags. The prices range from $6.50 to $65 per month.

Take Flick on a test drive today with its free 7-day trial right here.

Pro-Level Blogging Tools

14. Top Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and data centers that aim to provide high availability and better performance by allocating the service spatially proportionate to end-users.

KeyCDN is a robust CDN that you may want to use along with WP Rocket to speed up your website. It helps your web server deliver the images and theme files faster than letting your web server manage it all on its own. You can also set up Google Analytics as explained here.

KeyCDN content tool

The best part is that KeyCDN integrates directly to your caching plugin. Plus, their pricing model doesn’t need any monthly commitment. You only pay for what you use, saving A TON of money over time. They only charge a minimum of $4 monthly depending on the combined total of your traffic volume and other tools used.

KeyCDN’s robust infrastructure and 24/7 customer support guarantee great reliability to users.

KeyCDN Pricing

Their typical pricing varies from $0.01/GB to $0.14/GB depending on the region and the TB limit per month.

Get $10 in free CDN credits now right here.

15. Best Shared Hosting

Looking for a low-cost and reliable hosting provider? Look no further than A2 Hosting.

A2 hosting content marketing tool

A2 Hosting offers super-fast hosting for your website. In fact, your website has up to 20X faster response times with A2 than with any rival WordPress web hosting provider. Plus, your A2 hosting account is equipped with PHP 7 and free HTTPS protection to satisfy the suggested WordPress Hosting environment. You can even set up your own custom domain email.

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable companies in the world of shared hosting. And that’s why I use and vouch for them.

For roughly $5 per month, they’ll install WordPress for you and host your site on one of their huge computers. Plus, they’re available all year long with an exceptional support team. And you can also enjoy a free SSL and SSD license, and guess what? They do all of the security patches for you.

The only catch is….

A2 Hosting’s shared plan will only work if your website has less than 100,000 monthly visitors (or 400 simultaneous visitors).

16. Best Dedicated Hosting Provider

If your website is receiving hundreds of thousands of visits every single month, you need to upgrade beyond shared hosting to a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

BigScoots is by far the best solution for VPS and Dedicated Servers. It has some of the fastest servers in North America, and their technical support serves as your server admin. You’ll obviously need tech support as VPS servers and dedicated servers take a bit more know-how to work than shared servers.

Big Scoots content marketing tool

BigScoots is who I trust to run my biggest websites that receive millions of visits annually.

BigScoots Pricing

The pricing varies from $54.95 to $144.95 per month, depending on the amount of guaranteed RAM, Dedicated CPU Cores, SSD Storage, and Premium Bandwidth.

Sign up with BigScoots in under 5 minutes right here.

Best Affiliate Marketing and Website Training Tools

17. Awesome Affiliate Marketing Course

If I had only one course at the beginning that would have made all the difference it would be the Authority Site System course by Authority Hacker.

Authority Site System content marketing tool

Why? Because it’s power-packed with all the knowledge that you need to build 6-figure authority sites.

This course teaches you a proven method for finding lucrative niches. Plus, you get access to their infallible keyword research technique. And, you learn how to painlessly subcontract quality content, with methods for how to create white hat links to your website.

In this course, the trainers show you the exact setup they use for building their authority websites and how you can easily imitate it, including all the tools they use, how they use them and how they integrate different tools together.

Oh, and did I tell you that it’s absolutely FREE??

I strongly recommend this course, not just because it's free, but also because the quality of their ​tutorials and the depth of their step-by-step ​videos​ is the absolute best available.​ 100% beginner-friendly.

Join the free training right here.

Wrap Up

There you have it…. 17 awesome content marketing tools to help you turn your side hustle into a full-fledged 6-figure business.

But here’s something you must remember…

No matter how great your content marketing tool is, it won’t save a bad content strategy or a bad product/service.

The objective of a content marketing tool is to certainly help you get the job done faster and more effectively.

Of course, there are plenty of content marketing tools out there. But in this article, I have only discussed the tools that I use personally.

And I want you to choose the best of the best content marketing tools.

Got any queries? Feel free to drop them in the comments below. See you in the next article.

Also, don’t forget, you can grab a copy of my free course that reveals the 7 step process that took me from $50,000 in student loan debt to a million dollar business online, just click here.