Follow Along As I Build A Profitable Affiliate Site From Scratch - Month 1
Affiliate marketing website example

Affiliate Marketing Website Example Case Study And Guide | Month 1

I was at a Mastermind conference in Vegas not too long ago.

It was a great conference. I learned a lot and had a great time.

But while I was there, one of the sponsors of the event got up and started talking about what their team does.

Essentially, they purchase high quality, profitable websites on behalf of their clients… and their team grows them and manages them for a 50% split on profits.

Here's the kicker... Their average site is priced at about $250,000 cash!?!

This got me thinking. With our income continuing to grow, I wondered if buying one as an investment could help offset my taxes for the year, and use it as a write-off for my business while generating additional cash flow.

I'd love an additional $250,000 deduction this year and a cash flow positive asset!

But my accountant actually told me that since it was an already-running business, I would essentially only get to write off about 10% per year as the purchase of an entire business is required to be depreciated over 10 years.

Running some quick math, I figured that I'd probably earn more from the residual income than I would save from the tax write-off and ultimately increase my tax bill even more.

Not a bad deal, but I really want the deduction AND the cash-flow.

It was at this point, however, that my accountant asked me a question.

“Why don’t you just build a site from scratch? What if you invested that money into tools, teammates, resources, etc… and make it 100% deductible?”

And then, the wheels in my head started spinning.

Why didn’t I?

I know how to build a website. I know how to build an affiliate business from the ground up. I also know how to generate content and make it profitable.

But even better… What if I documented the entire thing as well?

This would help YOU (and my entire audience) in such a HUGE way that I had to sit down and ponder the implications for a moment.

I could really crack the lid open on the entire process, and show you how to build a successful affiliate marketing site, from start to finish!

That is, after all, the focus of my business.

I want to teach people how to make money affiliate marketing, and sell products online to make people’s lives better, and earn commissions for those products. That’s it. That’s what I do, and that is what I want to help you do as well.

That’s where this all began.

Getting Started: The Case Study

This is, officially, the month-one post for my new affiliate marketing website example case study.

First, let’s just talk a little bit about what exactly that means.

For those of you who want to get into affiliate marketing, this project is going to be super helpful.

I'll be honest.... You will not get to know the URL, see the site or learn the niche. All of these things are, at least for now, going to be kept under wraps because I already have too many hacks swiping/copying/plagiarizing my content.

Instead, you are going to learn about the process. You are going to get an inside-look at the creation, launch, and process of running a niche affiliate marketing website…

And you are going to get to follow the progress from zero for an entire year.

What is the goal? Well, the goal is pretty simple.

The hypothesis is this: My team and I can build an affiliate marketing website from zero to $3,000 a month revenue in one year.

There is no guarantee that this will happen. But that is the goal.

That is what this project is shooting for and you get to follow along.

So this is essentially going to be a ‘case study’ on a year-one affiliate marketing website, building it from the ground up, and seeing how much money it can actually generate when enough time, attention, and money is invested into it.

And, you are literally going to be shown, step by step, how the process evolves from day 1 to day 365.

In one in-depth guide, published every 30 days or so, you are going to learn every single step that is taken to grow this project site from zero, to $3,000-a-month-hero (hopefully), proving that anyone who is willing to put in the work and effort can do this, even in a niche that you are not an expert in!

Because I've chosen a niche that I am no-where near an expert in, this time... Just chose a random option, jumped in, and started a blog. (more about 'how' I started this exact site, below)

So let’s get to work.

First Off: What Are We Going To Document, Exactly?

document affiliate marketing stages

If you follow this project post-by-post, you are going to learn literally every step that I put into it.

You are going to learn how many posts are being published. You are going to learn how much money is being spent on it.

You will get to learn how much money the website is earning. You are also going to learn exactly what the budget is being spent on, so that you can see where all of the cash is actually going.

This will allow you to see exactly how profitable affiliate marketing can be with a real-world case study.

The most important thing for you to understand about this is that you don’t have to be an expert to start an affiliate site. Again, I am not an expert in the particular niche that was chosen..

I have a bit of experience and knowledge about this specific topic, for sure.

But then again, most of the YouTubers I study in this subject, or the people I read on forums know A LOT MORE about this subject than I do.

So just keep in mind that, even if you are not an expert at a given topic, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start an affiliate marketing business for it.

Do not let the fear of the unknown hold you back!

So now, let’s talk about what is going into this project.

The Budget And Investment

This project, as a whole, is going to have a $50,000 budget in total. That is the most I'm willing to spend on this build in the first year.

Compared to buying a $250,000 site from them, it's a bargain...

But, you might say “But Miles, I don’t have $50,000 just laying around to start an affiliate site.”

Well, that is ok, because you can replace the monetary investment with time and energy!

There are a lot of ways to cut this budget down to almost zero and I'll be pointing out how to do just this along the way.

But that is what the budget for this particular project is.

Why Not Do All The Work Myself And Skip The Large Budget?

To start with, it is important to realize that I am a very, very busy person. With all of my current business ventures that I am involved with, I simply do not have the physical time to put into growing this site.

But I do have the experience and the knowledge to make it work!

So most of this budget will be spent buying other people's time to do the work for me.

Specifically, the money will go to writers and an SEO/Project manager who will be tasked with making this site work. I assume over 95% of the budget will be spent here.

The actual 'physical costs' for tools, training, software and tech needed to build this kind of site should be under $1000 per year.

If you do this work yourself, spending as much time as you can on it every single day, then you may be able to get this going for under $100 in the first year. It will literally only cost you what it takes buy website hosting and a domain. That is it.

My First Shortcut: Buying A Turnkey Affiliate Site

The website for this project is going to be a turnkey launch-pad affiliate site that was pre-built by a pretty cool company that I located specifically for this project.

No, I did not buy one of those $250,000 sites!  Those are aged, fully built and profitable website.

This site was a brand new site that was much less in-depth. It is a bare-bones launch pad site that was designed to save me time by outsourcing the first few steps...

Niche selection, WordPress install, theme installation, logo, first posts, etc...

WordPress is pretty simple, but building a new site does take some time!

There are a few companies out there who build turnkey launchpad affiliate sites. In total, we looked at three.

  • Brand Builders
  • Human Proof Designs
  • Consult Sites

There was a clear winner when researching these different affiliate website companies, and that was Human Proof Designs.

Get 5% off a Human Proof Designs turnkey website with code MILESREF5OFF!

Human Proof Designs

They build their websites on Thrive Themes, my favorite wordpress theme, their sites look 10,000x better than the others offered, and their sites are very narrowly focused.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you will know how much I believe in niching down, targeting the smallest marketable audience size possible.

It is your best chance for success, as fast as possible.

Website launched with Thrive Themes targeting a narrow niche?!

When I realized they had already chosen a niche that has $3k/mo potential... And they'd do the first build out, their sub- $1500 pricetag was a no-brainer.

I was scrolling through their list of available websites and hit buy now when I saw one that struck my fancy while I was in the back of an Uber in L.A. traffic heading to a speaking gig I had in Santa Monica.

Again… this is money that you do not have to spend if you just do it yourself.

Getting Into Budget Specifics

Alright, let’s talk for a moment about budget specifics.

Obviously, the more work you do on your own, the less it will cost you.

For this case study, though, everything is getting hired out.

Forecast: In looking at this site and what it will take to grow it into a successful affiliate website, it seems like a fairly accurate estimate to say that it will cost somewhere in and around $2,000 a month in content and team expenses.

Of that, about $1200 will go towards publishing 8 posts a month, and the other $800 will go to the SEO/Project manager.

This manager will make sure that everything is getting done, and will take care of things like…

  • Keyword Research (We use KWFinder)
  • SEO optimization (We use the SEO Publish Pro tool in my CandC membership)
  • Planning the content
  • Services such as content writers, web developers, etc

So, let’s look at the profit margins on this investment, vs. those you may find investing in real estate or some kind of stock.

This is where the world of monetizing from a website gets very advantageous.

Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunity

The goal with this site is to invest $50,000 worth of money (or time) into a site that, within 12 months, will be generating about $3,000 worth of revenue every month.

This would be an ongoing return on investment that would likely continue to grow as you continue to put money and time into it. But even with that, let’s look at the basic numbers.

First, off I did a comparison of affiliate marketing vs. real estate investing.

If you buy a rental property for a down payment of $50,000, and then rent it out, could I make $3,000 a month?

Not even close...

In the market I have experience with real estate investing, a $225,000 house ($45k down) would bring in about $1500/mo rent and after mortgage payments and expenses I'd have about $300 - $400 per month positive cashflow.

Of course, after 30 years you would own the house and make more profit on the rent. But with an affiliate site, over time, the profits will tend to snowball, and costs will go down as you re-invest extra capital generated by the site to continue building onto it.

I can hire more teammates, build more funnels, add more products, or re-invest in a 2nd site, etc.

An Affiliate Site Is A ‘Cash Flow’ Asset

Another thing that is important to understand here is that an affiliate market site is actually a ‘cash flow asset.’

In other words, this is something you can literally build to generate positive long-term cashflow in your future.

Now, you may ask “What if business dries up in this niche?”

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

So, let’s say that you do manage to build a site that is earning $3,000 a month by the time it reaches month 12.


Now, you reinvest either all or a portion of that money back into your business, and start building another site in a different niche. Then grow two more! Then three more!

Before you know it, you have this diverse network of positive cashflow websites that are all earning you money. And since you own all of these websites and all of the email lists you are building, you will be building an asset that nobody will be able to take away from you.

So in the grand scheme of things, this actually works out to be a very smart idea. You just have to build into it.

And of course, you can also sell these types of sites as well. These sites are highly sellable, for 20 to 30 times their profit margin!

Where do you think they find their $250,000 websites?  People like ME who build the assets and want to liquidate them for a big payday.

So, if you ever wanted to liquidate them, they are highly sought after assets and there is a liquid second hand market with buyers ready to invest!

What Is The Game-Plan?

Alright. Let’s talk for a minute about the game-plan behind this affiliate market case-study.

You will find that we are essentially going to be using the Authority Hacker system.

authority hacker affiliate site system

Within this system, two types of posts are going to be published and ranked.

We are going to go for…

  • Informative posts
  • Review-type content

Ultimately, the plan is to generate Amazon affiliate commissions to monetize the site and earn commissions on all products purchased through the review content we publish.

The site and niche that were chosen work well with me because I have a moderate affinity for the topic.

I know about the topic... I've bought a few of these...

My niche selection may actually make you laugh, but so many people get STUCK on this step, my entire goal was to make a decision as FAST as I could to move on.

My theory guiding this case study is irrelevant of what niche is chosen...

I think I could have started a site in any of 100 or more niches and got it up to $3,000 per month... And I think you can, too.

Choosing A Niche

For me, choosing this niche was almost random.

I went to the website builder who I decided was the best option, looked through the list of sites that were available, found one that I had some familiarity with, and bought it.

I thought... "Sure... I know what those are... I think those are going to continue trending... That'll do"

Literally pulled out my credit card in the back of an Uber and bought it while in traffic on the 405.

They handled the niche research, the site build, the theme, they make a logo, branding, and the first few posts...

Total cost - $1298.00

There was no number crunching done, at all. I didn't even search on Google Trends. It was just a niche that I wasn’t completely ignorant about. That was it.

When you choose your niche, keep in mind that choosing a niche and moving forward is always going to be better than taking so much time to do in-depth research, that you never actually pull the trigger to execute on your plan.

It would literally be better to just roll the dice on a niche than to put your project on hold as you try to find ‘the perfect niche.’

The Fire, Ready, Aim approach, as I like to call it.

But with that being said, success in the affiliate marketing business basically all comes down to focus and consistency.

Yes, you need to know what you are doing. But even with all the knowledge in the world, you will not earn a dime without being focused and consistent.

Should You Choose A Niche That You Are Passionate About?

A lot of affiliate marketing gurus say similar things about this.

They tell you…

  • Find your purpose
  • Find your favorite niche
  • Find your passion
  • Choose something fun
  • Choose something that also makes plenty of money
  • Do your research to find out if there is too much competition
  • Etc.

As a general rule, it is espoused that you should choose a niche that you are passionate about. And in general, this is very good advice.

Why? Because if you are passionate about something, you are much more likely to be focused and consistent in it.

When you encounter challenges that are 100% inevitable, your likelihood of persevering is much greater if you are passionate or at least interested in the topic.

And that is really the whole thing.

Sure, doing some research never hurt anything. But so many times, you will get someone who wants to start affiliate marketing, and that person will start by doing some research.

They will get an idea, find out that 20 sites are doing something similar, and get discouraged.

Then, they never start!

This is a double-edged sword… which is why, for the purposes of this case study, an almost random niche was chosen.

So choose a niche. If you can, choose a niche you are passionate about. At least choose a niche that you don’t hate.

But no matter what niche you choose, you are going to have to stay focused and consistent with it to win. Just keep that in mind!

Choosing Hosting

The site was chosen. The niche was chosen. The URL was chosen.

Next, hosting had to be figured out.

My favorite web hosting service was chosen… A2 Hosting. The Turbo Level with CPU upgrade and free SSL package was selected for this project.

Total cost out of pocket - $141.06 for the year.

Why choose the Turbo Level with a CPU upgrade?

Well, the idea is that this site should be fast. I want it to load as fast as possible, from day one.

You can start with a basic option (even cheaper) and upgrade to turbo once you've got your first sales, if you'd like...

But site-speed is actually a ranking factor, so I figured the extra $7/mo was worth it.

Choosing A Theme

Next, themes. The company that the website was purchased from used Thrive Themes during construction, so that works out really well. But even if it wasn’t… Thrive is where it is at.

I use Thrive Themes on all of my websites!

If you are new to thrive, they give you a free license on your site, so the cost for the theme is $0

The homepage was custom built on thrive architect, and all of the WordPress posts are going to go live on standard Thrive themes, so that they will look and perform as awesome as possible.

Now, thrive themes is a paid theme and if you are on a TOTAL budget, you should use one of WordPress' default themes!

They are free, fast loading, 100% customizable and they are constantly updated by the core WordPress team.

The Planning Stage

affiliate website planning

Once the website was purchased and the niche was chosen, it was time to start planning.

It is important that you plan your SEO site from the ground-up to maximize your results. This means that you need to do research, and find out which major keywords your website, as a whole, is going to focus on.

Then, you choose 'SEO Silos’ for these keywords, which essentially become your categories for posts.

Then, was used to begin the process of mapping out content.

After doing this, 12 topics were chosen, and production on the first 12 blog posts was started.

Total cost for the first 12 posts is - $1706.88

At this point, Google Analytics still hasn’t been connected, and the site still hasn’t been connected to Google Search Console.

But those steps are on the agenda for next month.

Steps for Your Month One - Buy A Pre-Built Site, or Build Your Own?

This is probably the number 1 question at this point...

Should you build a website, or should you buy one?

For this project, a turnkey website was purchased. But that costs money, and if you build your own, you will find that you can get it done much, much cheaper.

Plus you'll build valuable skills that can serve you greatly in the future.

So, this really depends on a few different factors.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Your skill level with WordPress

If you can invest $1,500 and want to start writing and publishing blogs fast, then pick out an offered niche, a domain name, and a website ready for content from Human Designs.

If you don’t have the cash but want to start, choose a domain name, get good hosting, and start writing!

If you feel like you need a detailed roadmap with step-by-step tutorial videos that will show you how to choose your niche, how to build the site, how to research keywords and how to write the types of content that will rank well...

Watch this webinar for the exact road-map my team and I are following.

If you’ve been thinking about starting an affiliate site, I challenge you to make the decision to START TODAY!

Instead of just sitting on the sidelines and watching me create success.  START!

Click that link above for the full webinar if you feel like you want to start right away but you need more help.

This Case Study Will Serve Multiple Different Uses

As you know, I believe highly in value. So everything I do, I want to bring value with it.

This case study will help to do that in several different ways. For one, I will be building another cash asset to add to my business.

But for two, it is also going to be a fully documented case study on affiliate marketing, built from the ground-up, where you can follow along, learn what is being done, and replicate it yourself.

There are no secrets here. No gimmicks. There is no reason to hide any of this. The entire point of all of this is to help everyone live better and create their own life on their own terms.

Affiliate marketing can do this for you. You just have to figure out how to do it. And this case study will show you everything!

You don’t even have to…

  • Spend a bunch of money
  • Be an expert on SEO
  • Be an expert in your chosen niche
  • Do a bunch of research or crunch a bunch of mind-bending numbers to get started

But, you DO have to…

  • Follow the right plan
  • Stay focused and consistent
  • Keep learning
  • Work hard
  • And refuse to give up

So stick with this case study, follow the steps, and find out how YOU can get started with affiliate marketing to grow your own business, take control of your life, and earn enough to quit your day job and become your own boss!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, here are the steps that were taken on this case study project in the first month.

  • The website was purchased which included a URL, and chose my niche
  • Hosting was purchased
  • Keyword research and content mind-mapping were conducted
  • Silos were defined
  • 12 blog posts were ordered and writing has begun

Total cost from my project manager on the month was $750.

My total expenses at this point are $3895.94 and I've got a live site up, a content marketing plan in place and 12 blog posts on order...

Like that... I'm in the game.

And now it is time for you to join in the game, too... If you haven't already!

Additional Affiliate Marketing Case Study Monthly Updates

That about wraps it up for month number one. Every month we will be documenting the work that was done on my case study site, what was fun, what went well, and what did not, and don’t forget to hit me up in the comments if you have any questions whatsoever about this process.

I am happy to talk to anyone about any questions they may have about starting their own affiliate site, what tools to use, how to make it work right, etc.

Thanks for reading! See you on the next one!

20 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Website Example Case Study And Guide | Month 1”

  1. Awesome stuff Miles, I'm super excited for you!

    I got into affiliate websites a few years ago and then had a lot of setbacks (mostly with my head and mindset). I'm finally back in the game and getting some traction, it's slow but I'm currently doing most of the content myself.

    Who are you using to write your content? Is it in house or are you using a service? $150 per article seems fairly high to me.

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and all the best!

    1. Right now I am testing a service for my content and you are correct… High quality content has a premium price tag! I am so done with content mills who promise three cents per word content that just sucks. I need great content that's well researched by professional writers who have masters degrees in English from North American universities! And I'm willing to pay for that type of quality.

  2. Great post Miles.

    Looking forward to following along as I am doing exactly this in the pet niche.

    Will you be covering how and where you recruited your writers and SEO/project manager?

    I consistently struggle to find that key project manager role.

    Hopefully you’ll covervthis!

    1. I will cover the writing teams as soon as I'm confident enough in them to recommend them… It may take a few months of testing to finding the right people. My project manager is a teammate I hired for content over a year ago. I've just been coming up with more projects for him to work on and he loves taking on these types of challenges. Hiring is so challenging… Sometimes you just have to jump in and hire, then train and work with them, then monitor to see if they are the right person for you. I have tried hiring dozens of people who did not work out to find the one or two who have. That is the process so when you realize that and commit to it, you are able to get more potential progress

  3. Hi Miles

    This is going to be super helpful, thanks! Going to be more helpful to me at this point than any other helpful videos and C&C (which is also extremely helpful, don't get me wrong.)

    My site is 60 posts and 8 months old, but am eager to see how you structure your content, your progress, and monetization. Being a one-man show, I am sure you will catch up and surpass me in the first 3 months. It will provide me with a framework to see where I may be going wrong.

    Thanks again.


    1. Right on Wessel. I'm glad this post series is going to be helpful… I will plan to break down at least one subtopic in each monthly update to explain in more detail. I don't want this to just be a numbers update each month, I want to analyze all of the different aspects we work on in the different phases of growth.

  4. Miles thank you so much for sharing this with us. It helps so much to see what steps you are taking and understand why you are taking them. When you are just getting started its hard to be sure that the next action step you are taking is the right one. You are helping me so much by sharing this with us. I didn't know site speed was so important but now I am definitely going to check out a faster option. Thanks for the great post

    1. Absolutely my pleasure Karl! this is a big part of why I decided to start another brand-new affiliate site to make sure I document all of the little bits and pieces from the start

  5. Hi Miles!

    Really looking forward to this case study, I started a niche site about 3 months ago so I'll be interested to see where we follow a similar path and where we deviate.

    A quick question if you don't mind - with such narrow niches that the human proof design websites seem to be, how big do you envisage your site being in terms of posts? Surely you'll reach a diminishing returns point after (say?) 30-40 articles where you'll be scraping the barrel for posts unless your product/niche has a lot of creative uses without niching up?

    I'm also not sure if I'm missing something but do you know how human proof designs come up with the potential profit figure?

    Looking forward to the early results over the next 3-4 months!


    1. Thanks for your comment Chaz. I can see this website growing to 200+ posts no problem. There's always ways to branch out into other relevant sectors when choosing a good niche and this is part of what I look for… Something that can lead into other areas over time. I don't see any diminishing returns in my future, all compounding returns. Every blog post has the potential of becoming an asset that will drive traffic to my site… 200 Posts Driving Traffic Will Dr. more traffic than 30 posts driving traffic. I goal is 100 posts in the first year.

      I believe HPD uses the traffic numbers multiplied by average conversion rates, average product prices and average commissions to get their numbers... But I definitely recommend you ask them through their support channel if you are truly curious. they are very helpful and responsive

  6. My wife and I do videos and sell plasma energy products on our website.We have taken your 90 day challenge with 5 new videos posted in the last 4 days. We are very interested in starting an affiliate site with a niche in health products for humans and animals. We will be watching all your posts for coming info. Thank You for sharing your knowledge! If I can help in any way just let me know. Dr. Paul

    1. Right on Dr. Paul... way to go taking action and committing to growing your audience through content. Your future self will thank you

  7. Hey Miles,
    You mentioned cost for the DIY process, but did not discuss any costs related to plugins. Can you elaborate? I would think this would happen in first month. Thx, and great post!

  8. Dear Miles I will make this short as I know you are a very busy person. My key points 1-First you need to know that I am sharing your Youtube content to my 3 Facebook sites almost every day and why? Simply and you have heard this one before "Every Fake Guru with shiny object offers destroyed my time my money and my life and I am awakened to it now. 2- FaceBook is not serving me well at all they look at my 3,000 plus followers on my main sight and hound me every day to pay them money for more exposure of my original health content.Solution for me is to get fast away from FB and to build my Real Estate WP video site and YouTube and Flickr Account for our Land Sale offers ASAP. 3- Still researching our Phuket Thailand Real Estate market place and all the UGLY white collar criminal activity that we will expose without naming any names to educate our buyers. As a former veteran in the Cartoon Animation Industry 23 years including some time with Walt Disney TV Animation, we will use my original cartoon character designs to show and to pitch our offers. This has never been done before and this is my strength. Our Phuket World RealEstate Domain is currently parked with Mad Dog Domains presently. 4- I am a 65-year-old senior American on a small fixed retirement pension with lots of time on my hands. So at my age, true WEALTH IS MY GOOD HEALTH. The elderly of the world are being currently thrown under the bus by the current system in place for MONEY only. Case in point the number one cause of DEATH in the USA is Medical Errors documented and studied by John Hopkins University and their target is the elderly. The main cause of bankruptcy in the USA is again Medical Bills that the corrupted insurance industry will find legal loopholes in not honouring and paying the elderly when they most need help and this fact is disgusting to me. Case in point currently I am recovering from Dental Surgery caused by all the ADA terrible junk science Dentistry that compromised my immune system so financially the insurance industry will not touch people like myself as in their eyes we are too much of a high-risk group for them. My baby boomer following is growing very fast on FB. But like I said FaceBook is corporate GREED and they exploit my time and energy at this moment.I need to spend more time in my garden to meditate in the sun and to grow more of my organic food on the resort island of Phuket Thailand and to help others with their political health issues. The number one cause of DEATH World Wide is Heart Attack more than all the Cancers combined but for some reason, the American Red Cross has a blood policy to reject and to turn down all the elderly people that are at age 60 and older. This is a big deal because from my research this is the highest age group for HEART ATTACK and research studies have proven that at any age when you donate blood your risk factor for heart attack is reduced by a whopping 88 per cent. Connect the dots Miles and you will understand why this is happening, my friend. 5- Currently I am consolidating my Credit Card Debts for my personal one year paydown schedule. It is shocking today to know that the average USA house hold debt today not including mortgage liability is standing at a whopping USD $30.000 Dollars and in Candada is stands at 20 thousand Canadian Dollars so the Banks win the house in the end .So my lowest hanging fruit right now is that incredible buyer friendly Land Sale Land Deal just waiting for the LUCKY BuyerInvestor to work with us in mutual partnership for ROI and Development of the Land for commercial and private use. Our property offer is free and clear from any bank . Our friends in Social Media with recieve the wire transfer finders fees for delivery of the buyer prospect to us and not the tradditional Phuket Realtor . Well Miles Beckler that is it for now and I will open up all of your blue highlighted links to learn more about Internet Marketing the right and sustainable way with no FLUFF and no information overload either . This post is being shared to my 3 FB accounts to help others to make better informed desicions for their life and happiness . Best Wishes to all.....Your Good Earth Realtor Animator Chef and Friend for Life Holistic Chef Barry Anderson sending greetings to the Miles Beckler IM Team .

  9. Hello Miles,

    I'm a regular reader of your content, be it YouTube videos, blog post or a case study like this one.

    You always give a lot value with what you share online.

    This case study will definitely help me to understand affiliate marketing business in a different perspective.

    So far, I've come to know that there are places which can provide you with ready made websites, which is really awesome.

    Preparing for Silos and starting with 12 blog post is really a good start.

    I wish you all the best and success with this project.


    1. Right on man. Thank you very much for your comment and I'm glad you are enjoying my content. I look forward to hearing how your silo goes for you!

  10. Hi miles,
    Nice post. I really like to follow the process of projects like this.
    Could you maybe make an outline or a breakdown of expenses, traffic, income, etc. for each post? could be awesome. Like a brief overview on the core metrics.

    Also these posts really get treated well on Reddit if you are looking for some extra traffic.

    Looking forward to seeing more content about your affiliate journey 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment and I appreciate the tip on Reddit… I am confident we will come up with a post template that will allow me to break down the costs, income, traffic, etc. in a much cleaner and more standardized way.

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