The "Triple Threat" Secret. How Normal People Build Amazing Businesses
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The "Triple Threat" Secret To Success

Finding your personal "Triple Threat" is the fastest way I've seen people achieve success online.

And it works more consistently than any other approach I've ever seen (or tried).

This email is going to cover the triple threat concept and reveal several real-world examples to make sure this proven approach is clear...

So you can implement your own triple threat approach to success!

And achieve more in 2019 than ever before.

Ok, first off, what is the triple threat?

Well, it is when you combine 3 (or more) separate skills or niches into something totally unique.

My friend Andre Chaperon tipped me off to this idea...

Yet it has been in front of my face this whole time!

Originally the idea comes from Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert (the wildly successful comic strip) and at its root he says...

"Every skill you acquire doubles your odds for success."

And he is clear... You only have to be 'good' at these skills when you add enough of them...

You don't have to become the best in the world at anything!

He explained the idea in detail through this quick video interview with a Forbes Magazine reporter:

Here's the short version:

He is not that great of an artist... He's good, but definitely not "best in the world" caliber.

He is not as funny as a stand-up comedian either... But he's kind of funny.

He wasn't that great at "office life" as a business man...

And he isn't that good of a writer...

So, all in all, he has fairly average talents…

But when you add them all together it creates something extraordinary!

This is the easy option compared to becoming the best in the world at something!

And in a minute you will learn about several friends of mine who have created massive success following this exact formula.

But to be sure this is perfectly clear...  Here's the method explained another way:

You want to get very good at a few different skills (like top 25% in the world) and focus one of those skills on content creation.

The unique mix is where the real value lies...

Your personal mashup IS your path to success!

Let's cover a few examples from my network:

First up, my friend Alexandra...

She combined "carry-on only travel" with "fashion for women" and added on "blogging"...

The result? She receives over 1.5 million page views per month to her website:

She is not the foremost travel expert... Not even close!

She is not the foremost fashion expert... Not even close!

She is not the best blogger in the world, either... But the combination created a magic result...

And a VERY successful business!

Example number two, my friends in NZ, Ben and Nicola...

She worked as a fitness trainer for years... She has loved horses and dressage riding since she was a girl...

She has mastered performing on video (and Ben films, edits and runs Facebook ads with those videos) and that combination created:

Another extremely successful online business...

Yet she isn't even ranked in the Dressage World Rankings (remember, this is an Olympic sport!)

It is the combination that makes it special...

Let's go on with another new example you've never heard of...

Lynn Terry, who is a VERY smart marketer is in the health and weight loss niche.

Super competitive space, right?

Well, she took her focus on a "Low Carb diet" and mixed it with her love for "Travel" and applied the skill of "Blogging" and BOOM!

She dominates in her little sub-segment within that niche!

Now, in these examples, the one thing I'm not mentioning is the TIME it took for each of these examples to create the success you see today!

Alex started travel fashion girl in 2011.

Ben and Nicola started DRT in 2012.

Lynn started her site in 2011.

Notice a pattern here?

When you combine skills and disciplines you can dominate your own segment within a broader niche.

And it still takes many years of hard work 😉

Notice... I didn't say months... But years.

😉  Having patience and perseverance for years is as much of a key as niche selection!

Ok, two more quick examples... You may recognize these.

Angels + Meditations + Blogging for 9 years = 11 million page-views per year.

Solopreneurship + Digital Marketing + YouTube Videos for 2.5 years = ~80,000 subscribers

...I'm not the best digital marketer on the planet.

I'm definitely not the most successful solopreneur... Not by a LONG shot.

And my YouTube videos are good, but they are NOT the highest quality productions on YouTube...

I don't even have a Lambo in the background or fancy drone shots!?!

Yet, I'm good enough at all 3 and combining them with hard work and persistence is once again proving that the triple threat WORKS!

And in 2019 I want to help YOU dial in YOUR success, too...

Turning you into a success story is more important to me than any vanity metric like subscriber numbers...

And tomorrow I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how you can get my help figuring out your triple threat...

Plus, how you can get my help growing your business in 2019...

But this email is long enough already...

I'll share the rest with you, tomorrow.

Miles "Triple Threat" Beckler


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