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The Success Secret Gurus Don't Want You To Know

The Success Secret Gurus Don't Want You To KnowThere is one thing you need to do right, over and over, to create massive success and abundance online.

And there is a conspiracy to keep this information from you by the Gurus so they can keep you stuck in a cycle of buying their products.

This information will liberate you as an internet marketer... But I need you to understand that this will sound simple at first.

It may sound so simple that you might dismiss it at first.

But I can guarantee you that this is the ultimate 'trick' to creating the success you desire.

And the "Gurus" (fake or real) will never teach you this!  In fact, they don't want you to learn this and I'll explain why in a second...

But first, let's answer the big question... "What is the one thing you need to do over and over to be successful online?"

Simple... You must truly HELP PEOPLE!

Help them do what, you ask?


Help people solve their biggest problems...

Help people overcome their deepest fears that keep them awake at night...

Help people achieve their goals.

That is it!

Your 'audience' or 'target market' is comprised of people who all have common problems, fears and goals.

This is what makes up a market... A shared need that is still unfulfilled.

This is what makes up a market... A shared need that is still unfulfilled.

When you are the one person who actually helps your audience fill this need, you win... Because psychologically, emotionally and logically YOU become their most trusted advisor.

And once you have helped them solve that first need, problem or desire... Then you can help them solve other ones, too.

This is how great internet based businesses are built... Solving one problem for a group of people at a time!

Then scaling to bigger (and more valuable) problems and growing your audience to reach more people through more content...

This is why the Three Pillar Content Marketing Strategy is so powerful!

Your content that helps people searching for solutions on YouTube can be leveraged to reach the segment of your audience searching Google and Podcast directories!

By changing the medium for the same idea, you reach more people... And when you reach and help more people, your income will grow, too!

But the gurus aren't teaching you this... Why?

But the gurus aren't teaching you this... Why?

Well, because they need you to think that some 'traffic hack' or 'funnel software' is the key to success so they can keep selling you stuff you don't need...

So they can pay for their fancy lifestyles... Off your sweat and hard earned money.

They create false needs... Like 'traffic is the problem' or 'you need a 5 comma funnel' or 'scaling Facebook ads is your biggest problem'

They literally create false needs... So they can 'fill those needs'

Why do you think a webinar is an hour long convincing you there is this HUGE problem before sharing the story of how they 'discovered' the magic solution? lol.

They have to set you up before they can close you!

This is why I recommend you avoid webinars at all costs! In fact... I think I need to start an #AvoidWebinars campaign!

Because every webinar is designed to do ONE THING... Sell you.

Not help you... They mask the sales pitch as a training... But it's not!

You know it.

They give just enough info to make you think that this is a BIG PROBLEM that you MUST SOLVE... Before stacking on valuable 'bonus' after valuable 'bonus' so you are getting $10,495 in value for only $495

But this isn't training... and you aren't "saving" $10,000!!!!!  That is $495 that will be leaving your world forever because they convinced you that you need something.

Let's be real!  A webinar is a sales presentation designed to siphon money out of your bank account!

The biggest problem you need to solve on your path to success online is how to maintain your focus on being of service to your audience and how to help your audience solve their biggest problems.

Are those 'ninja traffic' tactics helping your audience solve their problems?

Is that fancy new 'funnel hack' going to help your audience solve their problems?

If the answer is no.

Then, it is a distraction from what is truly important... Helping your audience!

Unfortunately, in the world of internet marketing gurus, you are the prey... Your bank account is in the danger zone of bleeding out when their psychologically persuasive sales content convinces you they have a 'secret' you don't know.

I can't stress this enough!

When you finally realize the 'hacks' or 'ninja tactics' and 'secrets' are nothing more than a ploy to move money from your bank account to theirs...

And when you decide to unsubscribe from their email lists... Or attending their webinars...

You can get on the true path to success, which is helping a group of people solve a problem or achieve a goal...

This is the monumental shift towards success that the gurus don't want you to know about!

It may seem 'simple' and it is...

It is so simple that if the fake gurus were honest about it, they wouldn't be able to sell you $1995 courses anymore...

Or expensive memberships or 'high ticket coaching'


In fact, because you read this far, you now get it! And they won't be able to trick you out of your money anymore!

Because you now know that the true key to success is being of service to others.

To truly HELP your audience solve their problems...

Through content... Through blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media updates, courses, freebies, emails, etc.

Every day... All day... Focusing on helping others.

The money and income is a byproduct of how many people you help and how BIG of problems you are helping them solve.

It really is that simple!

And now you know the true 'trick' to success!

About the Author Miles

Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch.

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Bhawna says May 10, 2018

Hey Miles
Just saw your video on keyword research ( 1 Hour session ). I was blown away by the knowledge you have. I really appreciate your efforts.
Coming to this post, I think building trust is very important. Helping and resolving the common problem will take you along way.
Keep up the good work 🙂

    Miles says May 11, 2018

    Cheers mate!

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