The Best SamCart Bonus 🏆 From Miles Beckler

This page will help you unlock and access the most valuable and actionable SamCart bonuses so you can get my trainings PLUS my high converting templates for FREE

These will help you make the most out of your SamCart checkout pages, FAST!

Now, I've explained why I love the SamCart software and their world-class conversion tools so much in this post.

But this page is all about the BONUS you can get, today...

First, tho...

Here's a screenshot from inside my biggest Sam Cart account (I have multiple, one for each brand) to show you I'm not just some hack affiliate trying to hype this up...


My point?

I make my living and I'm building my wealth with this system...

This is why I'm excited to give you the exact templates I've used with great success to sell millions of dollars in products on Brian Moran's brilliant software.

Ok, let's get to it...

The Bonuses:

Now, I'm an affiliate of SamCart, so full disclosure that I earn a commission if you sign up through my link.

That's OBVIOUSLY what I'm incentivising here because I use and love samcart... and if you are going to sell your own products, coaching, consulting, courses, etc. online... I do truly believe it's the best option, no doubt.


SamCart is just a software tool.  And they include a LOT of great training (see here for the best offer that includes their bonus training)

That said... You still need to get the right WORDS on the page to actually convert visitors into customers.

The copywriting is key.

Which is why I'm offering 3 of my premium templates that normally retail for as much as $97 as a free bonus when you buy through my SamCart Link.

Essentially, I want to be 100% sure you have EVERYTHING you need in order to succeed once you get going on Samcart...

So I'm giving you access to my personal sales letter templates (and training from my personal copywriting mentor) to make sure you can put your new shopping cart to use, FAST!

Because, getting sales flowing quickly is your #1 priority.

And there's no faster way to put up a new sales letter or upsell than using one of my proven templates.


I'll cover the 'how to get your Sam Cart bonus' here in a minute...

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  1. My Million Dollar OTO Sales Page template (A $97 value)Stop struggling to write your sales pages from scratch!This template will walk you through writing a sales letter for your product that is based on my proven winners that have made millions!You'll learn the 10 conversion components every great sales page needs and you'll see real world examples plus 'fill in the blank' templates for each conversion component.When you finish this course, you'll have your entire sales page ready to go!
  2. Your ImageMy High Converting One-Click-Upsell template (A $47 Value)SamCart's one-click upsell feature earns me an additional 6-figures every year.Approximately 25% of my customers choose to 'buy a second product' when they see my one-click upsell offer!And now, you can get my exact video sales letter script that I've used to make millions...So you can avoid blank screen syndrome and create an upsell that will convert like crazy for your customers!And, always remember: If you are currently selling ANYTHING online and you don't have an upsell in place... You're leaving money on the table!This template makes it fast and easy to create an upsell offer that converts, fast!
  3. The Bump Offer Swipe File - ($47 Value)

    Learn how to instantly increase your average order value by including an additional offer on your checkout page.

    If you're not running bump offers you're leaving money on the table!

    This swipe file takes you under the hood to show you exactly how I set up my own bump offers so you can replicate them....

    Plus you'll get 10 additional examples to model!

  4. The Million Dollar Copywriting Course - $197 Value

    This bonus copywriting training is a deep dive 6 part video training with my personal copywriting mentor that teaches you how to write copy that turns your sales page into a money making machine!

    If you are committed to creating the cashflow you need to achieve lasting success, you know that copywriting is the #1 skill you need to build.

    And, as I mentioned before... Copywriting is a life-long study.

    That's why this course is being added for you, today. To help you build a life-skill that will serve you for years.


How to claim your SamCart Bonuses

Ok, first off, this offer is obviously for new customers who purchase through my link... If you purchased through someone else's link, you do not qualify.

Step #1 - Clear your browser's cookies!

If you want to be super sure you qualify for these bonuses, clear your cookies and your browser's cache.

This will make sure there isn't any conflicting affiliate cookies that will keep you from getting these template bonuses.

Because, my team will be double-checking that you actually completed your purchase through my link!

Step #2 - Click through this link here to get SamCart's best offer.

You will notice they have some GREAT trainings included through that link (you don't get the bonuses or these trainings if you only buy SamCart's free trial, by the way!)

  1. The Course Creation Challenge Course - They teach their powerful course creation process that will help you create your first course (or your next course) in a way that your customers will gobble it up (especially when you sell it with my sales page template!)
  2. The 1-Page Master Class Training - This training teach you how to lay out your sales page (you wrote from my template) on their system so you can get it published and live in minutes, not days!
  3. The Traffic Tactics Course - Once you're all setup with your 1 page funnel it's time to turn on the traffic and they've got you covered here, too!

And, of course, this is in addition to 1 year with their world class software that's made me millions.

So you have plenty of time to get this all built out and running so you can turn a profit on your investment in SamCart (and my bonuses, obviously) on your first year and compound what you earn and learn into a real business!

Step #3 - Forward your receipt from Sam Cart to my support team at support(at)

We will double check your name and your email address in my samcart affiliate dashboard to confirm your purchase was attributed to my account.

If you'd rather not forward your receipt, just send an email with "Claiming My Bonus" as the subject line and include the email address time and date of your purchase so we can locate it on our end.

After confirmation, my team will manually add you to the bonuses and you should have full access within 24 hours...

If you have questions about this, you can obviously send your questions to my team at that above address, too.

Step #4 - Start Building!

As stated, it'll take my team (on average) a day or so to get your bonuses over to you...

But you have full access to SamCart's great trainings.

So... If you already have a product of your own, jump into their "1-Page Master Class" training.

This will help you understand the type of sales page you'll be building in greater detail and it'll get you into motion.

If you do NOT have a product of your own yet...

Jump into the Course Creation Challenge and they'll teach you how to create your first product, fast.

And that's it.

You now have the chance to get everything you need in order to sell more of your products so you can build a proper business online that will support you in the lifestyle of your dreams.

Now is the time to take action.

Follow those steps above and get to it.

Miles "The Helpful Affiliate" Beckler