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The 1-Page Funnel Hack Revealed

Ok, sticking to the "simple is better" theme...

You're about to learn how simplifying your tech and your strategy around your sales funnel could be the thing that explodes your results beyond the next level.

Because when I really look through the data.

There's 1 thing that kicked my biz way beyond the 10k/mo mark up to 100k/mo!

Selling more stuff!


100% serious: Your growth from zero to 1k/mo comes from selling stuff.

Then, growing from 1k/mo to $10k/mo...?

Simple: Selling more stuff.

How about from $10k/mo to $100k/mo?

I think you're getting the idea. It's selling more stuff.


What's the absolute fastest way to sell more stuff?

With a 1 page funnel... Which was invented by my friend Brian (who offers a free training that teaches the full method, here).

That's what I'm using.

What is a "1-Page Funnel"?

Honestly, it's easier to 'show you' this with a live example...

So, here's one of my best performing 1-page funnels that is live and converting sales, daily:

Now... Pay close attention!

If you go too quickly on that page, you may just miss the genius of the 1-page funnel in action.

Because... When it loads, it looks like a simple sales page...

Which it is...

But as you scroll down and either reach the bottom or click the button... You notice that the page is actually the checkout page, too.


This is the fastest way to sell more stuff!

Which is why I use it.

And have been for years.

But just recently, Brian added on the 'Courses' feature that makes life even easier.

This new add-on to their already 'best in class' system called "courses" actually delivers the products to my customers after they purchase!


This is seriously a game changer...

And it's live, now (my example above runs on this system)!

Ok, next step:

Watch their explanation on courses, here:

Because this eliminates having to pay for a 2nd 'product delivery' system!

Since immediately after the user checks out on my 1-page funnel, they receive immediate access on the courses side of the system, because it's all integrated into 1 simple tool!

This is huge for everyone selling online.

The old way was a nightmare.


No more 'integrating' with wordpress plugins or zapier...

No more price-gouging from the Teachables or the Kajabis of the world...

No more support tickets asking "how do I get what I purchased?"

It just works.


That's how they made their name in the age of 'glitch funnel' software being overhyped.

I've been using this system for 5+ years now...

There's a reason.

They've built simple tools that make a BIG impact on how much cashflow I generate from my traffic.

And that allows me to sell more stuff.

Simple... Right?

Miles "Keep It Simple" Beckler

P.S. One other thing to look at on my 1-page funnel example, above.

Or a second one you can check out, here.

Some 'extra value' for you since you actually read this to the end.

Because I appreciate you...

On that 1-page funnel, scroll down to the actual 'checkout area' and notice the light blue box where users can upgrade?

This is called a bump offer...

And it is SOOOOOOO simple to launch on their system.

Plus, with the 'courses' powering the delivery, the system gives users instant access to their products whether they buy 1, 2 or 10 items on that page.

Honestly, that's why this system and their trainings available here are my #1 cashflow generator by far.


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