How 1 Simple Page Template Can Grow Your List, Generate Extra CashFlow And Scale Your Online Business Fast!

You already know that 'the money is in your list'

And you're creating great content for your audience...

Which means you are on the path.

Way to go!


I'm assuming you already have your opt in page and your email list growing...

Or that's the main project that you're working on now.

Because you understand the money is in the list, and profitable list-growth is the #1 priority.

Which is why you're on the path to growing a large email list of subscribers who know you, like you and trust you...

But what about the other important metrics in your business?

Monthly revenue...?

Daily cash-flow...?


Is your business growing slower than you'd like? Even with all the work you've been putting in?

Have you reached the 'I've hit my goals and it's time to coast' mode yet?

If not, don't worry.

You're about to learn the simple solution that turned my slow-growing online business into a cashflow machine with 1 simple page.

This changed everything for me.

And, I'll show you how to build out one of these pages based off of proven templates so you can get this all setup, fast.

Because the truth is...

You don't have to waste years in trial and error figuring this all out on your own...

But first... Take a deep breath.

Remind yourself WHY you are building your business online...

Is it to fire your boss?

To retire your spouse?

To put your kids through college?

To pay off your parents' home?

What is the BIG reason WHY you will continue to persevere?

Because the truth is this:

With strategic focus and perseverance you can build the online business of your dreams.

As long as you keep with it long enough!

Having a big 'WHY' is the key to finding the energy to be persistent long enough to succeed.

And remember:

If you've already built systems that are growing your audience AND getting them to opt-in to your email list...

Even if it is just a few dozen subscribers at this point...

You're further along than 90% of people who try making a full time income online!

It also means you've already built half (if not more) of the automated cash flow system that makes up a wonderful internet based business.

All told...

There's probably 1 simple piece to the puzzle missing...

And that's what you're learning about, now.

So... Good on you for taking action thus far!

You've cleared the hurdles of web hosting, building your landing pages, getting your email marketing system setup...

And, you may even have created some of your own products!

Well done.

You are officially on the path.

So how do you speed up the path to hit your personal goals faster?

Because, the truth is...

The monthly expense for all the tech and tools to run a successful business add up quick.

It can start to feel "expensive" if you don't have enough customers buying your products every day.

And you know you should be advertising more which would cost even more money.

Which brings us right back to cashflow.

And this is the first big truth of business :

Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business.

In the 'real world' you can see what happens when businesses don't generate enough cashflow.

They close up shop.

You don't have to look far to see these signs in your local area.

There's empty commercial real estate everywhere because 'real businesses' folded due to a lack of cashflow.

Luckily we 'internet entrepreneurs' don't have those HUGE overhead expenses like main street commercial rent prices, inventory, retail employees, etc.


We are still required to generate more cashflow than we spend in order to have a profitable business...

And, if you've got big personal income goals... You'll have to generate even more cashflow.

So this begs an important question...

How do you get there?

How do you build an internet business that generates consistent daily cashflow?


You make more offers.

It's the digital equivalent of 'cold calling' or 'knocking on doors' to make more sales in the pre-internet world.

Like the old-school door-to-door salesmen, for example.

Back in the day, all kinds of stuff was sold door to door... Pots and pans, Vacuums, dishes, encyclopedias, etc.

These folks loaded up their vehicles with their products they set out to sell...

Knocked on doors for attention and then they delivered their pitch (aka made their offer) as many times as they could in a day.

Every. Single. Day.

They were pounding the pavement with the goal of closing the sale right then and there!

If they made sales, they made money.

If not?

Well, they just knocked on more doors until they made the sale.

The modern #HustleAndGrind culture has nothing on these old-school badass sales-people.

But there's a key overlap in what we do and what they did:

It was a numbers game for them and it's a number's game for us.

Because their income was directly correlated to the number of offers they presented.

Obviously their skill, the usefulness and quality of their product, their ability to target the right people played a HUGE part in them making the sale...

But the one thing that their income and their entire livelihood rested on was making more offers to the right people.

And, although the tech has changed a lot since the era of door to door sales...

We internet entrepreneurs are still dealing with the exact same challenge today:

Which leads us to the BIG question that every successful entrepreneurs must answer:

How do I make enough offers to the right people for my useful products they'll love with a pitch that can close at least 1-2% of the people who look at your offer?

That's it...

The full 'secret' behind a super-successful online business.

Sell useful products that your audience wants.

Target the right people.

Close 1%-2% of those folks who express interest with your sales letter that actually sells!

That's it.

This is the entire recipe I've used to sell tens of thousands of products online...

It's the strategy I've used repeatedly to build multiple brands worth millions...

And it's grown my email lists with hundreds-of-thousands of interested subscribers.

The result?

I now have a 'cashflow on demand' system fully built that allows me to craft a new offer and email it to over 100,000 people and instantly generate more revenue.

This is why my business has been so successful.

Because I've optimized the 'systems' for leads and cashflow to be SIMPLE, so they keep working for me 24x7x365.

This 'simple system' is what you're getting access to, today.

It's like getting the cheat-code to help you replicate what's worked for me...

Plus you can get a template that will help you set this all up fast, too...

Because, the truth is: The Math Doesn't Lie.

With a 2% conversion rate, you only need to make 50 offers per day to make 1 sale per day.

With a 1% conversion rate you need to make 100 offers to make 1 sale per day.


These are offers for useful products made to the right people who WANT your stuff written in a way that really 'sells' your product...

And that's the goal here today.

To help you 'make more offers' to the right people with the right message for your product...

So, how do you do it?

How do you make more offers to the right people?

With a simple "Self Liquidating Offer" sales funnel.

I first learned about this simple sales funnel structure from a mentor, a few short years ago.

At the time, my business was growing and generating revenue...

But I was still dragging around $50,000 in student loan debt and couldn't afford to buy even a crappy house in a run-down neighborhood.

Within 8 months of figuring this 'self liquidating offer' funnel out, I had paid off 100% of my student loan debt and I've never had cash flow issues since.

Today I live in my dream lake-house on 20 acres and I've been able to semi-retire in my 30's.

All because I added this one page to my website.

And today, I'm spilling all the beans.


Great... Let's jump in.

The Self Liquidating Offer

At this point you know that there are 3 key ingredients to growing an online business fast that can make lifestyle-altering money...

1) An interested audience of people who have expressed interest in the solution (or transformation) your products deliver.

2) A useful product that they already desire, because they know it will help them solve a problem or achieve a desired result.

3) A well timed offer presented with great salesmanship that makes your offer irresistible in that moment.

That's it.

I'm telling you, this is simple stuff...

You can do this.


Let's break each of these 3 key components down even further to make sure this is 100% clear.

#1 - The interested audience who have expressed interest:

Surely you realize that there are BILLIONS of people addicted to their phones who spend hours per day on Facebook and YouTube...

There are probably millions of people around the world who want the solutions you provide...

Here's the part that may surprise you:

Advertising is the #1 way to reach this interested audience.

Now, if you've already grown your audience organically through YouTube videos or a blog and SEO, great! That works, too!

And, this funnel structure you're learning about works perfectly for both approaches...

That said, to scale a business and increase cashflow quickly...

Facebook ads are still my go-to traffic source, to this very day...

Although I do advertise on Google and YouTube as well...

But I get the best return on my advertising investment from Facebook.

Ok, this is the 'traffic' part of the game...

But then:

How do you get people on those platforms to express interest in what you offer?

This is where your lead magnet and your opt-in page comes in.

It gives the interested folks a chance to 'get more information' on what you do via a useful pdf, mp3 or video...

This is the mechanism that grows your list.

But the key here is the fact that people who are willing to opt in to your list for your lead magnet are THE MOST INTERESTED people in what you offer...

Actions speak louder than words, right?


Ok... #2 - A USEFUL product they already desire.

The most successful entrepreneurs understand that they cannot 'create desire' in their audience...

You can only 'channel the desire of your audience' towards something they already want.

You need to understand this distinction if you want to be really successful online!

You see...

Every person on the planet is spending crazy amounts of their time, attention, money and life energy trying to solve their problems so they can enjoy life more.

For some people, they are watching YouTube videos trying to learn 'How to train my dog to stop barking'

Others are browsing Facebook Groups trying to learn 'how to crochet'

Some folks are searching for self-hypnosis audio tracks, others are looking to learn how to manifest their soulmate...

In every scenario there is 1 overarching truth...

They believe that this one outcome will lead to more happiness...

This isn't exactly a 'conscious' thought but it drives EVERYONE'S actions, day-in and day-out

"If I could only get my dog to stop barking, THEN I'll be happy"

Every business... Every product... Every time...

Think about your situation right now, reading this page.

What would your life be like if you were earning an additional $10,000/mo?

Would you be happier then?

It'd probably sort out that cashflow problem we talked about earlier, right?


THIS is the key...

Realizing your entire audience is wandering around cyberspace on one of 5 apps hoping to find solutions that will solve their problems because that will make them happy.

So we create products that solve their problems and help them achieve their 'more enjoyable life'

But what happens once they solve that problem?

After the dog does stop barking based off your 'dog training' content?

Is that it?


They naturally have another dog problem to solve... Next it becomes 'how to get my dog to stop chewing on my couch' or 'how to crate train my dog'

And on and on it goes...

This is why it's so valuable to take the position as 'the most helpful advisor' in your niche because these folks look to YOU for all their current and future needs.

The most successful entrepreneurs understand the journey their audience is on...

We build the solutions to our audience's problems and help them achieve more and more happiness.

This brings us to the third ingredient...

3) A well timed (and irresistible) offer presented with great salesmanship.

Let's break this down...

Making "a well timed offer" means that you aren't getting an opt in and 12 days later you're making your offer.


They've totally forgotten about you at that point and they've probably bought your competitors' course...

They're working on the next challenge while you haven't got around to pitching them the first solution.

Obviously not a recipe for more cashflow...

So when is the best time to make that first offer?

Immediately after they take that first step in your direction...

Immediately after they opt in!

The most ambitious folks who are 100% ready to solve that problem will be grateful to hear about your solution!


The vacuum salesman wasn't knocking on doors to make appointments to come back and make the offer in a few days.

They were making offers right then and there when they had the full attention of their prospect.

Ok, breaking down the second part of that statement, next:

"Presented with great salesmanship" = Copywriting.

It is REQUIRED to present a clear case for why and how your product will truly solve their big problem, once and for all.

This is how you sell, online.

It's your pitch... Your sales presentation.

This is the time to overcome their objections before they start, build your credibility, give value in advance and to show them how your product will help them get that 'happier life' they desire.

For us modern marketers, it's done through copywriting and to be perfectly honest with you...

Copywriting (AKA 'selling via the written word') is probably the most difficult skill for most internet entrepreneurs to master.

And it is 100% required...

Unless you have tens-of-thousands of dollars to invest in hiring a hot-shot copywriter.

But even then, there are no guarantees.

I've hired copywriters for over $12,500 who failed to deliver a completed sales letter.

Talk about a shitty day...

I lost all trust in copywriters that day and it led me on my path to discover a better way...

Which you'll learn about here in a second.

Right now, let's pull this all together to make sure we're on the same page before taking the next steps...

Here's the recipe for consistent cashflow (which is the key to your success).

  • Use advertising (or your organic traffic) to 'knock on doors' and your opt-in offer 'sorts' the people who are interested in your help by getting them to opt-in.
  • Have a paid solution product they already want because it helps them resolve something they've been looking to solve.
  • Make more offers with a great written sales presentation that effectively communicates how AWESOME your product is and how much happier they'll be after they buy.

Now, remember the 'self liquidating offer' funnel I showed you a minute ago.

This is the simplest and most elegant system that accomplishes #1-3 above in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

And it all hinges on the second step... The "OTO" which stands for "One Time Offer"

It's the page where you "...make your well timed offer to your audience who's expressed interest."

This is the cashflow engine that can generate revenue from your ad spend within minutes of paying for the click.


You can make this WAY MORE complex than this if you'd like...

Heck, I wasted years over-complicating this.

I don't recommend that approach, lol

Because one thing I've learned in my 18+ years experience making millions online...

Simple solutions ALWAYS win.

They are more efficient, they break less, they take less setup time so you launch faster, they are easier to track, optimize and split test...

Simple solutions work.


This begs the all-important question:

How did this one "OTO" page in a simple funnel scale my business to make millions?

Glad you asked!

It's because this funnel scaled my email list with tens-of-thousands of interested prospects, fast.


Because I reinvested 100% of the cash flow generated from the OTO sales back into more ads...

Which brought in more leads...

That resulted in more OTO sales and more cashflow.

Which was again, reinvested back into more ads for more leads and more sales.

This process of 'cycling the revenue back into advertising' is the trick to it all.

It's the only way I've found to speed up the amount of time it takes for the 'compounding effect' to kick in.

If you keep pumping your front end OTO earnings back into more ads...

You'll reach more of your target market, you'll get more leads to express their interest and more sales generated by your OTO sales page...

Thus, your advertising budget continues to replenish itself, over and over.

With this structure and an OTO that just 'breaks even' you can experience great success.

Here's a hypothetical that explains how:

Let's say that I run $100 worth of ads on Facebook and it generates $100 in OTO sales...

Sure, I don't show a 'profit' but, based on my numbers today, my list would grow by 50 new subscribers, or so.

Here's how things start to scale:

I got my $100 back... Right?

So I can spend another $100, tomorrow...

Then, if my conversion rates hold, I spend $100 tomorrow and get $100 back from new OTO sales tomorrow, too.

I re-invest that same $100 the next day and the next...

Constantly cycling the same budget through again and again without having to add any of my 'personal money' into advertising.

Over the course of 30 days...

Cycling the same $100 through every day is the same as having a $3000/mo ad budget...

With just a $100 initial investment out of pocket!

And then there's the email list...

Your most valuable asset within your business...

As a byproduct of this increase in traffic from advertising, your list grows and grows and grows!

50 leads per day x 30 days = 1500 new leads in month 1.

By month 10, your list would have over 15,000 interested subscribers on it.

And THAT'S where the 'profits' will come from.

Making additional offers to your list (and building a stronger relationship with them) over time.


Pop Quiz:

If you were running $100 through a system like this, consistently seeing that money come back in as revenue from OTO sales.

Would you consider adding more to the ad spend to speed it up even more?

It'd be worth testing, at least!

And this is what I did once I dialed in my OTO offer and optimized it to convert at a break-even level.

I started investing more money into ads to bring my budget up from $100/day to $300/day and now, closer to $1,000 per day.

And, as long as your conversion rates hold, it simply magnifies the growth of your list.

This is how online businesses scale, fast!

Ok, so this leaves us with the last question we need to answer together, today...

How do I write an OTO sales letter and launch this type of a funnel, fast?


I'm excited to share my OTO template with you, here in a second...

But first...

A disclaimer

Look, I just ran through a LOT of examples and numbers.

Many were hypothetical and grounded in nothing more than the clicking sound my keyboard is making right now.

Some data points come directly from my shopping cart and opt in rates...

Plus I've shared actual screenshots from my shopping cart.

All in all...

I purposefully oversimplified things here and used round numbers to show the potential power of how this can work.

The goal here has been to educate you on how this type of a system works.

NOT to make any 'promises' about how much you'll make.

I'm not saying you will get any specific results or guaranteed results.

You may take ZERO action... and get zero results.

You may take half-assed action... And get zero results.

Your results are 100% unique to you based on your effort, your skill, your perseverance, your talents and more.

You know that you are in 100% control of your results based on your actions.

And, since you're a builder you know that this sh*t takes WORK!

Building a business is real work...

Persistence, testing, iterating, grit, consistency for years...

That's what it takes.


Since it's perfectly clear that I'm not guaranteeing any specific results...

Let's get back to the OTO page...

Your One Time Offer


This is the 'little hinge that swings the big door.'

Your OTO is your 'make or break' in your self liquidating funnel.

Because it's the one step that can actually generate the cash-flow you can re-invest into more advertising.

So let's break down the OTO a bit more to make sure this is clear.

In total, there are 2 components that make up your OTO.

  • Your product that your customers actually want.
  • The words on the page that'll do the selling for you.

Now, I'm focusing in on #2 because honestly...

It's the more difficult part.

I share tips and tools that teach how to create better products in the template...

But the copywriting itself feels like some kind of obscure magic when you first try to write a high-converting sales letter.

Writing sales copy is awkward and difficult at first, to say the least.


Copywriting is a life-long study for all the great marketers I look up to.

But you can't be expected to wait years to learn copywriting on your own.

Which is why I conducted a deep-dive research project to create an OTO template that would allow you to craft your own OTO page in hours...

Of course, I wanted to include everything I've learned from testing dozens of OTOs, personally...

But I wanted to incorporate the proven copywriting principles that have worked for other creators from hundreds of different niches and business models, too.

Here's how I built it.

First, I've personally spent 7 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ads driving hundreds of thousands of leads through this funnel structure.

I've been in the trenches, executing relentlessly on this simple funnel for years, testing and optimizing several OTO pages that continue to generate thousands in revenue per day.

I then hired an educator and curriculum specialist with 30 years of experience to help me break down the different components that I've hyper-optimized into simple template blocks.

After we finished with my top 5 performing OTO pages...

We went on a research mission to compare my approach and my results with dozens of other successful OTO pages.

Hundreds of hours have been spent studying OTO pages from many business models in dozens of niches.

All in all, when the dust settled...

We identified 10 key conversion components that were in all of the best performing OTO sales pages.

When you stack all 10 of these components on top of each other, you've got yourself a well structured OTO page based on proven winners and our deep dive research.

But tackling an entire sales page at once is VERY difficult.

It's easier to break it up into 'blocks' that can stack on top of each other like Legos.

So we broke each conversion component down to its simplest form and created a template for each piece.

In addition to the template, you'll also get trainings on 'why' that component is important, what is required to make it work, etc...

Plus, you'll see images and examples from real-world OTO pages that are currently pulling in sales every day in a huge variety of niches.

So it's 1-part copywriting training, 1-part swipe file and 1-part template.

It'll help you learn what to do and why... With examples from real OTOs from our study.

But the greatest value is in the 'fill-in-the-blank' templates that will get you writing your OTO sales letter FAST!

Which means you can now create your OTO sales page based on my experience and the results from studying top performing pages in other niches...

In a few hours.

Not weeks.

Not months.

You can literally write out each section, one by one in the accompanying worksheet as you go through the course...

And by the time you reach the end, you'll have the content you need to publish your OTO offer.

Introducing The Million Dollar OTO Template

Here's Exactly What's Included...

  • Clear insights into the 10 components of high-converting OTO’s based on my personal results and the deep-dive study of hundreds of successful offers.
  • You'll see pictures of REAL WORLD examples (from multiple niches) to eliminate any confusion or doubt.
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates for each of the 10 conversion components so you won't be stuck staring at a blank screen fighting writer's block.
  • You'll get the secrets to writing mouthwatering bullets that compel your readers to buy NOW.
  • Everything is broken down into SIMPLE, CLEAR and MANAGEABLE action steps so that you can make progress quickly and easily.
  • Finally, you'll have a proven template for writing sales letters fast so you can create more offers in less time than ever before.

Plus, You'll Also Get Instant Access To These Powerful Bonuses…

Bonus #1

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This is the fastest way to launch an OTO or a new split test for your old OTO.

By adding this conversion monster template onto an existing sales page, you will have a new split test ready to deploy in minutes!

I've increased conversions by over 200% with this template add on... It's now generated multiple six-figures in additional cashflow.

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If you're not running bump offers you're leaving money on the table!

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Bonus #3

The Million Dollar Copywriting Course - $197 Value

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If you are committed to creating the cashflow you need to achieve lasting success, you know that copywriting is the #1 skill you need to build.

And, as I mentioned before...

Copywriting is a life-long study.

That's why this course is being added for you, today. To help you build a life-skill that will serve you for years.

Which is why it's a perfect addition to the OTO Template Course.

The template will get you started fast and this course will bring your skills up to pro-level so you can improve and optimize your OTO as you continue to learn!

This is a proven copywriting formula that my mentor has used to sell millions of dollars of his products with...

So you can finally master the key to online sales... Copywriting.

Not only that but we'll help you find your BIG STORY which will magnetize the perfect customers to you at every step in your funnel...

Your big story is the main reason why your audience will choose to buy your products instead of your competitors...

You'll also learn the trick to writing mouth-watering bullets, which will further increase the conversion rate of your OTO, your sales pages and your ads!

This is the deep-dive training needed if you are truly committed to your long term success...

And I'm adding it here as a free bonus because it's that important.


A Quick Recap Of What's Included...

  • The OTO Template Course - $497 Value
  • The Conversion Monster Template - $97 Value
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  • The Million Dollar Copywriting Course - $197 Value

Total Value = $888

But here's the thing...

I've been so blessed in life and business... I've already made millions.

I've got all the 'things' I want and my investments are very productive (because I just keep reinvesting in more ads like I taught you above!)

I'm not interested in expensive liabilities like Italian Supercars...

I don't care about flying in private jets...

I live a simple and relatively frugal life.

Which means,

I don't need to price-gouge you or sell 'high ticket' bs like the Greedy Gurus who need to pay for their overinflated lifestyles image.

So I'm going to make you a deal, today...

But I do have some costs to recoup...

From the paid research and the writing of the main course...

Creating all of the bonuses...

Having my editor make sure it reads well...

My layout designer to put everything neatly in our world-class learning management system.

It has cost me thousands of dollars to create this product for you...

Not to mention the hundreds of hours of my time that I've personally invested to make this the best 'One Time Offer' training the world has ever seen...

And for that effort, I deserve to generate a bit of cashflow.

(So I can run more ads!)

Which is why I'm going to make sure this is accessible for you...

I'm not going to charge $888 for this...

I'm not going to charge $497 for this, even though I could.

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I realize that my industry is plagued with fake gurus and greedy gurus who play shady games selling rubbish products with great sales copy...

I hate it, too.

I've been scammed out of thousands from these wankers, myself.

And I'm assuming you've bought some things that didn't pan out as advertised...

Which is why I want to take on all of the risk here, today.

You see... I'm so confident you are going to love the OTO Template and the trainings that I'm willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.

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If you aren't satisfied with the 10 conversion component templates and the examples...

You can get 100% of your investment back, no questions asked.

Just email my support team within 60 days for a full refund and they'll sort you out.

You see...

I truly believe that we all will reap what we sow.

I trust whole-heartedly in karma.

I know that the folks who try to 'take advantage of the refund system' will indeed 'get what they have coming to them'

And it isn't a successful and abundant life.

So I'm running the risk of getting my content stolen in order to make sure you feel comfortable with a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Which means...

Now is the time to take action.


You know that you need to grow your list... And fast!

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