How to do Email Marketing: Go from Zero to One Million in Profit
How to Do Email Marketing

How to do Email Marketing: Go from Zero to One Million in Profit

There was a large marketing study from over 1,000,000 leads done at one point, and they found that of the leads who ended up purchasing, 85% didn't purchase until after 90 days.

This means you would expect only 15% of people who ultimately will hire you to do so within the first three months.

So how do you stay ‘top of mind’ so that when they are ready to hire or buy in 90 days or later, you are the obvious choice?

By learning how to do email marketing effectively.

How to keep people on your email list, and how to get them to open and engage with every email for months before they are ready to buy!

This is what separates the struggling email marketer from the pros who don’t have to worry about paying their bills next month, let alone saving for retirement, stashing cash away for a trip with the family, or any other things money provides the opportunity for you to do.

In this article.....

You’ll learn why it is tough to stand out with email marketing campaigns, and how to email market your way to a million dollar business.

Why The Email Newsletter is Dead

why the email newsletter is dead

When email was new, the “You’ve got mail” message was an exciting welcome every time you logged into your email inbox.

But now, instead of a physical mailbox being overrun by junk mail, our email inboxes are overwhelmed with junk.


Because you can send emails cheaply, and can spam the crap out of it. Email campaigns are easy, and a dime-a-dozen.

But why do some achieve success with email marketing, and others say that email is dead?

Is it about the tools, the service provider, or even social media?

It's not. Here's what you need to know.

A Valuable Truth About Email…

The ones who scream that email marketing is dead, that it is all about tools, or that campaigns are all about HUGE LISTS simply have not learned how to shift into the new way to create and deliver marketing emails since beyond the information age.

I was also unaware of the shift that is needed to break through all of this noise for years, and my email marketing struggled.

Since developing the critical success marketing mindset in this information age economy, not only has the 10k a month consistently been dialed in... but through successful email marketing, I have had many 10,000 dollar days!

But what is the secret to a successful email campaign?

At the end of the day, it's simple. This is my zero-to-million dollar system for crushing it with email marketing!

3 Reasons You Gotta Focus on Email Marketing NOW

Here are the top three reasons for why you must focus on email marketing if you want to go from zero to a million dollars in revenue for your company.

Reason 1: Email Is The Numero Uno Communication Channel

email is the best communication channel

With the rise of mobile technology, around 99% of customers check their email every single day. Some of them check their email up to 20 times a day. And, more than 50% of these customers visit their email inbox before any other online activity (perhaps before even getting out of bed).

That’s not the case with any other communication channel.

Regardless of what age group you’re targeting or where your ideal customers are located, email marketing remains a remarkable way to reach your people and subscribers.

Reason 2: You Are The Sole Owner Of Your Email List

you are the sole owner of your email list

Imagine this:

You created a massive fan following of subscribers on social media by investing months of hard work and sharing tons of valuable content. But one unfortunate day, you wake up to find that your account is no longer working. And all your efforts go down the drain.

This is where email marketing can come to the rescue.

In the case of any social media platform, your account (together with all your followers and posts) could be suspended or scrapped at any time, for any reason, without any notification. But, your email marketing list and your subscribers belong to you.

You have the ownership of your email list. This means nobody can snatch your hard-earned leads from you.

Reason 3: Email Offers Better Conversion Rates

email offers better conversion rates

Here’s a fun fact: Customers who purchase products advertised via email campaigns spend a whopping 138% more than the ones who don’t receive email offers.

In fact, email marketing has an ROI of 4400%. That’s insane!

Wondering if social platforms convert even better? Not really.

The typical order value of an email campaign is at least 3X higher than that of social networks.

Thus, email campaign marketing is simply the best method to make sales in the virtual space.

It is, quite simply, the best way to get your subscribers to know, like, and trust you!

How Do You Create Emails That People Just Can’t Resist Opening?

So, sending emails is the right thing to do.

But how do you get people to open them… and how do you actually make money with it?

The answer is actually quite simple… you need to earn the right to ask customers for a sale.

Actually, you have to earn the right to ask your prospects for anything when it comes to marketing.

Here’s what you must remember no matter what: email marketing is not arbitrage.

You just can’t send emails to put your product links (or your affiliate links) in front of potential customers, bombarding them with one link after another and anticipating them to click and purchase.

When you start sending emails that are effective and relevant to your potential customer, they help transform your prospects into customers.

Why? Because they will come to understand that you are here to help them.

That value is the entire basis for how the million-dollar email business works.

The Million Dollar Email Marketing Business, Shared In 3-Steps...

Want to build your list the surefire way to help your business take off?

Simply having that “Subscribe Now” message popping in on your site just won’t crush it any longer.

You need to level it up. Here’s how you start.

Step 1- Create A Lead Magnet That Delivers An Experience

create a lead magnet for your email marketing

A lead magnet is a free thing that you share with your visitors in exchange for their email address.

It could be a video, an ebook, a free course, a checklist, or any other digital product.

The key to producing lead magnets with a great click-through rate is to give people a remarkable experience.

What kind of experience? An instantaneous progressive change in their existing condition right after they opt-in.

Suppose you’re selling a service to help new moms relax and let go of their apprehensions.

A relevant lead magnet (that’s super easy to create with no cost at all) could be a video showing moms a guaranteed trick that’ll put their babies to sleep within 5 minutes.

These new moms are struggling right now. They’re tired, sleep deprived, and are perhaps facing postpartum depression. Naturally, they want solutions RIGHT NOW.

So, you offer them a simple trick they can learn, that’s absolutely free of cost. Something they can do in just 5 minutes.

And now they’re thinking, “Wow, this person is actually offering tips and tools to put my baby to sleep within 5 minutes.”

What other transformational ideas does this potential guru have that will help me learn and achieve more peace?

The real trick to an effective lead magnet with a great click-through rate is to give your prospects an experience, offering them a solution to their problem that they can access right now.

And this is how you build a list!

Want more ideas on how to create a high converting lead magnet? Check out the detailed guide here.

Step 2 - Capture Email Addresses

capture email addresses

So you have a lead magnet. Awesome.

Now you need to use it to capture email addresses for your list and campaigns.

How do you do this? It’s actually really simple.

You build a landing page, an opt-in page, and have a popup or banner appear on your blog. Here, you offer your free lead magnet in exchange for people signing up for your list.

Easy. That’s it.

You show them a free thing that will help them. They sign up to get it. They get their free thing, and you get a new subscriber. It’s a win-win for both of you.

What Should You Put On Your Opt-In Page?

great optin page to capture email addresses

Your opt-in page is a responsive landing page which includes your offer (lead magnet). You add an eye-catching headline message that encourages visitors to stay on your opt-in page. Plus, there’s a Call-To-Action (CTA), ideally with a personalized message such as “Send Me My FREE ebook” or “Download My Video”.

Other than that, include an optimized lead capture form with the least number of fields possible (ideally just name and email address) that encourages visitors to share their information.

Remember, the basic goal of an opt-in page is to capture the email address of your leads. Remove any friction that gets in the way of your goals!

Here’s another tip: Include an attention-grabbing image, video, or custom graphic that is relevant to your offer.

For instance, if you’re marketing a webinar, include the speaker’s headshot. Or, if you’re promoting a free software trial, include a graphic or gif of your software.

Also add interesting copy on your opt-in page that elucidates everything about your offer. Avoid using large chunky paragraphs, and include a bulleted list so that it’s easier for people to read.

Need more tips on how to create an opt-in page that converts like crazy? Click here.

Split Test To Get To 50% Conversion Rates

split test your emails

Split testing is a critical part of running a prosperous online business.

When engaging in opt-in page design and email marketing, executing the right method to split test can upsurge your conversion rate exponentially.

Effective A/B testing can transform your email marketing campaign from losing cash, to breaking even, then from breakeven to lucrative, and incessantly upsurging your profit margins.

Wondering what A/B testing is?

It’s the process of testing one item with two variables, deemed A and B, to see which one can improve conversion.

Basically, you split test your opt-in pages with different elements in an attempt to really nail-down the elements that bring you more opt-ins.

How do you split test your email and opt-in page? Click here for a detailed step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Step 3 - Create a Transformational Autoresponder Sequence

create a transformational autoresponder sequence email marketing tip

The single most important thing you need to understand to create an autoresponder sequence that really connects with your avatar customer is that you need to be vulnerable and open… but you also need to provide value.

Your autoresponder sequence is basically the follow-up to the person signing up for your email list. It will consist of 7 to 10 emails or so that will be sent automatically over the course of the next couple of weeks to communicate with this new list-member.

And creating an effective autoresponder sequence that really hits home with your subscribers is a key foundational component to winning in the long-run with email marketing.

With that being said, here is a basic guide to how you might want to put this autoresponder sequence together… because building it correctly is actually really important.

Here is the method I use, that I find has worked really well for my own business.

Basic Email Autoresponder Guide

  1. Email #1: The first emails should be focused on sending the lead magnet. You welcome the person to your list, and set the stage for future emails by letting this person know that you’ll be sending more things in the future that have made a difference in your life
  2. Email #2: Tell your story. This should be personal, open, and vulnerable… but it should also be brief and to the point. One tactic I like to use is to start the story at the ‘battle scene,’ the key moment of emotional conflict. Then, you go on to explain the challenge… but you don’t offer a solution quite yet. Instead, you tell them that you do have a solution, and it has revolutionized your life. Also let them know that you’ll be sharing your solution with them in tomorrow’s email.
  3. Email #3: In this email, you are sending your solution/epiphany. This is your answer to the problem you’ve had in your life. But you also mention all of the ‘extra hidden benefits’ that this solution brings. You don’t give those in this email, though.
  4. Email #4: Deliver the promise of sending the hidden benefits of your solution/epiphany. Choose the benefits that are the most powerful, that are most likely to change the lives of your subscribers, and send them.
  5. Email #5: An urgent call to action. Contrary to what this sounds like, it is not a cash-grab! This is a moment where you present your offer (your premium course, your full ebook, your full video series, etc.) so those that want a fast way to accomplish this goal can get started right now. Present a clear call to action, but also let them know that future emails will help them through this journey!

Sending great content to your lists is actually easy stuff! And this is the beginning of successful future broadcasting campaigns.

Of course, your autoresponder sequence can be more complicated than this. This is just a very basic framework. But it works!!!

The key is really to build up trust. That’s the whole game with email marketing campaigns. From the subject lines to the last word, getting people to know, like, and trust your message is what your email campaigns are all about.

Like I said... easy!

Keep It Simple

I also think it is important to go with a SIMPLE system at first, and ignore all the 'dynamic response' and 'segmenting' campaigns stuff that is going on out there.

Yes, email marketing can be incredibly complex. But simple is often better… especially at first.

I ran a simple 10 email follow up, after which I would move those list members to a broadcast list… and I did that for about 7 years and crushed it, because I stayed focused on creating great content that attracted people vs. fiddling with automation and other added complexities.

Every time you look back at your old autoresponders, you will probably be like "wow, this sucks" because you grow... and what you thought was great at one time... Well, that will change. And that is good!

So 'perfection' is not possible, and you shouldn’t even worry about it.

But you MUST get version 1.0 OUT FAST!

Then, get traffic, get data, look for low open rates and fix them, and just start working your way up.

Add on more when you have inspired ideas… and boom. That is really the game. Do it well and with excellence, and provide a ton of value.

How To Upgrade Your Autoresponder Emails Fast

If you want a training to help you crush it with an autoresponder sequence, consider Andre Chaperon’s free email course. It’s called ARM 2.

ARM is intense... And Andre is working on an update for it that won't be out for a few months...

Andre Chaperon is the best teacher in the world when it comes to email marketing. He teaches you how to get your emails opened, how to structure the flow of your autoresponder sequence, how to open loops, etc. It’s just really good stuff.

Check out his free email marketing course to see it in action here.

Of course, you can also make sure that you are using a great email service, like AWeber.

How to Create An Atm Machine From Emails

create an ATM machine from emails

With email marketing you are committing to being a hero to your people….

…committing to consistently emailing them…

Now that doesn’t mean you have to send your email every single day.

Try emailing at least a couple of times a week.

Think of it as texting your friend. Do you message your friend daily? Most probably not!

And, you shouldn't send any boring email.

Your email should provide interesting and valuable ideas that compel recipients to actually take the action mentioned in your email; be it clicking on a link or subscribing to your website.

For email marketing to work like a charm, consistency is key. You should make the entire process fun, interesting, and engaging for your readers.

Engage Your Email List With True Value Between Offers To Nurture Your Current List

engage your email list

While many email marketers focus more on generating new leads, they often ignore the most important part of their business: Their previous customers.

When engaging your email list, strengthen your relationships with the previous customers.


Because acquiring a new customer can cost 5X more than retaining an existing customer.

Nurture the relationship by continuously providing value in it!

Keep them posted with updates. Send them free content that adds meaning and value to their lives. Reach out to them to offer things that might help them in their objectives.

Remember this: If it’s on brand for you, it’s also valuable to them.

Just follow this, and your subscribers will adore you for sharing your knowledge and experience with them.

And, they’ll definitely request more. Or, they’ll at least remain subscribed long enough to get more familiar with you and your business until the time is right for them to make a purchase.

Want To Be Able To Send More Sales Emails?

Has this ever happened to you? You sign up for a webinar, or for a free quilting guide, etc. Then, all you get is sales email after sales email after sales email!

You aren’t interested in any of these sales, so you quickly hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button! You’ve left the email list of the people who could have not only made money from you, but who could have also helped you to get much further along on your journey!

This all begs a question… how do you send more sales emails without driving people away?

The answer is simple. You need to earn the right to send more email. The truth is that the simple email newsletter is quite dead.

Today, the trick is to provide free value in most of your emails, and to only make offers about 30% of the time.

If you send out three emails a week, two of them should be full of free information where you are giving insane value to help make your readers’ lives better. Then, one of them can be a sales email and/or an email with an offer.

If you want to send more sales emails, you want to send more valuable, transformational material than anybody else.

Then, you have the opportunity to market your offers and products to your readers through your email. You show them lots of value, but you also show them how you could help them even more with your paid products.

And that is how you create an ATM machine from your emails. Your money is not made in offers on the front end of your funnel. It is made on the back end, through direct email marketing.

That is where the magic really lives.

How To Never Run Out Of Emails To Send!

Having trouble coming up with email ideas for the list members you do have?

This is a two-sided hack that will skyrocket your email list and email campaigns.

Become a content creator instead of a content consumer.

This will grow you a list of people who will then see your lead magnet offer and landing page, and will give you email content you can send each week!

This also creates a positive feedback loop that helps you to keep the machine going. Here’s how it works.

How Can I Help My Subscribers This Week?

build an audience for your email marketing game

Begin creating content on a single platform.

Many marketers get burned out by trying to be on every platform at once.

You can start with a blog, a YouTube channel, or even a podcast. Any of these will work

If you release two YouTube videos a week, pick one of them and write an email about that topic for your subscribers!

If you keep the creative machine churning, it feeds itself… and you enter a positive feedback loop where your efforts all come together to multiply and help you to succeed even more!

Your First Platform Should Also Feel Completely Natural To You

Part of building a dynamic broadcast email machine lies in having great content for that machine.

For instance, if you are a born writer, form a blog.

If you feel more natural speaking in front of a video camera, start a YouTube channel.

If you enjoy detailed discussions about different topics, opt for a podcast.

As you build your lists, you’ll get more and more people to visit your optin page, and get more email leads!

As you create content for your channel, podcast, or blog, you will also have email content you can create and send! Let your content creation kick-start the creativity you need to create 3 broadcast emails per week. You can even (and should) link back to your videos or blogs in your broadcast emails as you create them, further expounding on those topics.

It Takes Practice To Get Good At Creating Email Broadcasts

Creating killer content for your emails takes a lot of practice. You can’t expect to come up with an epic, life-changing email the first time (or every single time) you broadcast. But practice makes perfect!

Just make sure that you keep doing it.

Try A 90 Day Challenge To Really Kick It Into Overdrive

Dare to take the 90 day challenge? Create one piece of content daily for 90 days. But every piece should be better than the previous one!

Sooner or later, you’ll start earning subscribers. Plus, that is 90 pieces of content that you can use to create awesome broadcast emails!

Still not sure how to do it right? Check out a detailed guide on how to successfully build an audience right here.

What Kind Of Content Should You Create?

create relevant content for your email

There’s no secret recipe or format.

Whatever you produce, it must be useful and relevant to your subscribers.

For instance, if you’re an online music institute, share content about music lessons, the benefits of learning music, and discussion on music instruments... etc.

Depending on what products or services you sell online, the first step is to select a niche... and then to start generating content especially for them.

Ask yourself this simple but profoundly impactful question “How can I help my subscribers this week?”

When you get to the point where that question is the question that keeps you up at night, you, my friend, have won!

The Real Secret to a 1 Million Dollar Business

your email should gain your prospect’s trust

So you know how to build a subscribers list and have begun constructing one.

But how do you transform your visitors into regulars (and eventually into customers)?

It’s a very critical step, and you can’t coerce or manipulate it!

Do you want the million-dollar secret? Here it is…

Focus on earning trust!

The foundation of trust lies in the value you send to your subscribers.

Genuinely help them, and get them to know, like, and trust you. That is truly the entire goal.

And the best way to do that is through email marketing.

Should You Make Your Email Marketing Strategy One Of Your Top Priorities?

Of course you should!

And that's because almost half of the world's population will be using email in 2022.

widespread usage of email

But here’s a caveat…

Just like branding, your email marketing should be all about communicating to your ideal customers.

What does that mean?

It means…’s time to ditch the traditional, boring email newsletter and send engaging, responsive email that is packed-full of real, thoughtful value!

In Conclusion...

Email marketing is a gradual process. But you have to bear in mind that you’re polishing your ability to write splendid content and send emails exclusive to your business, from the subject lines onward.

It's really all about the people. Yes, you need quality tools, but things like your unsubscribe rate, spam filters... these details shouldn't be worrying you. You do need a good service provider, but you'll learn that the message in your emails is actually the most important thing.

Your email list and your customer base will eventually respond, as you and your emails get better and better.

If you really wish to create a million dollar business with email marketing, provide value from the subject lines forward. That is really the whole key to creating marketing email campaigns that win with lists.

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