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The $0 marketing strategy that scales

Life is getting more expensive.

The official inflation rates are now over 7% and the unofficial rate from sources I trust is closer to 15%.

Literally, this means life is getting between 7% and 15% more expensive...

And the trend is going up.

For some folks, tho...

Life is getting way more expensive with gas being up nearly 50%...

And you may be feeling the squeeze.

Hence your desire to build a business on the side that can generate extra cash flow and eventually full-time freedom.

Good on you!


It can often feel like there are so many different tools, courses, and systems to pay for that building a business is expensive.

That's a bunch of 🤡🌎 B.S.


The truth is...

Creating the most useful content in your niche can be done from a web browser at the library.

Technically, there is no fancy software needed.

Start a blog based on this free tutorial and you're off to the races.

Then it's all about writing hundreds upon hundreds of useful posts that answer people's questions.

For my wife and I...

We published nearly 1000 posts in the first 5 years and now 13 years in we still get millions of visitors per year.And...

The cash flow from this traffic is highly automated 😉

Ready for the entire $0 marketing plan?

  1. Find keyword
  2. Research
  3. Write post
  4. Publish post
  5. Repeat

This video goes deeper into the steps If you want to follow along with me creating the structure for a post.

But this is about the strategy and how it scales.

You see...

Onthe path to publishing more useful content than your competitors, Google will find you...

And display your posts to folks searching for help in your niche.

That's Google's ENTIRE JOB

And they are really good at it.

YOUR JOB is to write the most quantity of the most useful posts in your niche.

Then scale it to automate your income.


Phase 1:  Do the work.

Write every single letter of every single word if you have to.

This is what my wife and I did because we were so broke from the global financial crisis when we started our website.

Here's the key to phase 1...

Stop looking for shortcuts, stop listening to the Greedy Guru webinars and spend every free moment on writing.

You are in a race with every other website owner in your niche.

If you aren't publishing, they are winning.

And, if somehow you don't have your niche figured out, go here now.

Phase 2: Get Help!

You have two options in this phase.

The first option is leveraging this AI writing assistant which requires you to buy and learn a new tool.


I learned about one girl who increased her traffic 750% in 1 year from leveraging that tool... (story here)

But the big key is the fact that she published 250 posts in one year.

That's what I call a hurry-up offense!

Your second option is to hire writers and/or editors.

This costs a lot more money but it removes even more work, time and effort from your shoulders.

I teach how to hire and outsource by finding A+ talent here.

Phase 3: Outsource The Whole Damn Thing.

I've done a few affiliate marketing case study websites over the years...

Niche sites where my entire goal is to get someone else to do everything.

Which means I actually want a team of people to do everything.

Now, I built that team on my own for my two year affiliate marketing case study on YouTube...

But today I use this team to grow my affiliate sites with literally zero effort from me.

They go end to end from keyword research all the way to clicking the publish button...

They even handle backlink building.

Obviously, this is the most expensive option.

But that's what scale is all about.

The original website that my wife and I built by writing every letter and every word for the first thousand posts...

Has generated enough income and cash flow...

To pay for the AI writing tool...

To pay for people to help like my editor who's always on-demand.

To pay for entire teams to build new assets for me.

That's scale.

It all started because we were willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work that all started at the bottom of the global financial crisis.

One last note.

Build your well before you're thirsty.

Because life is getting more expensive.

Miles "The Honest Marketer" Beckler