The 3 Best Affiliate Funnels For 2019 - #2 Is Crushing It Right Now! - Miles Beckler

The 3 Best Affiliate Funnels For 2019 - #2 Is Crushing It Right Now!

Are you currently generating more than 10 leads per day?

Or are you stuck in the low-zone… generating one, two, or even zero every 24 hours?

If so, no worries. You won’t be stuck for long! Today, I’m going to teach you how to seriously elevate your funnel game.

The secret to a dynamic, killer affiliate funnel is to use a funnel structure that works. And today, I’m going to show you how to create one.

In this post, I am going to take you through the overarching formula for successful affiliate funnels. We are going to talk about leads, split-testing, sales, and of course… which is the best affiliate funnel to launch today!  

Today, we are going to talk about how to set up a successful funnel, how to choose your preferred funnel model, and how to launch it today while guaranteeing success as quickly as possible.

I’ve gone from zero to hero thanks to these affiliate funnel structures. I have personally studied, tested, and mastered all of them. And soon, you will be able to say the same!

So let’s get you started with a funnel hack that will have you CRUSHING your affiliate game over and over again.

If you’re ready to #win, start here.

How Do You Set Up a Marketing Funnel for Success Online?

successful affiliate funnel

Setting up a marketing funnel that is successful requires only a few things.

You need to define a clear goal that you want to accomplish with your funnel, build a few pages to accomplish that goal, and put a system in place to nurture leads and customers. This system, when properly put in place, will increase the lifetime value of each customer over time.

Today, you will learn 3 life-changing affiliate funnel structures. But before you choose the one that suits you best, you must know that if you do not have the fundamentals in place, you will doom yourself to failure.

Even when you create a conversion funnel for your target audience, you still need to get the fundamentals right.

The important principle that you have to understand when it comes to funnels

In the funnel game, there is a law of diminishing returnsyou must be aware of.

This basically means that if you run a single, static funnel, over time it will tend to convert fewer and fewer leads and sales.

If you start out with a funnel that converts 40% traffic and 2% conversion on the back-end, 1. Kudos to you! 2. Know that that number may decrease down to 35%, then eventually to 30%... and even down to 1.5%, or 1% sales conversions over time.

That is how the game works… which means that you have to mix things up to keep your numbers up.

Contrary to what some online hustlers say, there is no such thing as passive income that you ‘set and forget.’

This is a calculated game where action is the fuel for success. If you want easy money, this is not for you. But if you want serious money and the opportunity to earn while you sleep, then keep reading.

I’m going to show you how to do it.

Pre-determine Your Funnels Goal

Do you want to get leads or affiliate clicks and sales in your funnel?  What is your primary goal?

If you said clicks and sales, why would I want leads? I said the same thing when I first started making money online, and it bit me in the butt.

I quickly got to around 3k a month dropping affiliate links on MySpace (yep I’ve been doing this a while) and was about to quit my job… and then, bam! The traffic dried up overnight and I was back to ground zero!

If I had been generating leads as well as sales during that time, though, I would still have had a business with email marketing.

I’m not necessarily saying that you have to make leads your primary goal… but I am saying that doing both is the best idea. And these 3 affiliate funnel templates can successfully do not just one or the other, but both.

You need to know what your funnel’s primary goal is, though. So make sure to define that right away before you even get started.

Why Is Smaller Sometimes Better?

Size DOES NOT always matter.

And when it comes to affiliate funnels… it actually literally does not matter at all.

When I mean small… I mean your email mailing list.

Your optin page’s purpose is to capture the email addresses of your visitors, giving you the opportunity to earn from hundreds of potential sales over time instead of just one.

No, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of subscribers to make serious cash.

In fact, building a small list is power!


HUGE impact is made with small lists while costing less in the long run.

I even have a story about this.

I was once in an affiliate contest with some super-heavy-hitting “make money online” names in the industry. These guys were huge. If I dropped their names, you would absolutely recognize them.

Some of these guys had over 100,000 names on their mailing lists, while I had a measly 3,500 subscribers!

But guess what…

I took first place in that competition! I beat the crap out of those other affiliates with a very tiny list!

In other words… I made more money!


It’s all because I knew exactly who I was talking to. I’ve built a lot of trust with my list, and I only recommend or sell products that I believe in 100%.

So the moral of this story is this:

Do not underestimate the power of building a ridiculous amount of trust with a small list.

Funnel Hack Success Step

So… which of these three funnels is the best?

The answer to this is pretty simple.

You let data decide.

Today you are going to know how to set up the best funnels in the industry.

But you won’t know which one is going to work the best for you until you launch and split-test.  

Split-testing your funnels is one of the single most important steps that you could possibly take in your affiliate funnel efforts!

You need to split test if you want to win in today’s online marketplace.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you must split test for long enough to get real, quantifiable results. A lot of people stop split-testing far too early, or don’t go through with it consistently.

Read this blog post I published about the most common mistakes people make when split testing to avoid the most common pitfalls!

So set up one of these best affiliate funnels, launch, and I’ll show you the split test magic you can do at the end.

Alright, now onto the funnels...

Funnel #1… The Direct Response Affiliate Funnel

The affiliate funnel that started it all!

This affiliate funnel structure is probably the most commonly used because it’s uber simple and uncomplicated….

It is also old school, in a great way!

It only requires you to set up two pages. Then, boom! It’s ready to roll!

The direct response affiliate funnel accomplishes two goals for you, and FAST!

Leads and sales.

You get leads with a basic and powerful optin page, and sales from your bridge page that has your best affiliate offer on it.

This affiliate funnel only requires 3 pieces.

Step 1. Traffic Source (Ad, mention, etc.)

The ‘traffic’ is the first part of this funnel. Traffic can be your best Facebook ad, a mention in your YouTube videos, blogposts, Facebook posts, and more. What matters is that you get traffic to your funnel.

The ad is what your visitors will click on to travel to the landing page… so you need to lure them in with a well-designed ad.

Step 2. Powerful Landing Page

This is the crucial part of the first funnel structure, because this is where you offer them a solution to their problem. You build bullets outlining the value that they’ll get out of your offer, and you convince them that they will actually be making a bad decision to leave this offer on the table.

Your landing page also needs to have an attention-grabbing, hook-and-tease headline. This is the heavy-hitting part of the page, so you have to make sure that you get this part right!

It must be clear and concise!

Below the bullet points, you’ve got a get started, or a get the guide button that will take your readers to your list.

Enter Email Marketing…

So, what happens when readers click the button?

Well, if you’ve designed your funnel correctly, they will be taken directly to a form where they can sign up for your email list!

And this is where you obtain the legal right to follow up with them, catch up, and continue to provide value, and make tons of offers!

A well optimized funnel will be converting 2-5% of opt-ins to buy the affiliate product.
But you also need to begin and nurture an email list as well, so that later on down the line, you can recommend more affiliate products, or even your own product that you wish to offer.

Step 3.  The Bridge Page

We call the bridge page the ‘bridge page’ for a reason:
It essentially bridges the gap between where your readers are and where you want them to be.

simple affiliate funnel

It is often called a “Thank You” page, and it is where you thank your readers for clicking that button. This is where you give them more information on what to do next.

Now, this is the part that is important to get right. This is the page where you play them your sales video, introduce yourself, and very simply tell them about the secret they are about to unlock by taking you up on your offer.

Then, below the video, there is one more button, your affiliate link.

When they click on this button and land on the sales page, your affiliate cookie is planted and all that’s left is for them to buy the affiliate product. It’s that easy.

That’s how you earn your income… and from then on, it’s just rinse and repeat!

I have written a comprehensive post on how to create a direct response affiliate marketing funnel step by step. If you read it, you will pretty much find a ‘business in a box.’

It is, hands down, the simplest affiliate funnel to build… and it includes everything you need to know about getting your very first affiliate funnel set-up and rolling.

Funnel #2… The Influence Funnel

influence affiliate funnel

This is the funnel of the future, and it is 100% modifiable… which is the BEST part about it!

In other words, you can tweak it. You could go with a 2-page copy after your ad, and then send readers either to your affiliate link, or your emailing list… whichever best suits your plan.

This funnel is based on the structures featured in the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini. This is why we call it the ‘Influence Affiliate Funnel.’

The idea behind this funnel is that you elevate the existing conversation on a problem, challenge, or goal and influence people to buy your stuff rather than pressuring them into it.

They learn from you and quickly realize that you have answers to problems they might not have even known that they had.

They knew something was off, but did not know what it was until you brought them to this new place.

This could be a well-written story that really hits home at their core, giving them an ‘Aha’ moment that leads to them taking action and buying from you or opting in to your list.

This one operates with a ‘one or the other, click to buy or click to optin’ system. This funnel doesn’t do both.

A simple way to picture this funnel is as a ‘welcome’ series of emails on landing pages, as opposed to being delivered over days in an autoresponder.

To see a live example of this influencer funnel in action, check out the guy that basically invented it, Andre Chaperon.

1. Ad as a Traffic Source

The first part is a traffic source. This could be an ad, but the main idea behind this part is to get people to notice you and check out what you have to say.

It could also take the form of a mention on someone else’s page, a social media post, a YouTube video, or any other place to have place an invitation to learn more.
This ‘traffic source’ should be linked to your first long copy page, which we will talk about next.

2. (First) Long Copy Page as a Teaser/ Hook

So you’ve managed to get them to stop what they’re doing to focus on your message. Next, you want to hook them in so that they’ll keep reading.

This is what the landing page of the influencer funnel is all about. Here is how it looks.

It’s designed to expose something unknown within your industry. It’s supposed to reveal some kind of secret, debunk some myth that everyone thinks is real, or call ‘bullcrap’ on something that everyone considers as true.

In any case, the idea behind this is simple. You have THE answer… and you can share this truth with your readers.

Your long copy page should contradict the ‘common knowledge’ of your prospect. It will make them realize that you’re making sense. You’ve got insider knowledge. You know something that other people don’t know.

Then, you add in a “read more” button down below the first page. This teases your reader to continue onward. It should make them want to know more, and will lead them to a longer copy dive.

Don’t forget… the game changer in this funnel, as with all digital marketing, is in your ability to tell stories.

3. Longer Copy Dives Deeper and Delivers on the Idea

You’ve got them hooked. You’ve introduced them to your juicy, meaty new idea. They’re thirsty to know more.

They click on the “read more” button, and are presented with a longer copy that goes into a ‘deeper dive’ on the concept that you’ve teased them with.

The are engaging with your content.

This page will provide the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what you’re talking about.

This is where you deliver on the idea, but also infuse a killer story along with it.
The goal here is to build up the idea. You can go on and add more pages if you need to, depending on your niche… up to about 4 or 5 at max.

the influence affiliate funnel

The main concern here is that you want to present a loud and clear idea to your readers that they can identify and connect with.

And that will lead you to the final page of the funnel… the Call-To-Action Page!

4. Final Page with a Call-To-Action

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The page with the button that’s responsible for giving you your income.

This final page is where you transition from the story to offering them the solution to their problem.

This is where you tell them that they’re only a few clicks away from the ‘solution’ that you’ve been setting up to reveal. This is the part where they can buy the product that will bring them closer to what they are truly desiring.

At this point, you have two different options for completing the funnel.

Option 1… Get them to Click Your Affiliate Link

Want to make money really fast?

Like… 30 minutes or less fast?

If so, then the next step is to take your readers to your affiliate link once they click on your Call To Action button.

With the well-written, super-compelling story that you’ve built, they’ll be ready to take action once they arrive to your affiliate link.

And once they hit the button…


That is option 1. Or, you can finish this funnel out with option 2...

Option 2… Direct them to Optin

The other option is to get them to opt-in to your list. This will immediately put them into your autoresponder and make them a part of your mailing list.

The cool thing about this option is that it allows you to build a list. But, it also enables you to make money via successful email marketing.

Powerful Facebook Pixel Trick!

I will actually let you in on another little secret that can really add to your influence funnel effectiveness.

You can add a Facebook pixel (a crucial element of setting up successful Facebook ads) to each one of these pages as well: the landing page, the second page, third page, etc.

This allows you to retarget people based on what part of the sequence they get to.

For example… if you’re running Facebook ads, you can entice them in their Facebook feed to come back to the part of the process that missed out on.

This just cuts down on the odds that they will escape your funnel without buying or signing up for your list. It’s almost like extra insurance to make sure that they follow through with all of the steps.

But don’t forget… the most important part of this funnel is your compelling story!

Great ads work wonders, and catchy designs/images are also important. But the more brilliant your story is, the better your chances of racking up big sales numbers.

I learned about this funnel when I was studying the broken product launch formula and how the game is changing to attention marketing.

Funnel #3… The Follow Up Funnel

Follow Up Funnel

If an influence affiliate funnel and a direct response funnel were to have a baby… this is what it would look like!

The Follow Up Affiliate Funnel is a mashup of funnels 1 and 2, but with some extra ‘goodies’ thrown in at the same time.

It is a SUPER powerful funnel that I’ve used several times, and have discovered its effectiveness at generating sales and profits long-term.


This funnel also requires THE MOST patience. If you’re expecting a ROI in 30 minutes, this funnel is absolutely not for you.

But… if you’re willing to wait for bigger returns over time, then this is the primary funnel to invest your time and energy into!

This funnel seperates the rookies from the pros, it is giving in advance, a difficult transition to make for most affiliate marketers.

Instead of shooting for one large sale now, it functions based on the idea that you are, willing to wait a while for dozens, hundreds of sales in the future.

Step 1. Ad or Traffic Source

As always, we begin our funnel with a traffic source.

So you get your ad going, people find it, they get curious about it, and boom. They go check out your page.

I would make this ad (or piece of content) super simple, but catchy. You need a killer headline… something short and sweet that REALLY hits the spot.

When they click on your ad, they’re taken to the second step...

Step 2. The Landing Page

Don’t go too crazy with this one.

On this funnel, the landing page should be on-point and simple.

For example, my landing page for this funnel is just black on white. I have a plain white background with black text for the content. I have some imagery on the right, bullets below the headline, and an orange button for the Call To Action.

That’s it.

Nothing fancy, nothing flashy… but it continues to convert!

In this funnel, it is the content that gets your readers to take action. They want your guide, report, or free course and that leads to them clicking on your ‘call to action’ button.

Once they click that button, you direct them to an autoresponder and send your follow-up emails.

You  start a chain of emails and apply Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” concept. You give, give, give, then make an offer.

The next step is follow-up email. Here’s how it works.

Step 3. Email Button - Send Follow-up Emails

follow up emails

So they clicked on your call-to-action button and are now on your mailing list.


This is when you really start to bring your A-game.

Now, you use your storytelling skills to start providing value to your visitors… but you do it in a series of emails instead of laying it all out as long-form copy.

In these emails, you want to slowly share the basic types of information you would expect to put in a funnel. You have a secret, and you are revealing it slowly to them over a period of 3, 4, or even 5 separate days.

The goal here is simple. You want them to get to know you, to like you, and to trust you!

The truth is that they will not buy from you if they don’t know you. They are probably not even going to listen to you or take you seriously if you don’t build some kind of rapport with them.

So give, give, give. Give them a free video. Give them a free report. Give them something that will bring them real results in advance.

Provide them with results even before they ever pull out their credit card! Show them that you know what you’re doing and that you can actually help them!

Keep in mind what I said before. This funnel is NOT for the impatient affiliate marketer.

You cannot expect to rake in a stash of cash in minutes with this one. You have to give it a couple of days, or maybe even a week.

But, you will start to see sales coming in.

And therein lies the power of this particular funnel. It establishes trust over time, and may actually do a better job of it than any other funnel in existence.

This is how you build a real relationship with your visitors.

Answer questions. Be available to chat. Be legit. Be yourself. Show your customers that you genuinely care about them. Show them that you can actually answer their questions with real information.

This is what you are proving in your emails. You are giving them free stuff and delivering value long before you ever reveal your ‘buy’ button.

Keep in mind that money is best made through this list when your members are engaged. Engagement builds trust. That is what this funnel structure thrives on.

So keep them engaged with your helpful, insightful, and relevant content.

The rest will be history!


So there you have it:

Three affiliate marketing funnels for you to launch from.

With split testing as your foundation, a short while from now you will have a dialed in, high converting sales funnel.

Here’s what to do next.

Choose which of these three funnels you will launch first and build it.

Set up a split test on your offer or headline, one or the other.

Begin building one of the other affiliate funnels and in about two to three weeks you will be able to test your winning headline or offer (your first split test) against a whole different funnel template!

Same content, laid out in a completely different way.

Which one converts better?

Here is the thing to keep in mind. Your audience is different than everyone else's because you are unique. This means that split testing is the best way to guarantee success in your affiliate funnel.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready - prepared to build it

Fire - Launch

Aim - adapt and refine with real data

Rinse and repeat.

Grow a small, engaged email list instead of a large email list vanity metric that doesn’t convert.

Once you have some legit, serious customers in your small list, nurture them and help them accomplish the big goal they are pursuing in their life.

That’s how you build your audience and create a thriving business for years and years to come!

I’m super excited to see you launch your affiliate funnel! I’m also down to compare notes and/or share insights and information about funnels.

Chat me up and let’s get this funnel game crushing HARD!!!!

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