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zoom out, focus and work smarter

Too many folks are stressing themselves out over tiny details that are insignificant in the long run.

It's easy to create a lot of work for yourself when you fall into the trap of listening to what your ego mind thinks you should work on.

Folks who build big businesses the fastest realize that there's a million things you could do as an entrepreneur...

But ultimately there are only a few that drive revenue... And focusing "all in" on those while ignoring all the fiddly bits is the key.

It isn't easy, tho.

Truth is, as an entrepreneur there's a never-ending list of things for you to do in your business and eventually you'll just have to live with many of those things being left undone.

It's quite freeing to be honest.

For me, instead of risking burnout trying to be everywhere...

I've been extremely focused on doing the most valuable activities, over and over and over:

Building 3 systems that generate cashflow on autopilot.

Personally, I prefer automated income streams to 'followers' or 'subscribers' so that's where I focus my time.

My mortgage, insurance and van payment don't accept vanity metrics, they want real money.  So that's what I work on in my business.

Simple stuff!


Let's run through the formula.  Stick with me, here... This is simple and you've probably been overcomplicating it.

There are 3 systems that work together to help other people (aka your audience) get what they want at scale.

First: The traffic system.

My first niche site, my wife and I went all in on blogging with a laser focus on keyword research and writing SEO optimized posts, fast.  This site's gone on to make millions.

My second 7-figure brand I built my audience with YouTube...  I teach how to get the YouTube algorithm to fall in love with your videos here.

These are the 'free' options you can build with your time and energy mixed with $100 in startup capital.

The other possible traffic system is paid ads... But it takes an investment measured in the thousands and a willingness to spend more up-front testing offers.

I don't care which traffic system you choose... But this is the first automated system you must build.  So pick one and start building.

My opinion?  For beginners: Blogging is best.  If you've got 1 to 3 thousand bucks extra to invest in testing each month and you're ready to become a copywriting geek...  Ads are best.

Once you're getting 100 visits/day to your content, start phase 2 which is email marketing.

This phase is easy if you have a blog driving traffic... You grow your list with a pop-up offer for a cheat sheet or checklist .pdf.

Then you write out an autoresponder and start sending broadcast emails several times per week.

This is the second system you must build.

You can't automate all the emails, so not fully automated... Like this email, for example.

I was just sitting at the fire pit having coffee with my wife and thought up this idea to share... So I ran in to write this out for you, today.  Once I'm done, I'll go paddleboard on the lake.

Third system?  Monetization.

You can start with the 'earn while you learn' ad strategy while you're growing your traffic from 0.

You can offer affiliate products via emails and on your opt-in's thank you page...

And of course... once you have your list, you can send email offers for your own products, dropshipped products, print-on-demand products, etc.

People are buying on all kinds of stuff online... With an email list, you can help them even more.

And this is the game I've been playing full time for 10+ years now... (took me 6 years of studying the game and falling on my face to go full time, btw)

This is the game I'm inviting you to play.

It's all about being of service at scale. You go create and publish content that reaches and helps enough people...

You can have anything you want in this world.

Miles "Income Automator" Beckler

P.S. the biggest challenge most new entrepreneurs face is the mindset that comes with building your business alone from your laptop.

We can't really talk with our friends or family about the challenges we experience in our business.

They don't get it...

So, getting yourself around a community and a mastermind of people who were all working on building blog-based businesses is key.

You can get your questions answered as you stay up to date with what's working now.

Most importantly, you can get accountability...

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