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The ultimate growth hack

This one idea will help you grow your business faster than anything else...

Because the truth is... Most people are over-complicating things getting massively distracted and end up chasing shiny objects...


I've always focused on simplifying everything down to its core.

Once you are focused in on the core of what actually moves the needle in your business…

You can move forward confidently.

You can log off of social media and YouTube once and for all….

You can stop consuming content and go all-in on creating.

But what do you do, all day, every day??

What's the growth hack?


Create, publish and sell what people are looking for.

Create, publish and sell what people are looking for.

That's it.

Said another way:

Go find a hungry audience and offer them something to eat.

I'd rather have a hot dog cart in front of a busy bar than a high-end gourmet restaurant where no one's around.

And here's how you pull this off in your online business.

First... Do your keyword research like this.

That link above brings you to a video where I performed a keyword research consultation for a friend of mine...

You are going to understand the thought process around choosing the right products and topics to do keyword research on...

Then you'll see me do the actual keyword research.

Allow this to be simple!

Second... Outlining your posts so that Google recognizes the STRUCTURE of your post as an authoritative post.

Most people who struggle with traffic don't have enough authority.

They are writing haphazardly and don't follow a proven process.

It all begins with a Google-friendly SEO outline as shown here.

If you are creating lead magnets and info products...

The keyword research leads you to the main topics that your people are searching for solutions on.

The outline leads you to the structure needed to build out your info products.

You don't know what type of info product is best to create, watch this vid.

It covers the seven best info products working today.

From here it's just about writing persuasive content.

Hooking your readers into actually completing your blog post, review or sales letter...

There is a simple "brain dump and revise" process for writing great persuasive copy that I learned here.

I wish I would've learned this 10 years ago.

And, of course…

If you are selling your own products, your sales letter needs to be on point.

The easiest way to get that created is with my sales letter template here.

From here?

It's all about testing and iterating.

This means that the job becomes doing these things over and over and over again.

Here's how this works in the real world:

Here's how this works in the real world

My YouTube channel grew to 30,000 subscribers in the first year because I published 200+ videos focusing on keyword phrases people were searching for.

Hungry audience: people wanting to learn marketing online for free

My offer: educational videos that taught them exactly what they were looking for.

For my wife's business, we began creating and selling our own products from day one.

It first started out by doing one-on-one coaching.

Then we began to build recorded sessions people could buy and download.

From here we simply created hundreds of these over the next several years testing and iterating to figure out what people want.

Once you go through the process of creating and publishing hundreds of times over you will be able to look back in your data and see if you things that work like gangbusters.

From that point on you just do more of what works, while testing new ideas to see if you can beat your best performers.

Once you are perfectly clear on who you are being of service to... AKA finding your niche.

It's just a matter of figuring out what they are already searching for and buying...

Then help them get what they want better than anyone else in your space.

This is how online businesses grow exponentially.

Miles "The Helpful Marketer" Beckler