The power of "No" - Miles Beckler

The power of "No"

As someone who is a natural people pleaser, and a "yes man" the word "No" didn't come easily to me.

My desire to help others has led me down many paths, often times leaving me in a situation where I'm building someone else's dream.

I've always had big dreams of my own… But saying yes to everyone left me no time to work on my dreams.

Can you relate?

The power of "No"I had an interesting conversation on Twitter with someone who got offended by the fact that I wouldn't go answer his DM on Facebook…

To be honest, I receive hundreds of new messages every day from people who want something from me.

Some people will mask it as "a deal" or "an opportunity"

There was a time when I chased opportunity after opportunity…

I said "Yes!" to just about every MLM pitch I heard for nearly 10 years!

But none of those ever led me closer to my ultimate goal of true lifestyle freedom.

In fact, I just went deeper and deeper into debt...

In the last couple of years, my commitment to YOU through my YouTube videos, my emails, my blog posts, etc. has given me a much bigger reason and a powerful filter to run everything through.

Now, when people ask to "buy an hour of my time" I have a very simple decision…

I either give one person that hour of time in exchange for a few hundred bucks or I can focus that hour of time on being helpful to YOU and 100,000+ people like you.

When someone wants me to "partner with them" or take a look at their "opportunity" I now realize that I can indeed help them, and I could probably make some money...

But it would keep me from helping YOU.

It is extremely easy for me to stay focused on the big picture now...

And this is a new shift empowered by the simple word 'No'

Because my goal is to focus on helping as many people as I can to create a successful business of their own.

Said another way: My goal is to be the most helpful marketer in the world at helping my audience achieve their goals!

So every 'opportunity' that comes my way will either help me get closer to that goal or it'll get me farther from that goal.

For my wife, passing on "opportunities" has always been easy because it brought her no closer to being more spiritually evolved or helping more people through their spiritual awakening process.

You see, again… She had a bigger "WHY" that guided her day-to-day actions!

So what does this have to do with YOU?

Because you have people wanting your time and attention for a wide variety of reasons.

time and attention

Whether it's your family members, your old high school buddies, your next-door neighbor, your boss, the fake guru whose list you're on, or some random person whose found you on Facebook…

In our hyper-connected world, there are more people wanting to get more from you than ever before.

So you need to have priorities set in advance…

And you need to get comfortable with the word "No".

Because saying "no" to the fake guru who sends you an email pitching you to watch the webinar that will suck up at least two hours of your time, in order to persuade you to buy a course that will waste even more of your time…

Buying their course will do nothing but pad their pockets with your hard-earned money and distract you from your goals…

And the worst part is their overpriced methods rarely work!

In total, that one webinar and course could possibly suck up 10-20+ hours of your life that could have been dedicated to time with your family and kids.

...Or it could have sucked up 20 hours of your time that could have been focused on "doing the work" of publishing helpful content for your audience.

Plus saying 'no' could save you enough money to pay for your hosting, email system, themes, and some ads for an ENTIRE YEAR!

There are opportunity costs every time you say 'yes' and every click on a fake guru's email... Every webinar registration is you saying 'yes' to their goals and 'no' to yours.

In the early days for me, it was the weekend barbecues with friends and the Thursday night "happy hour" parties that I had to learn to say no to.

Those were not getting me any closer to my goals of firing my boss and being financially free.

After that, I had to learn how to say no to MLM's and new shiny objects from fake gurus.

These were more difficult because they seemed like they would get me closer to my goal of being financially free.

They have INSANELY persuasive copy that 'sounds good' but the truth is that they were more of a distraction than anything.

They always resulted in me helping build other people's success, never my own.

The MLM leaders on the top of the pyramid got richer and richer as I built THEIR businesses...

The fake gurus got richer and richer as I bought their courses that DIDN'T WORK!

I felt like I was getting farther and farther from my goals of creating true FREEDOM in my life.

But, when we met...

When I started sharing what I know with you through YouTube...

When I started building MY audience and creating helpful content for YOU...

Everything changed.

So, the big point here is that you MUST learn to say no.

But remember, in saying no to others... This is your way of saying YES to you!

Because you are the only one who will keep your goals in the #1 priority spot...


You are either building your dreams...

Or you are building someone else's dream. (and spending time with your kids and family can be a big part of your dream!)

Go forth...

Dream a big dream!

Dream a big dream!

Find an audience you want to be of service to...

A group of people you can HELP!

And then dedicate your time to being of service at scale to your audience...

You will be amazed at what you create!

As Zig Ziglar said:  "You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want."

Distraction is the enemy to success...

And 'No' is the enemy of distraction!


Miles "Say Yes To You!" Beckler

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