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Is Facebook Advertising Opening Up Facebook Groups To Advertisers?

Logging into a Facebook group that I started and run, today... I saw a notification that sent chills and excitement up my spine! "Facebook is testing ads in groups now?!?!  This is gonna be huge!" As

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Lessons From 6 Examples of the Best Facebook Ads - Great Swipe Ads!

What Do The Best Facebook Ads In 2019 Have In Common? there is a new trend that has been working its way through the Facebook advertising world and those who are in the know are getting better conversions

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Generate More Revenue With Facebook Retargeting In 7 Easy Steps

Not only are Facebook ads hot right now, but re-targeting is also very popular. Why? Because it's effective! If you are not retargeting your visitors on the world's largest social media network, simply

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5 Reasons Facebook's Pay Per Click Advertising System Is The Best In The World

Facebook PPC Using Facebook PPC for hyper-targeted traffic is the new 'in' thing online. The clicks are cheap and the audiences are more targeted than any other PPC medium before... But most internet

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