Steps To Success In The Digital Age - A New Mental Model Revealed

Steps To Success In The Digital Age - A New Mental Model Revealed

If your looking for easy steps to success in an online business, there is no such thing.

If your looking for a course to buy to take you from zero to hero in 3-months there is no such course.

If your looking for the mental shift that will end your cycle of try and fail, try something new and fail, this post will change your life.

The first step to success is to realize that there are no precise steps to success, but rather a personalized journey that will allow success to unfold for you.

In this post I will show you how the steps to success are not linear, but how they emerge out of you and the work you put in, and what’s required to start and scale a successful business online.

You already hold the keys to actualizing your dreams, only a few will up and do what it takes, will you?

Your Steps to Success are Not Linear

What’s the formula to success, Miles?

Although nailing down aspects that go into creating a successful online business is crucial, there’s not an A, B, C plan to achieve success. That’s a formula fake gurus tell you just so they can sell their system to you.

Even the 5 Steps to Online business success are not linear. It’s not a you do this, then you do that, then boom, you’re Mr. Bigshot.

If you’re duped into believing that there’s a linear method to success, then it’s time to shake off that B.S in your mind and adopt the right mental model that’s the reality of how online business success works.

Real steps to success involve a mental model that has emerged from my wife and I having to struggle for years before we broke through and built our multi-million dollar business.

Erase the false concept of success that you have in your mind right now and replace it with the real deal that I’m about to share with you.

Your Steps to Success Will Emerge


You already have your first step to success. What’s that?

Your past experiences and skills, a burning passion and purpose inside of you, your DNA.

It’s knowing that you’re here to do something greater and that drive to change something in yourself, your community, and the world.

A skill, a cause, an inspiration and insight, a challenge, a solution, something you can share with 93 out of 100 people and it will improve their lives.

Inside of you is not only a passion but everything that makes you uniquely you.

No two people will teach the same way, no two people will approach their business the exact same way, no two people have the exact same experiences and knowledge, no two people have the exact same preferences.

The market saturation myth is busted.

The first and most important aspect of your online business is knowing that what you have right now is more than enough to make money online.

Let me share with you my story of becoming an internet entrepreneur.

It was not linear, it appears clean and step by step written on a blog, but know this.

This is years of trial and error, early am’s and late nights while having a J.O.B., hustle, break something, fail, try a new plugin, hire a virtual assistant the wrong way, hire a virtual assistant the right way, try free themes, try Clickfunnels, try Divi, try Thrive, leave clickfunnels, try this, try that, etc.

Here’s a summary of our story.

A Story - How Our Online Business Success Emerged

How Our Online Business Success Emerged

Melanie and I have been in the meditation space for years. We had a passion for this niche.

We thought, if we could share the life-changing benefits of meditation to one person each day, we’re changing the world one person at a time.

So we started.

We were in a collegiate style flophouse at that time and we’re renting it for $300 a month.

To say our funds were a little low is an understatement but, we wanted to make at least enough to cover our lifestyle.

It wasn’t the easiest situation but we knew that if we wanted to take steps to success we needed to focus on generating ideas on how to turn our life around by bringing our personal skills to the table.

We didn’t start by plugging into some system that was selling us a thousand dollar method of doing things, ignoring the truth that steps to success emerges out of our scaling up and not from one precise system.

So what did we do?

Started with a WordPress Blog and Knowledge of Keywords

Wordpress Blog and Keyword Research

We started doing keyword research and began to learn SEO.

Waking up at 5 am to work on our business before work and getting back at it afterwards until late!

Write, post, write, post, write, post.

We didn’t have a website straight away because a) we had zero budget to hire someone to do website development and b) Website building wasn’t exactly in my skills set at that time.

Some of the first writings my wife wrote went on a third party platform. We published to a community that was in our niche that had a captive audience of people who were interested in what we were offering.

I took on the first challenge here of learning how to install WordPress and learning how to install a theme.

So this is the first thing we scaled up on. Back then WordPress installation was not plug and play like it is today.

It was difficult, but we were able to kind of get that good enough. I'm still learning about design, the visual elements of design, conversion design, etc.

But ultimately I learned enough to get something published. It was an ugly website when we started, but it didn't matter because the search engines began picking up our content.

We got fancy enough to add pictures to our blogs!! Haha

Skill Up Design

Our first website was... ugly. We actually launched 3 websites before we dialed in a domain name we loved.

So what was the focus of skilling up at the point? Improving and learning the visual elements of design.

Long nights, no weekends, no holidays for years…

If something that you already have is design skills, that’s awesome!

But if you’re just like us who were total noobs in the design space, no biggie, you can skill up.

Whatever area your not inclined in, keep working on building your skills or outsource to cheap virtual assistants. You can see why the steps to success in the digital age are different for you compared to someone else.

Figuring out How to Sell Products

My wife and I can remember multiple times in our past when we were living in Lake Tahoe in a drafty little tiny cabin. I'm talking nine feet plus of snow.

We were buried in snow and just, is this worth it? Is this going to work? Is this angel niche gonna work for us? Can we actually make the kind of money we want with this?

We both concluded that it didn’t matter. I was doing a side hustle thing at this point, selling websites to local businesses, and she had the burning desire to read and learn about spirituality and write about it for the rest of her life, even if we didn’t make a cent.

We had a crazy idea of helping a million people a month meditate and that was enough for us to be like, you know what, it's not about us. We'll figure it out.

We started figuring out what to sell. Sent emails out before courses were created to see if anyone would buy, sales emails to membership programs that weren’t created and more.

Conversion and Email Marketing

Next up ,many years later after we hit the 10 grand a month consistently mark, we went through a course and began to skill up on our lead generation and email marketing skills.

Took over a year and 10-15 grand to figure out facebook advertising but finally dialed in a successful sales funnel template.

This defined for us a lead magnet for our Facebook ads, used that lead magnet and began split testing our website popup, that has since then generated over 227,067 leads all from “Free” traffic.

It was incremental increases, a slow increase from decent to great.

Do you already know facebook advertising? Already know about optin pages, minimum viable funnels, copywriting?

Steps to Success to Create an Online Business That Will Change Your Life

Steps to Success Online Business

These steps appear linear because they are numbered 1,2,3.

Numbers 1 and 2 kind of are but they are assessing your non linear life steps that you have already been on.

The journey that you have embarked on in life that brings you to the here and now, to today.

That is where your steps to success in an online business will start from.

Who you are, your interests, desires, hopes for the earth, and how you communicate effectively.

1. Assess who you are and Uncover Your Skills

Your steps to success will emerge from you.

For my wife and I, I knew keyword research and she loved to write and we both had a passion for meditation.

Take a good look inside you, have you overcome an acute physical ailment through natural remedies, been in the raw vegan space for years, love to teach and play board games, yoga, how to write?

You can help a lot of people more effectively because of your experience in that realm.

This is the very first step you need to take when you want to gain success in your business and ultimately your life.

Don’t see one immediately, here are 55+ niche ideas to get inspiration from.

2. Communicate your message using the three pillars of a successful online business. Start with one.

It takes content and conversions to make money online.

If you convert without content, you have one chance to make a sale, but if you convert with content you have unlimited opportunities to make a sale.

Emails, Blogs, YouTube videos, or Podcasts establish trust with your audience and leads giving you 1,000’s of opportunities to nurture a relationship with current and potential customers.

Content is the key to increasing the lifetime value of a customer.

How can you efficiently produce consistent content?

Is it easy for you to write your thoughts out in a journal, effortless for you to teach, or do words flow when you are thinking out loud in conversations around a campfire?

For my wife it was the written word. So what did she do? She has a blog running and has been publishing blogs consistently for over 8 years.

It is more efficient for me to communicate my thoughts via teaching, so I started a YouTube channel.

If words are your thing grow your WordPress blog

If you’re more like me and love to talk when the cameras on, learn how to make YouTube videos

If you love talking when the cameras not on, or love to get your thoughts out conversing with others launch a podcast.

Establish the routines and define how you can become a content creator. Start or continue to grow one of the three pillars of content marketing, your future self will thank you.

3. Already Know Copywriting, Funnels, and Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimizaion

You’re super ahead of where we started if you do.

If not, no stress. Keep creating content.

I fired my boss, paid off 50k in student loans, and the wife and my business crossed the 10k a month mark before we began to tackle this beast.

Already read all the great copywriting books and know how to split test the right way?

And you have 10-15k to throw at earning a Facebook advertising degree by trial and error on the platform?

Your steps to success can include selling those high income skills or begin immediately creating

An affiliate marketing funnel

A membership funnel

Or my favorite online business model, creating information products to sell.

If you are not here yet, go to the how to become a content creator school first.

Be prepared for the Dip - A Success Diversion is Ahead

I don’t want to get your hopes up but…

There are times you will fail even when you have began to achieve success.

This is called the dip.

It’s not always a vertical path.

You can hit a plateau on your traffic and things may stop working or at least not work as efficiently as they used to.

The sales aren’t coming in the way they used to happen.

You think, this niche isn’t working, maybe I should look for a more successful niche idea?

Or, Your SSL fails and your merchant account gets shut down and you end up in a dip.

Or one of the other 1,000 things that can go wrong.

What do you do? You change niches again, change your game again?

What most people do is they go back and try something else when this membership site thing doesn't work, or they start thinking about doing drop shipping because they heard from some that drop shipping is the way to go, or some other fake guru conspiracy messing with your mindset.

My wife and I have hit this place 3x in our online business career.

Is this angel niche gonna work for us? Can we actually make the kind of money we want with this? Do we stop and try something different? Do we get jobs again?

You will hit a dip in your motivation, your income, tech hurdles, Google search algorithm changes, organic Facebook traffic shifts, and more.

Seth Godin goes deep in this going to happen phenomenon in his book called The Dip.

When you hit it, know that everyone else has hit it one, two, or three times too.

Do a little bit of competition research on a few things you are passionate about before you launch and you’re good to go as long as you...

Commit to the Process - The Fundamental Step to Your Success

Step to Your Success

Many of your first videos will suck…

Your first blog post is not going to be as good as your 50th blog post.

Your first $5 dollars a day on Facebook advertising will not turn a profit.

The only thing that is make or break is committing to the process.

Commitment to failing, commitment to making mistakes, commitment to overcoming obstacles, commitment to learning, commitment to improving. And an understanding that your steps to success will not be linear.

The steps to success in life involve a new mental model that it’s not a step 1, 2, 3, and money comes pouring in.

Your past, your experiences, your story mixed with the skills you pick up, mixed with the audience, mixed with a problem that you're helping them solve and when it all clicks together, success will emerge, it’s the only way.

Commit to improve what you’re doing because you’re passionate about it, work on your mindset and being of service to others.

Prepare for the dips, and commit to push through the highs and lows, looking back you will see how your steps to success emerged.

Leave me a comment if you made it through this post. Where are you at in your steps to success? What’s your next step to tackle? If you liked it or if you have any questions for me!

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