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Small Steps & Big Strides! How Little Tasks Lead To Big Wins For You!

Small Steps & Big Strides! How Little Tasks Lead To Big Wins For You!Feeling a little stuck in your business, like it’s not going anywhere?

Do the little things you do to grow your business feel insignificant compared to the big picture you have in mind?

Small steps, big strides. That’s the way to do it.

You can’t go from point A to point Z without passing B, C, D, etc.

Everything in this world, everything in this life takes time. Including success and major wins.

If you need some inspiration, a little push to keep you moving towards achieving your goals, I’ve got something to light up that fire and keep you going because man, you’ve got a TON of potential within you!!!

Just the fact that you have dreams and you’re taking the steps to success to get there is a testimony that you’re made for big, awesome things.

But again, you gotta start with small steps to see those big strides.

Let’s crush those elements one by one!

How to Nail the Small Steps, Big Strides Concept

Slow and steady wins the race.

Small steps make big strides.

No matter how big or how small, how trivial or how major your goals are, it always takes time to get them checked off your list.

I was hiking at the Redwood National Park and during my walk, I spotted a tiny little pinecone on the ground.

Prefer to listen to this concept shared as a podcast episode? Check it out right here:

How can this tiny, almost unnoticeable pinecone grow into such a massive tree???!!!

It needs fertile soil, ample amounts of water and sunlight.

Your business and your goals are comparable to the tiny redwood seed. It starts small but with the right ingredients, it grows into something HUGE.

Not everyone’s patient enough to accept it when things start to get a little shaky or when they start to feel stuck in their business when really what your growing needs to be nurtured.

You’re navigating through the necessary mindset shifts, have uncovered the benefits of exploiting your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and just rolled out a 5-year plan for your business.

By month six... you’re starting to feel antsy, you want to crush those goals right here, right now!!

But instant gratification is not how great things come to fruition, be it with your business or personal goals.

You Can’t Rush Success - From Small Steps to Big Strides

Everything. Takes. Time.

You need to take small steps to get to giant leaps and you can’t rush things.

You can’t rush a small seed to grow into a massive tree. That seed needs sun and lots of it. That element of sun for a tiny seed is like time for your business.

You want to start making your first 6-figure in 5 years, and all your goals are laid out on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet, that’s awesome!

But you can’t lose sight that time is relevant to the 5 steps to a successful online business. Time will make major things happen for you!!!

Have the patience to let your goals unfold through incremental changes and incremental improvements you make each day.

Take small steps instead of no steps at all and from the wrong perspective, your progress may seem minuscule, but it’s small steps that make big strides my friend.

Attempting to take giant leaps are very counterproductive to do.

Not only will it wear you out but they are short-sighted and the opposite of attraction marketing, the necessary shift for success.

Consistency is Key

What else does such a tiny seed need to grow?

In Northern California inside the Redwood National Park if it’s not raining, there always seems to be a mist in the air. Those massive trees can pull their water from the ground and benefit from the vapor in the atmosphere. Either way, they’re provided with a consistent supply of water.

You need to be consistent with your efforts too to nurture your small steps into big strides.

Be consistent in your 90-day content marketing challenge to become a better content creator and expand on your 3 pillar content marketing strategy.

Stay consistent with your morning routine, consistent with publishing content day after day after day.

Consistency requires a lot of discipline to avoid drifting and losing focus on the small steps that make big strides.

This could mean skipping beer nights with the boys on Thursday nights. It could mean burning the midnight oil after your work days and even on the weekends. It means putting your pure hustle plan into action.

And we’re talking consistency with doing the small tasks that grow your business even if you sometimes feel like the progress is too slow or there’s none at all.

It’s when you become regular with your habits, regular with your practice, regular with taking small steps that will get you to start making giant strides that will make your business explode.

And consistency, like the #1 success skill, is all about training your brain and body to be in tune to the things you have to do to make progress possible.

Get the time element and the consistency element dialed in as you work on your goals and don’t forget to add in....

A Positive Outlook Helps You Accomplish Big Things

a positive outlook

Those tiny pinecones that grow into unreal 300-foot Redwood trees took time to grow. Without fertile soil, those trees would lack everything it needs as a whole to grow.

That fertile soil in your business is like your mindset.

When you fill your mind with positivity, even the toughest challenge can’t crush you.

You need to keep your mind “fertile” for big things to happen! A healthy mind, striving to learn and improve on your skills.

A positive outlook grounds you firmly and keeps you moving vertical, just like a pinecone planted in good soil.

When you’re making time as an entrepreneur to get more done daily, consider how important it is to keep it positive.

It starts right in the morning with your routine, taking the time to set your day up right and get into a good head space.

Take Small Steps Today for Big Strides Tomorrow!

Time, consistency, and positivity are three elements that make the concept of small steps and big strides.

Have all of these present within you and you’re on your way to accomplishing your goals.

So whenever you feel you’re not going anywhere or you’re progressing at a very slow pace, just think about that little pinecone that grows into an epic Redwood.

You’re probably taking super small and super slow steps right now but the time, energy, positivity, and consistency you put into your work each day will make your dreams explode into one massive success.

No one knows when but you know how. It’s those little things you do each day that contribute to your progress. That’s how small steps turn into giant strides!!!

Keep doing what you’re doing, stay inspired, and if you need a little push, some encouragement, or any advice at all, leave a message in the comments below and I’ll help ya out. Connect with you soon!

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