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Shine like a diamond

Sometimes it feels like the world's heading in a crazy direction and I can't do much about it.

Unfortunately, this feeling is "normal" now.

In fact...

Melanie and I launched our first website together that still supports our family today during the depths of the global financial crisis in '09.

It was a very difficult time reminiscent of today.

I had just lost $60,000 on a house we were flipping because the market crashed.

This was at the exact same time I had to start paying on my $50,000 in student loan debt.

And it was at this time that we both had to move back in with my parents because we could no longer afford rent.

This was after selling both of our vehicles to pour all of the money into a "me-too marketing scheme" from some fake guru.

So I had to borrow money from my folks to buy a beat-up old Jeep so we could have transportation to go get jobs.

I was nearly 30 and had created nothing of value even though I had myself convinced I was gonna be a successful entrepreneur.

It was a very dark time in my life.

I was drinking a lot and I was smoking a bunch of weed because I hated the life I had created.

Mood alteration was in full effect to numb myself from the reality I had created.

I felt the pressure of the world and the pressure of my big goals to be a millionaire before I was 30.


It's important to remember that diamonds are created from intense pressure and heat over long periods of time.

Diamonds are the hardest minerals on the planet.

Always remember:

There is no shining like a diamond without intense pressure and heat.

The key is channeling all of that pressure and energy into a positive direction...

For us, things started to turn around when we focused all of our energy on helping others

help others

Melanie went through some classes that taught her how to give a one-on-one psychic reading and that was the product we started with.

Then it was keyword research and blogging like our livelihoods depended on it.

We gave zero time and energy or attention to the news…

We didn't go out to happy hours, we didn't eat out at restaurants, we didn't go to barbecues on the weekends, we didn't go to Super Bowl parties…

100% of our free time was focused on MARKETING those services that could bring in cashflow.

We used a WordPress blog, keyword research, and content marketing because we could only scrape together the $100 for hosting and a domain.

The pressure was so intense I started setting my alarm for 4:30 AM to get 3 hours of work in before had to get ready for my desk job I hated.

After work, I would stay up until about 11 PM working with time for dinner and a walk through the neighborhood.

That's it.

That's the breakthrough recipe that we used to build an extremely successful business from the depths of the global financial crisis.

I share this as a reminder to you right now if you are feeling the pressure of everything that's going on...

Because I think this could be the moment that you channel 100% of your energy in the direction of helping others.

And a final note...

Selling services is always the fastest path to cashflow.

In fact...

Once we had started driving traffic from our content marketing efforts I was able to start offering WordPress and Internet marketing services to local businesses.

This was the point when Melanie and I were both able to fire our bosses.

She was booking clients and I was booking clients while we kept the pedal to the metal with the content marketing machine.

Eventually, we figured out how to productize our services and automate more and more of the business...

This is why I can work a couple of hours per day and still make seven figures per year, today.


1) We jumped in and started helping others instead of worrying about things or mood-altering with Netflix, alcohol, or weed.

2) We worked our asses off for 3-5 years on end to publish ~1000 posts that have brought tens of millions of visitors to our sites.

3) We spent the next 5 years automating everything we could to free up more time.

No magic Guru courses...

No "passive" BS

Thousands of hours focused on figuring out what our audience is frustrated with and creating solutions to help them overcome their challenges.

80% of what we created didn't work.

20% did.

The exact same is true of my YouTube channel.

And the same is true with all of my niche affiliate sites that still bring in thousands even though I'm completely ignoring them.

Everybody wants to shine like a diamond.

Few are willing to do what it takes.

Be one of those few who step up and create value in the lives of others.

Stick with it for as long as it takes.

You'll be amazed at what you create!

Miles "Bearer Of Truth" Beckler

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