What Is Your Product's Product's Product? The Secret of Successful Marketing is in the Answer

There’s an incredibly important question (or series of questions) that you're going to need to answer in order to achieve success in selling whatever you're selling.

What is your product's product's product?

Once you understand the answer to that question, everything becomes easy. The needs, goals, and desires of your target market become known. How to message and how to position your product or service in the marketplace becomes known.

The Conversation in Your Customer’s Mind

When you answer these questions, you'll be able to join the conversation that your customer is having in their mind. When you enter that conversation effectively, they have a feeling of “Ah, this person/product/brand gets me.”

At that point they know, like, and trust you because you're speaking their language. Their likelihood of purchasing or becoming a lead goes up by magnitudes.

What you're really doing is going one level of meta beyond the old-school sales example: you never sell a person a drill; you're selling them the hole. Have you heard this one?

Sell the Hole

When someone's in the hardware store looking at drills, they don't care about the drills.

They don't care about power or bit size or battery. Who cares! All they care about is, ‘Can this device put the hole that I need in the thing I need a hole in?’

All they care about is, ‘Can this device put the hole that I need in the thing I need a hole in?’

If the answer to that is yes, then they have a much higher likelihood of buying. That's the only question they have in their mind. But we're taking this one step further.

But we're taking this one step further.

Your product is the drill. The products product is a hole. But we need to know what's the product's product's product.

In this example, the products product product is what that hole is going to do for that guy. Right?

He's trying to hang a new flat screen television inside of his man cave. That is the conversation in his head when he walks into the hardware store. “OK I have to figure out how to hang my new 70-inch plasma on the wall and I need that bad boy to stay up. I need to make sure this thing sticks.”

That is the conversation in his head when he walks into the hardware store. “OK I have to figure out how to hang my new 70-inch plasma on the wall and I need that bad boy to stay up. I need to make sure this thing sticks.”

When the sales person uncovers that this is the true desire of the customer, then the sale becomes easy. The sales person just says, “OK you're gonna be drilling through sheet rock in a stud. So, you need this. You're also going to need these wall anchors…” and so on.

Now they're conversing about how to hang that TV on the wall, not about the drills. The sale become easy and all the ups sells are effortless. The average sale is going to go way up at that point.

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So How Do You Figure Out What Your Products Product’s Product Is?

Let's say you do local social media marketing services. What is your product's product's product? Well, you know that you want to get their brand presented effectively.

But the customer doesn’t really care about that.

You're going to drive more traffic to their website. That's the products product. They don't really care about that either. What do they care about?

They care about whether their phone is going to ring. They want more customers coming in. Whatever that end result is that the business owner wants, that’s your products product’s product.

That's what they care about and you need to speak to them in those terms. Your customer does not care about your methodologies.

They care about ROI. Return on investment.

They care about the number of leads generated.

Let’s use a dentist as an example. You're not going to make a sale from a click on Facebook. The customer is going to call and schedule an appointment. Oftentimes, that is the products product’s product.

Staying Ahead of the Jones

Let's go another step deeper. Ever heard of Rolex watches? You know that any watch that costs more than $15 is jewelry, right? A Rolex watch can cost $25000 or more. It does the exact same thing that your $15 Casio does.

Why do people buy Rolex watches? Well, the product is a watch. The products product is that it tells time. The products product’s product is really powerful. It's status.

It gives a specific type of bling and that puts them in an elevated status around their peers. They've got ‘that one.’ What do you think Bentley sells? Bentley’s sedans run $150-$300 thousand. And more.

They're selling an automobile. They're selling the ability to get from point A to point B reliably. But that's not really what they're selling. They're selling status.

The Product’s Product’s Product is Often Emotional

Let’s say you're in the health and fitness industry. You own a local fitness center or you’re a health coach. What are you selling?

You're selling fitness services. You're selling the ability for your customers to lose weight and have some accountability. That's the product's product. The products product’s product is being able to put on a bikini in three months and feel great.

My wife and I sell meditations and spiritual teachings. Yes, we're selling the ability to feel good. But what we're really selling is the ability to connect with a feeling of love and energy that flows out from within them.

When they realize that, and they connect to the idea, ‘I'm loved. I have a connection to something greater in this world,’ that’s what we’re really selling.

Very few people are going around buying meditations because they want to meditate. They're thinking about what it can do for them. ‘How will this help me feel more joy, love, and fulfillment? How will this help me release fear in my life?’

Find Out What They Care About

One of my readers owns a ready mixed concrete business. He was looking on Facebook trying to figure out how to target people who want ready-mix. He wrote to me saying, “I can't find anybody who wants quick set concrete. I can't find any interests on Facebook about quick setting concrete.”

Of course you can't. No one cares about concrete ever. The only time we start to care about concrete is when it will do something for us.

What would someone want concrete for? Maybe they’re doing a DIY backyard landscaping project. OK, now we’re talking. That's the products product.

Why are they doing that? Because they’re nephew's wedding is coming up or they're having the softball team over for barbecues this year.

There's always one level deeper than the product. What is that product going to create for the consumer?

Then go one step beyond that. Why do they want what that product will create? What is the end emotional result?

They want to impress their softball team with how cool their homemade DIY backyard barbecue is. They want to impress their friends and that is why they want your concrete.

Very abstract thinking. But if you go through that series of questions and ask, “What is the products product’s product,” and you get to that third level down, you're able to tune into the actual emotion.

It's Either a Push or A Pull

It's either fear driven (I’m escaping) or it's a push (I'm going towards something else in my life). When you know what that is for your customer and you get in that conversation in their head, then you can sell them the ready mixed concrete.

When you're able to communicate what your product will do to your end user in clear terms and tell them how it will emotionally solve their needs: ding ding ding ding ding. You have just won my friend.

If you haven't thought about this, it's definitely worth taking some time to journal or think about. You’ve really got to understand what your products product’s product is.

Milesbeckler.com’s Products Product’s Product

What's the products product’s product for making money online or internet marketing? Freedom.

I'm not helping you make money online. I'm not helping you sell. I'm helping you achieve freedom.

Full time freedom. Full location freedom. Full financial freedom.

It's not my marketing tactics. It's not my Facebook course. It's not clickfunnels. It's not Trivethemes.

It's freedom.

And the fact that I understand that means that I'm able to speak to you in these terms to help you achieve the freedom you desire.

When I do that, you know, like, and trust me that much more. It puts me leaps and bounds above everyone else in this space who are trying to teach internet marketing and how to make money online.

Do yourself a favor. Dig deep. What is your products product’s product?

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This is just phenomenal!, I am writting w worksheet on this to even make it clearer, this is too much good stuff. I will let you know Miles when I finish it!

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Like your Videos on YT. Great stuff, absolutly worth to know. I appreciate that very much. Go ahead, don`t stop.

    Miles says May 10, 2017

    Glad you like them! #FullSpeedAhead 😀

Aryi says May 17, 2017

"When you're able to communicate what your product will do to your end user in clear terms and tell them how it will emotionally solve their needs: ding ding ding ding ding. You have just won my friend". What you and your wife do is what I've been wanting to do for years!!! I am a Spiritual & Intuitive Emotions Coach. I love being able to unmask the dark so people can transform
I know I need your help. It's because of your spiritual knowledge. I wanted to ask you did you create these products or do u own the rights to market them? I'm ready wjats y investment to learn from you?

    Miles says May 18, 2017

    We have created most all of our own products. We sell a few as affiliates, too. The investment to learn from me is time and energy! I don't have a course or coaching that I sell, but I put out all my thoughts here and on YouTube for free... Takes time to consume it all but most importantly it takes time to create and publish content!!!!

      Aryi says May 22, 2017

      Thank you for responding.

Anna says September 12, 2017

Oh wow, what a great way of thinking to go beyond features and benefits. Found you on YT, and am appreciative of your content-will checkout your FB too!

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    Right on Anna! 😀 Welcome to the party!!!

Paul says September 29, 2017

Love the question: "what is your product's product's product?" It leads you to really dig deep to discover your customer's desire.

Reminds me of the movie, Inception: "dream within a dream within a dream!"

Love your content, Miles. Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration.

    Miles says September 30, 2017

    Ha ha ha, yeah… It got a little meta there! We were asked Siri, the iPhone voice assistant, what is inception about? Pretty funny!

Paul says October 1, 2017

😀 If you can understand Inception, the world is your oyster.

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