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Niche Marketing Examples

Niche Marketing 101: 9 Internet Marketing Guru Examples Adapted Too

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t made overnight.

If you feel you’ve hit rock bottom in your niche, or you need some inspiration, you’ll walk away full of hope after you read through these inspiring niche marketing examples from 9 marketing gurus on the planet today.

I don’t particularly endorse these guys but I want to prove to you that niche market ideas may take some time to take off, but once they take off, they really soar! Keep going and learning and find the lifestyle business you’ve always wanted.

But first, before we get to the examples, think through your niche so you are ready to take and implement the nuggets from these successful entrepreneurs into your own business.

How Do You Define Your Niche Market

Who are you intending to help in your niche? You have to get clear on that one to help you dive deeper in what you’re doing.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to define your niche market:

- What is your broad niche?
- Who is your target audience?
- What are their pain points and how can you address these?
- How can you set yourself apart from the competition?
- What are those extra things or specials you can bring to the table to help your audience better that your competitors aren’t offering?

You have to start by defining your niche before you can even think about becoming successful in what you do.

Some people figure out their itch, scratch that, and then work on scratching people’s itch after finding the formula.

And that works for them.

Others have nothing to do one day, when they just come up with a random, brilliant idea that ends up to be something of value to other people.

In my case, I had about 13 failed business attempts before nailing this successful business that my wife and I have.

Check out my niche fails in this video.

The goal is to empower you and inspire you to take action.

So choose a niche and know you’ll continuously be pivoting, adapting...

Just like what the guys below did!

Are you passionate about drone racing?

Do you have years and years of experience in organic gardening, making vegan desserts, potty training, dealing with kids’ tantrums?

Figure out that thing in which you are a notch ahead of the crowd, maybe something that was once a problem you had and solved, and go deeper in that.

If it’s something you want to keep learning, refining, and you’ll never get sick of, that’s your niche.

Then it's on to the five steps to a successful online business.

Let’s get down to these marketing gurus and their stories, figure out that common denominator they’ve got, and analyze how you can adapt that ingredient to your success.

Niche Marketing Examples You Can Learn From

Once again, I’m not saying you go ahead and follow these marketing gurus and buy their stuff or do what they’re doing.

I’m just sharing their stories to encourage you that success does not happen immediately, your success will emerge.

  • Eben Pagan
  • Russell Brunson
  • Frank Kern
  • Mike Dillard
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Jeff Walker
  • Pat Flynn
  • Joe Polish

Let’s take a look at these guys’ journey to success.

1. Eben Pagan

Guru Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan wrote a book called Opportunity, created TEN separate $1 million brands online and started with this product called “Double Your Dating”.

Essentially, he started by teaching guys how to get more dates.

It’s not your typical relationship advice kind of a niche but he dove deeper by actually doing research on the issues those guys faced about not getting a date and came up with a solution for these folks through his product.

This put him on the map.

He also had another product called body language because he realized that another pain point of his target market after getting dates is taking things to the next level, and he wanted to solve that and he DID solve it through his product that’s kind of a follow up to the dating niche.

He taught guys how to read women’s body language to know what she’s thinking, so dudes can know the next step and actually become successful in snagging a date because they know the right way to act, the right thing to say.

So that’s Eben Pagan. He defined a problem he himself had, then worked on sharing the solution with other men in his shoes and gained success doing so.

2. Russell Brunson

Guru Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson started by selling products teaching people how to create potato guns and providing pornography addiction solutions. Those were two niches he started in and became a success over time.

It’s not like he had his problems with pornography or potato gun-related concerns. But he just had this idea in his head to create something, which then became of interest to people and they fell in love with it and boom.

He began reaping the results of his efforts later on.

3. Frank Kern

Guru Frank Kern

Frank Kern is quite well known as a goofy internet guru.

He is known for starting out in the dog training niche.

But even before he started in the dog training niche, he began with teaching parrots how to talk.

He outsourced the content creation process, wrote and sold eBooks.

Then he pivoted to how to train dogs niche, duplicated his website and book out for every breed.

Made about 600 clones of the same site, which you cannot do anymore. Google has banned sites that duplicate like that, but it worked at the time and was his first crack into the million dollar range.

Now, he’s a big-time Direct Response marketing guru and one of the best copywriting geniuses on the planet.

4. Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard fishing

Another big name in the marketing space is Mike Dillard. He’s earned over 50 million dollars online and solved a problem he had, which was essentially how he started.

He wrote a book on how to recruit distributors for network marketing or MLM and sold 25 million dollars worth from his “Magnetic Sponsoring” book.

But what’s ironic is now he doesn’t recommend MLM at all. He believes internet marketing, affiliate marketing, membership programs are far better for new, aspiring entrepreneurs. And that MLM is not the way to go.

So he blew up his network marketing business, and he’s gone a full 180.

Still the idea was that he discovered a problem people were facing in his space and decided to solve that through creating relevant products and that was the start that brought him to where he is today.

5. Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss author ceo

His goal through Digital Marketer, his brand, is to be the first billion dollar a year internet marketing brand.

And this guy’s pretty close to that goal!

Now, these guys sell everything from high-end custom-tailored suits to prepper things.

They’ve got a knife brand, they sell makeup, and sewing materials, and have gone over the board with so many brands that they leverage internet marketing for now.

But how he started was kind of different from what he ended up doing.

He’s got a finance degree in college but he decided to take a different route after knowing that this degree couldn’t take him to the life of abundance that he wanted.

So in his dorm room, he created a website that aimed to sell household cleaning products before moving onto the health niche after the first project he had worked.

After working on those products and gaining success from his niche marketing ideas, he was able to use the same formula over and over and become successful with what he’s doing now.

6. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk five

Before Gary Vee became the social media king he is now, he was doing something else.

He was in the wine niche.

He would bring the wine magazine into school with him and would read to learn everything he could about wine because he knew he was going to sell wines. He went all-in on YouTube with his video-a-day method and made over a thousand videos since he started, and this put him on people’s radar who are interested in his niche.

Now he runs a multi-million dollar social media marketing agency, which caters to very large brands. In an interview with Grant Cardone, he says he makes 19 million dollars a year doing what he’s doing.

Again, he started in the wine niche in his family’s business at the tender age of 14, learning all he could about wine and honing his sales skills. He knew he was a salesman and decided to skill up and entered social media marketing later on.

Then he started putting out content in his 20s or 30s on Twitter and YouTube

A decade after, he has moved on to his current status as a guru on how to do marketing and how to be a successful entrepreneur.

So again, replicating the pattern he started with but with a twist. And this time, it’s more on putting out the content while still applying his entrepreneurial spirit.

7. Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker launch life

He has the Product Launch formula that exploded his business, although I know more people who have failed from his product than succeeded.

He started with day trading and Forex because it was something he was interested in.

But he shifted his direction and started doing something else when he came up with the Product Launch Formula. He was the first in this niche, and that got people interested in studying his formula because they wanted to launch their products and make them a huge success.

Still, it’s not something I completely subscribed to but that’s what Jeff Walker did and became successful doing it.

8. Pat Flynn

Guru Pat Flynn

He’s the guy behind Smart Passive Income, had a booming business that was the result of his education and training.

I personally don’t believe in his philosophy on passive income because there’s really no such thing as passive in this world. You gotta do the work to thrive and income is something you make actively, not passively.

One more thing. He’s not at all a passive individual. In fact he’s a very active guy, actively building new courses. So the passive bit is absolutely a bold-faced lie, but either way, he has created a very successful brand.

Pat Flynn started in the architecture niche, he was a Berkeley alumnus and had a LEED certification. He went ahead and created certification training courses to help others who wanted to take a LEED certification test.

So that’s his initial dive into the internet marketing space and used his education and training to do it.

9. Joe Polish

Joe Polish networking

Joe Polish is the Piranha Marketing guy who runs the Genius Network and the I Love Marketing podcast.

Began his career as a carpet cleaner, managing his carpet cleaning business in Phoenix, Arizona.

But he hit an obstacle in his career and wanted to get more clients for his carpet cleaning business that was failing at that time.

So he studied Dan Kennedy, studied copywriting, and learned how to market his personal carpet cleaning business. He understood how to use direct mail marketing and direct response marketing that helped him explode his carpet cleaning business.

Then he sold his training package and marketing materials for carpet cleaners all over the country.

He took what worked for him and sold it to carpet cleaners who were struggling with their businesses.

Duplicated the marketing he created.

He solved his own problem first through really working on his business and spent years and years of practice and research and actual work to master the craft of marketing.

Then started teaching marketing to others in that niche and became very successful and finally stepped into the broader world of marketing

Scratch Your Itch, Then Scratch Others’ Itch Niche Marketing Examples

Every person we covered started with a niche that’s different from what they’re doing now

They all started NOT with the make money online space.

Most of them created multi-million dollar businesses first before going into the make money online world.

They all started in a different niche, and some of them had nothing to do and decided to come up with a product that’s based on their interest. Others scratched their own itch, solved it, and extended their help to others who were going through what they have gone through.

They documented what they did to solve the problem, figured out a solution, and sold that solution to others.

So there’s Ryan Deiss with his household cleaning products and eventually transitioned to his health products.

Then there’s Eben Pagan who had a tough time getting dates because he claimed to be a dork, a heavy metal guy who’s awkward with women. So he studied dudes who had a gift and figured out a way to solve his own problem and helped other guys in that space.

And Frank Kern who just found a thing a went for it.

Now, all 9 of these are high-level marketing gurus.

As mentioned earlier, look at the common denominator. They all started in different spaces and for different reasons, but they all put in work, years and years of hard work and that has paid off multiple times over.

Get Inspired By Marketing Gurus Then Do The Work

Do the Work

Now don’t go get on their lists or buy their courses, actually do the opposite.

If you want to learn from these guys, do what they did instead of buying what they offer!

Studying their course will not make you successful.

You have to put in the work, create the content, offer helpful solutions to your audience.

Grind it out. Do the work.

It may take years, but if you define your niche and keep at it, you will get where you want to be!

That’s the moral behind these niche marketing examples.

I hope this has been helpful. If you need some advice, hit me up in the comments and will do my best to help you out!

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