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You might be wondering why there's no One Time Offer here on this page.  Truthfully, it's because I don't have a fancy $997 or $1997 course I'm trying to sell you.

In fact...

The only thing I'm trying to "sell" you on is:  Doing The Work.

Because that's the 1 thing that'll get you the result you desire... A web based business that generates great cashflow and maximizes your lifestyle freedom.

Some folks just 'jump in' the first time they hear this stuff...

Other folks spend years trying to learn everything before jumping in and starting...

Your success is not dependant on 'the information' you obtain or which method you follow.

It's about taking action, learning by doing, gaining experience and becoming a more valuable person... One piece of useful content at a time.

So I don't have a course on offer here.

I'm an affiliate marketer. Meaning, I teach everything for free, and occasionally, I'll recommend a required tool like web hosting or my recommended keyword research tool.

And these 'recommendations' always come with a helpful tutorial...

Like this step-by-step guide that shows you how AI researched, outlined, wrote, and optimized a blog post for me in 1 hour that's now sitting on the first page of Google raking in free traffic!

Of course, if you follow my recommendations and purchase, you pay the exact same amount and I earn a commission and that's how I get 'rewarded' for making this content.

And it's also why I'm able to give away content for free that others charge for.

I earn income by helping people take action and build!

Which is great because when you take action and build, you are getting closer and closer to escaping the rat race!

Last note, here.

If the tech behind running a web based business intimidates you... There is one fully-hosted web-based business builder I do recommend, here.

Fully hosted means that they manage all the web hosting, the content management system, the tools, etc.

I built one of my first sites ever on their system (back in 2005!?!) to get experience under my belt without having to manage the blog and WordPress all myself.


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