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15 Simple Lead Capture Landing Page Examples That Boost Sales

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or selling your own products/services, capturing leads and building lists through your landing page is the most critical step in your sales funnel.

After all, your landing page is the one where a potential customer who’s interested in your product/service will reach after clicking on your ad or reading your content.

On this page, they’ll enter their info to get something of value for free. And then, you can market your offer to them through your email autoresponder, broadcasts, and follow-up sequence.

So, how you design your lead capture form fields and how your page looks like matter a lot, but….

…..the majority thinks you have to get 'fancy-schmancy' with your page template.

That’s totally not true!

Unlike what famous landing page software companies make you think…..

….Your page template should effectively communicate your ideas and offer to increase conversions and grow your business email list fast.

And it doesn’t have to be complex.

Many marketers actually 'freeze' because they’re either struggling for 'perfection' (which is a delusion) or they make it way more complicated than it needs to be.

The secret to designing a high-converting landing page is simple: To start fast and to keep it simple!

In This Article....

We’ll take a look at 15 extremely successful landing pages that are created by multi-million dollar companies. We’ll dissect each page in detail so that you understand how to create a landing page to capture leads and increase conversions.

You’ll observe a very clear trend in the amount of copy and images. And, hopefully, it’ll inspire you to come up with your own page that converts like crazy!

Hang around, note things down, and hold the reins of your future by learning how to create a page for the top of your marketing sales funnel that consumers just can’t resist.

Let’s get rolling!

What is Lead Capture?

what is a lead capture

Your lead is somebody who’s probably interested in you, your company's product/service, or in solving a problem that you promise your offer can help them with.

And, as the name implies…..Lead Capture is a process that saves information of your lead in an attempt to convert them into paying consumers.

Your lead's information could include their name, email, phone number, social media handles, location etc and is used to generate an email list for the company.

What is a Lead Capture Page used for?

Subscribe Member Register Social Advertising Concept
Also known as the lead generation or lead gen page, a lead capture page is a kind of post-click page distinguished by an optimized lead capture form.

By using the different form fields, digital marketers capture leads for their respective offers and develop them down their funnel.

For example, you must have come across numerous websites that encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter or request a quote by filling a form. And you have to enter your name, email, phone number and some other basic info.

Lead Capture Page: Balancing REQUEST and REWARD

balancing request and reward

To successfully capture leads and increase conversions, your lead gen page must have the perfect equilibrium of ‘REQUEST’ and ‘REWARD’.

The ‘REQUEST’ are the form fields that ask for your lead’s information, and the ‘REWARD’ is the offer you’re marketing on your website.

If your lead gen page asks consumers for inappropriate information that’s not even relevant to your offer, they’ll abandon your page. This is because a lead gen page that’s not up to scratch is one of the primary reasons of post-click page resistance.

Preferably, your lead gen form shouldn’t request more than basic contact info on the lead’s first interaction with your business.

For instance, if your offer includes a free digital product such as an ebook or a video, your form should include not more than two fields –lead’s name and email.

Add in more fields and you may end up frightening your lead away on your very first interaction. However, you can craft a more exhaustive form if your offer includes a free trial or a product demo.

How long your form is greatly depends on how far down your lead is in your marketing funnel.

What should be included in a Lead Capture Landing Page?

what is included in a lead capture page

So, how do you create an irresistible lead capture page? Consider adding these elements: Let’s start with the critical six.

  1. Your OfferYou obviously need to have an offer (lead magnet) whether an ebook, a video, a checklist, or a free webinar.Your target users must be able to get some benefits from your offer.It is best when an offer can deliver an experience, that is what makes a lead magnet powerful.
  2. Eye-catching HeadlineCome up with a creative and catchy headline that encourages visitors to stay on your lead gen page.Include your unique value proposition in your headline so that it matches with your advertising campaign.
  3. Call-To-Action (CTA)call to actionDitch the boring CTAs like ‘Click Here’ or ‘Download Now’.Instead, personalize the message on your CTA button with something like “Send Me My FREE ebook” or “Download My Video”.Also, make sure the color of your CTA button is in contrast with the entire lead gen page theme. Make it stand out.
  4. Optimized Lead Capture FormCreate a capture form that encourages visitors to enter their information. Avoid asking for unnecessary details. Why do you need a phone number? A last name, really?The number of fields you choose depends on what you’re offering.Make sure that your form organizes lead info in an easy-to-convert manner. Email address is the goal, remove friction that gets in the way of that goal!
  5. Appropriate visualsThey say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. And we think they’re absolutely right!Your landing page should include an attention-grabbing image, video, or custom graphics that are relevant to your offer.For instance, if you’re marketing a webinar, include the speaker’s headshot. Or, if you’re promoting a free software trial, include a graphic or gif of your software.
  6. Relevant copyrelevant copy Copywriting concept. Copywriter press on keyboard key copywriting.Your lead capture landing page copy should clearly elucidate everything about your offer. But you can also use it to tease your visitor, leaving no other choice for them but to convert.Avoid using large chunky paragraphs and include a bulleted list so that it’s easier for people to read.Branding Elements

    Also add your logo and/or any other branding element at a noticeable spot for maximum impact.

    Customer reviews or Social Proof

    Add social proof to your page by including positive customer testimonials that help prospective customers see the value and benefits in your offer.

    Client badges

    You can also include official logos of companies that have availed your offer to show prospective customers how many businesses work with you at present and in the past.

    Including notable customers make visitors feel relieved when they sign-up for your free ebook or free trial. Plus, it also adds the much-needed social proof to your page.

Top 15 Landing Page Examples For Lead Generation

Looking for some inspiration to build your own lead capture landing page?

Our list below features some of the most prosperous lead gen landing page examples that creators have used to make millions in profits and thousands of email signups.

1. Double Your Dating by David D’Angelo

Double Your Dating

This one is an old landing page but very very effective. It was created by Evan Pagan back in 2004 when he went by the ghost name David D'Angelo.

Pagan created this remarkable landing page for promoting his free newsletter about dating tips.

And guess what?

He garnered around $20,000,000 just with this lead capture form.

Just notice how the page looks all tidy and simple, nothing fancy. It’s all white on white with a youtube video embedded on it. And, the video is less than 3 minutes long, so the visitors are most likely to watch it complete.

You can see a black colored headline with a hook that shows what the viewer would get from Pagan’s informational offer.

On the top right corner, there are five bullet points offering additional insight to the headline. See how he’s highlighted the phrases that are tempting…. ‘attract beautiful’…. ‘ready to be kissed’….. ‘Get over your fear of rejection’…..Genius!

And then right under this bullet list, there’s his CTA button, an invitation to sign up for free membership.

What we like the most about this landing page is that the form is super simple with just two entries. Everything is dead right –from the page design to the language used. Short, sweet, and really effective.

Although this page example is a tad older, this unbelievably simple design still works for marketers today.

2. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool

Here’s another lead capture landing page we really like. And it’s still currently running.

The Motley Fool is a multi-million dollar business that provides private financial and investment advice. This landing page is created to promote their financial newsletter which includes their newest stock picks.

This page is also very simple, looking like Web-1997. There aren’t any images but the text is really powerful.

Basically, they’re promoting a guide for stockholders who want to know how to choose the best profitable stocks.

See how brilliantly they’ve worded the headline. It’s making the visitors not only inquisitive about those stocks, but is also adding FOMO (the fear of missing out) when they look back five years from now.

They’re smartly playing with human psychology with this copy as the fear of losing is always stronger than the wish for gaining something.

Here’s another striking element: Their headline mentions a very explicit amount of time when visitors can anticipate to see their ROI.

The landing page design is simple, with their logo at the top, and the fear of missing the boat is expressed thrice in different variations. You can also see information on opportunities that visitors might have missed already.

Overall, there’s nothing fancy on this page, just a frank and explicit set of expectations from signing up for the information.

3. Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard

Who doesn’t know Mike Dillard? He’s the man behind tons of incredible webinars and books about successful entrepreneurship. And he has earned every right to get his picture on the front of his landing page.

Just see how simple and to-the-point his landing page is. There’s a beguiling headline that openly tells you what you’re going to get, satisfying the urge digital marketers have.

You can clearly see when the next class is and there’s a crisp CTA.

Here’s something different on this page….

…..Just under the CTA, you can see how many Facebook users have liked this landing page. It adds that extra drive by showing visitors how Dillard is the real McCoy.

Once you click on the “Reserve My Seat” CTA, a pop-up appears which is where the visitor enters their email address.

By asking the visitor to click on the CTA before submitting their email address is a micro pledge that’s very potent.

When the visitor clicks on the CTA, they’re already in the “purchasing” mode and is more probable to enter their info as they’ve already initiated the process.

4. Number One Book System –Free Guide By Ryan Deiss

Number One Book System

Here’s another kickass landing page example that’s super simple yet super effective. It’s promoting a free guide by Ryan Deiss on how to become the best-seller author on Amazon.

There’s minimal text –just a headline, a ‘Free Instant Access’ CTA button, and an image of the offer.

See how the headline clearly mentions the number of books you can expect to sell every single day. And the image just reiterates it.

Everything is above the fold, no scrolling needed.

Right under the CTA button, it mentions how you’ll be getting an exclusive 5-part email course along with this free guide once you choose to subscribe. Then they reassure that you won’t need any credit card to sign up and that your email address won’t be used for spamming.

Plus, it also includes a social media link to LIKE them on Facebook.

This landing page is currently running and it’s already crushing it. Believe it or not…this super simple page is yielding at least $5 million every year!

5. Eben Pagan Training, The Virtual CEO

Eban Page Training

Here’s another simple yet effective landing page that has no copy at all. You can only see the headline, an image and the CTA.

It clearly mentions right at the top that they’re promoting a free training. And, the headline shows that they’ll be covering the 7 pillars to build a successful online business.

This is a really smart move as research suggests that 'number' headlines offer more benefits and increase conversions.

In the image, you can see the shorter version of the headline plus the creator, Eben Pagan’s name.

There aren’t any fancy form fields. You only have to enter your email address to get instant access to your free training.

Again, everything is above the fold. You don’t have to scroll down. To the point yet crushing it!

6. Product Launch Formula

The Product Launch Formula

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is a recognized, step-by-step process that helps you launch a product via detailed guidance. You learn exactly what to do at every step of the way, right from which blog post to publish when, to what to communicate in every email.

This landing page by Product Launch Formula is no longer running. It was created in 2016 to promote one of their successful product launch trainings.

Just look at how the headline is building curiosity by mentioning ‘One Critical Strategy’. Again, there’s not much text or heavy duty graphics. Just a headline and CTA. No fancy features!

Once you click on the CTA, a pop up appears asking for your email address. Right at the bottom you can see their Terms, Privacy Policy, and Earnings Disclaimer.

Pretty straightforward!

7. Conversion Gods

Conversion Gods

Here’s another super sleek landing page example by Conversion Gods. It features their digital report on how to come up with a high-converting video sales letter (VSL) by using just 7 tips.

Again, this landing page is using a number heading for better click-through-rates (CTRs). There’s a crisp headline at the top, just under their logo, and an image of the offer on the right side.

See how they grab attention by exclaiming that your VSL sucks so that you’re intrigued to find out why.

There’s no lead capture form. You just have to click on ‘Download the Report’ CTA.

And, once you click on it, a pop up appears asking for your email address and mentioning how they’ll rush your FREE special report directly to your inbox.

8. Ecom Success Academy

Ecom Success Academy

Ecom Success Academy is a cutting-edge training course which discloses how Adrian Morrison constructed a $4 million per year virtual business with just one simple Shopify store. He uses modern dropshipping features, highly targeted Facebook traffic and e-commerce, without any upfront expenditures or investments.

This landing page example includes all the essential elements of a high-converting opt-in page. It clearly mentions the offer ‘100% No Cost LIVE Webclass’ and the headline gives away that you’ll learn one of Adrian’s own tried and tested Shopify strategies.

See how they’ve bolded two words and underlined a few words in the headline to grab attention. Plus, they clearly mention how they’ll cover a step by step case study in their online class.

You can see when the next live stream is and the CTA button shows excitement via a personalized verbiage.

Right under the CTA, you can see the image of the host and a bulleted list of 6 points on what exactly you’re going to learn in this webclass.

You can see a brief description of Adrian under his image which is a proof that he’s the real deal.

9. 9-word Email

9 - Word Email

The 9-word Email is the brainchild of Dean Jackson, a prosperous real estate magnate and digital marketing expert. It was created in an attempt to re-engage lost prospects.

Jackson claims that a subject line with just the recipient’s name and a body with a single line question (originally 9 words) is all you need to increase your prospects.

This example is one of Dean Jackson's landing pages that convert over 60%. He teaches the '9-word Email' himself and this is for people who want to get more subject lines, sample 9-word email templates and more word-for-word campaigns.

So he does a great job 'pre-framing' them before he even makes his offer... But again... SUPER SIMPLE!

Just look at the headline. It promises to teach you how to write an amazing 9-word email that revives dead leads, scratching an itch most internet marketers have.

The best part is that you only have to enter your name and email address to download his offer right away. That’s all.

10. Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, marketing consultant, and what not!

He created this landing page to promote his hour long training session that promises to reveal secrets of established marketers about how they built their $100,000 per month worth of online businesses.

While it does create a curiosity by promising to reveal insider secrets, honestly, there are a couple of things we don't love about this landing page.

Let’s be real: Mike is a very smart marketer and he has been probably testing different elements on this page.

But, we don't love the busy image in the background. It kinda competes with the text and makes it more difficult to read than it needs to be.

Also, we don't love that the CTA button color matches the upper header color.

Honestly, tweaking those things may not increase conversions and Mike possibly tested this version as the winner but we believe it would've been better if the background image was a lot simpler and the text was in bullets.

But we do love how he’s created this sense of urgency by mentioning how the slots are limited and that you should lock in your slot NOW. Plus, they’ve created the FOMO effect by saying how the event may never be repeated.

11. Shopify


Another great landing page example on our list is Shopify's trial landing page. They’ve kept it super simple and sleek.

The user-oriented headline includes just a few words and you can see how they’ve mentioned that they’re trusted by 400,000+ businesses worldwide to add authenticity.

There’s no fancy lead capture form. You just have to enter your email address to get started with your trial. Right at the center, there’s an image showing how you can use their platform on any device.

And then there are simple bullets instead of chunky paragraphs, communicating the trial's specifics and benefits.

All of this makes it straightforward for you to get to the point: selling online with their platform.

12. Teambit


What comes to your mind when you think of HR software?

We bet quirky is not even on your mind!

This landing page by Teambit is loaded with illustrations that make it attractive and fun. The headline is sleek and crisp, targeting the main functions HR has to perform.

There’s a simple, single field form that asks for your email address to get started for free. Alternatively, you can also sign up with Google or Slack.

Right next to the form, there’s an image of an enjoyable workplace full of animal characters –who are all very satisfied with their software, just in case you’re wondering.

As you scroll down, you see many more animal characters, each explaining a benefit of this tool.

We believe this landing page is the perfect example that you don't need to have a conventionally "entertaining" product/service to come up with an amusing landing page.

13. Magento


Magento is an Adobe company that offers ecommerce solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

This was their landing page last year. They’ve used a one-field lead capture form that’s suitable for a free report and probably yields a lot of conversions as leads don’t have to provide too much personal information.

The CTA button is relevant to their offer and the bright red button color contrasts with the rest of the landing page. They’ve added client badges from Coca Cola and Canon to add social proof to their page.

Next, there’s a Gartner quote, giving the visitor a glimpse of what the report will cover.

Their headline is unique but isn’t very convincing. The supporting headline provides more information but it still talks about the company. We believe it should have focused more on the visitor to increase conversions.

The background image is a little unclear. We quite don’t understand how transposing cityscape on a person’s body inspires visitors to download their report.

Another thing we don’t like about this page is the gray CTA button at the top right corner as you hardly notice it due to the already gray background.

14. Guideline


Another landing page that caught our eye is the Guideline’s landing page. It’s a retirement planning company based in the US.

You can see how their headline highlights the company’s unique value proposition. But we think it should have been a bit more descriptive to be more persuasive.

The lead capture form is brief and doesn’t request needless information. You only have to enter your first and last names, and the email address.

The primary and secondary CTA buttons both have clear copy; you can schedule a demo or talk to their specialist.

There’s plenty of white space throughout the landing page, making it visually attractive. It’s likely to not create any uneasiness for the visitors.

You can see there are bullet point benefits, making it easier for you to absorb all the info and understand their 401K program.

We’d recommend testing this page with positive customer reviews to help visitors make their decision. After all, these testimonials would let the visitors observe how others have benefited from their service.

15. Munchery


Munchery Inc. is an online food ordering and meal delivery service that’s no longer operating. This was their landing page in January 2019.

You can see how their headline explicates their services. It promises to deliver fresh, healthy food to you without you leaving the comfort of your home. Pretty tempting!

Look at that background image…. simply mouth-watering and irresistible. Plus, it’s totally relevant to their offer.

On this page, you only have to enter your zip code and when you click ‘Next’, it takes you to a multi-step form where you have to give away your address.

Right under the CTA, there’s a 4-star rating based on nearly 900 Trustpilot customer reviews, adding social proof. It definitely helps the visitor decide whether they should order from this service or not.

Plus, there’s a $20 off badge at the bottom right corner, encouraging first-time visitors to take action and order food. However, we think this $20 off coupon could have got more attention if it was included in their headline. Perhaps, the visitors would have noticed it as soon as they landed on this page.

Can you beat the best lead capture landing page examples?

Beat the best lead capture landing pages Landing Page concept with young woman reaching and looking upwards

These are some of the best lead capture landing pages out there. And, they all had one thing in common – a super simple lead capture form. Plus, you didn’t see tons of copy or lots of bells and whistles, did you?

When it comes to designing an effective landing page that converts, the less is more.

Remember, there’s no fixed format for creating a high-converting landing page. It all depends on the product/service you’re offering and who your target customers are.

So, how to come up with your own High Converting Page?

How to come up with your own awesome page
Businessperson Attracting White Lead Text With Horseshoe Magnet Over Wooden Desk

Ditch flashy designs, crazy colors, fancy elements, and wild attempts that make your page look over the top.

We've seen many marketers making the mistake of wasting a lot of time and resources on the designing part.

And, we've also seen simple, concise landing pages that are generating thousands of conversions each single day.

Honestly, there's nothing striking about their design. They're simple in presentation, with no fancy visuals, plain black font, and a bold explicit color for the CTA button....that’s it.

So, don’t stress too much on making your page extremely great looking, perfect, and design-focused.

Rather, concentrate more on A/B testing your headline and putting your marketing funnel in place quickly to see if your page is helping with lead generation or not.

Keep it simple and concise....

The purpose of your page should be to explain to your leads what they'll get in exchange for their info.

We’d strongly recommend you to design multiple landing pages and testing them to find out which one works best for you.

And if you’re designing a page for your ebook....

Don’t forget to check out our step by step guide right here to increase conversions.

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